5 practical top tips for going to Lapland UK with a toddler

December 9, 2015

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We have just come back from a truly magical experience at Lapland UK. If you are heading there soon with a little one you may find these practical top tips helpful.


1 – Plan to arrive  extra early.

Definitely do this if you are travelling some distance to allow for unexpected hold ups. Whilst our journey should have been an easy hour and a half, the reality on the day was that we got stuck in stand still traffic on the motorway and ended up arriving a bit late. This didn’t take anything away from the overall experience, however it’s a shame to have to rush little legs through the beginning when they can enjoy a mini woodland walk from car park to main entrance and marvel at the little elf houses before the magic really begins. Don’t worry if you do actually get there super early, there are plenty of places to sit down and also a festive cafe that will tickle your taste buds.


2 – Toilet breaks

With all the excitement this might be a bit tricky, but if we went again I would absolutely insist on a toilet break right at the start before the tour leaves from the welcome area and then just before leaving the enchanted forest to see Father Christmas. These are where the posh port-a-loos are. There are a few normal port-a-loos scattered in between areas for emergencies, but these do not have lights… now picture tiddler toddler perched in the dark trying to have a wee whilst freaking out because silly Santa’s elves don’t know how to build a proper bathroom… try explaining that one!


3 – Bring the fold-up toddler toilet seat

It’s not easy trying to get a toddler to safely balance on a port-a-loo no matter how posh. Heck, it’s tricky to fit both of you in there in the first place. Avoid the tears and bring that fold-up toddler toilet seat. We have this one from Mothercare which is fab as the sides fold, but not the actual seat meaning no pinched bottoms!


4 – Leave their toys in the car

Believe me, your toddler will not get bored during the in-between bits and won’t need distraction style toys to keep them occupied. Leave your bag of tricks in the car. This experience is so incredibly visual and interactive, it’s fast paced enough to keep even the most fidgety wriggler on their toes.


5 – Wrap up warm in layers and don’t forget your boots

At this time of year it’s super chilly and bear in mind that this is largely an outdoor woodland-style experience. Whether you have a toddling toddler, or one that races around until they are red in the face, it’s a good idea to get them into layers so they have something to take off if they need to. There will be 4 key inside bits where it’s warm enough to want to take your coat off, but not necessarily warm enough for just a t-shirt so this is where a fleece or jumper layer would come in handy. Hats and gloves for ice skating and the enchanted forest. Boots for everywhere, it can be a touch muddy especially if its damp. A waterproof in case it rains or drizzles. We have just found a great fleece lined waterproof coat (with generous hood) from Wet Wednesdays, it kept Little Button warm and snuggly and protected from the wind.


3 Little Buttons Blog, 5 practical top tips for going to Lapland UK with a toddler


It really is a fantastic experience and taking a toddler is pure magic as they believe everything is real!


What do you think? Do you have any other practical top tips that you would add?


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12 responses to “5 practical top tips for going to Lapland UK with a toddler”

  1. Edward says:

    Very good tips. Sounds like the perfect place to take children to this time of year.

  2. OK where have I been living…under a rock? I did not even know about this and having a major facepalm moment because I so want to go now. Soaking up all your tips as we speak! Thanks so much for linking to #coolmumclub lovely x

  3. These look like great tips and practical too – I’d love to take my little one there some time and I’ll keep these in mind 🙂 It must have been lovely there! #thelist

  4. amytreasure0 says:

    This is fab, I really need to check out the fold up seat, haven’t got one and it sounds amazing especially for all the travel we have around this time of year. Thanks for linking to #thelist x

  5. Jade says:

    I love this! I went to Rovaniemi (real Lapland) pre child and wish I could take him but do not have the confidence! This I had never even heard of! I can drive to it! I really want to go now and appreciate the tips! I love the port a loo tip! Your little one is beautiful!xx #FamilyFun

  6. Liz says:

    Good tips – for going anywhere with a toddler! #familyfun

  7. We went to LaplandUK last year and reviewed it and had a fab time! One of the most magical places we’ve visited! Great tips! #FamilyFun Wrap up warm! #FamilyFun xx

  8. I never even knew this existed and it looks and sounds fab! Great tips too. TY for linking up with #FamilyFun

  9. I really want to take my little man to this but think he’ll still be too small at Christmas, 2 1/2, I think it’s something I’ll be keeping in mind for next year. Looks amazing though x #FamilyFun

  10. Silly Mummy says:

    Good tips! I really want to go here – was considering it for this next (too far away!) Christmas, as kids will be more clued up on Christmas! #familyfun

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