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3 Little Buttons


If you are looking for a good deal of giggles and buckets of ‘OMG… now THAT is exactly what it’s like’, then you have stopped off at the right place.

3 Little Buttons is a humorous family and lifestyle blog all about our adventures, mishaps and everything in-between. Dotted with crafty, tasty and adventuring ideas, I also like to share blogging tips and reviews of things which I think you will love.

My name is Annette and I am a 30 something mum to Little Button (3 years old) and wife to Daddy Button.

We live and work in the hustle-bustle of London. The city that never sleeps… a bit like the Button house at times. We are a bunch of creatives, but all different in our own way. Daddy Button is into fine art and photography and I love writing and typography. As for Little Button, I think she’s a mixture of the both of us. Though as a recently turned threenager, I can’t help but think ‘the world is her stage!’.

Stick your feet up and enjoy x