Fun at the Garden Centre

May 15, 2016


Hmmm… fun at the garden centre?! A few weeks ago I would have had a giggle at this too. I mean, what kind of fun can you have trailing up and down rows of plants with a little one or two in tow. I pictured Little Button racing in and out of lines of goods whooping, plucking flower heads and attempting an unruly game of hide and seek. Yup, loads of fun that would be.


Then a few weeks ago I started to come across lovely posts about getting all green fingered and exciting trips to local garden centres to ride miniature stream trains or visit on-site farms. These all sounded like great ideas, except how many garden centres have these kind of facilities?


A last second decision to make a detour to our local garden centre proved that you can find hidden gems if you are willing to give places a try.


On getting there it looked like a typical garden place. Rows of plants, gardening bits and pieces and the obligatory racks of seeds.


Fun at the Garden Centre


However, we were thrilled to find it had a secret. A special glass palm house packed full of exotic plants and grasses, a vast pond full of fish, a little waterfall and a terrapin pool. Exciting stuff! Little Button was mesmerised and set about exploring. ‘Do the fairies live here?’ she whispered. ‘Oh, I expect they do’, I smiled back not wanting to break the spell on our magical through the wardrobe and in to Narnia moment.


Fun at the Garden Centre

Fun at the Garden Centre


A little bit further on and we found desert house, which is home to lots of different types of cactus plants, then further still, an indoor woodland complete with woodland animal sound effects and toy creatures dotted high and low for exploring.


Fun at the Garden Centre

Fun at the Garden Centre



Amazing to think it had taken us all this time to find it, and best of it, it was free!


There were little farm animals to visit too, but she was much more interested in tottering over the handful of bridges and squeezing past the waterfall in the palm house.


Fun at the Garden Centre



Let’s grow something

Before we went, we decided to pick up a few inexpensive seed trays of herbs and tomatoes as these tend to grow quite quickly, so perfect for under 5’s who don’t tend to like to wait for too long to see their gardening results.


After a week we had little shoots and 2 weeks later they look like this! We were all really impressed.


Fun at the Garden Centre

Fun at the Garden Centre

Fun at the Garden Centre

Fun at the Garden Centre


If you are thinking about popping out to your local garden centre, you might want to consider these other easy to grow plants:



Have you visited your local garden centre yet with your little ones? What did you think?

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10 responses to “Fun at the Garden Centre”

  1. Mrs Lighty says:

    Funnily enough we were at our garden centre yesterday but we had to make a hasty retreat as we think Baby Lighty was suffering from hayfever! But as you may remember I love my garden so I hope he’ll grow to love helping us out there. There’s a gorgeous garden centre near us where they have a little farm and the piglets run free around your feet! Just lovely! I’m coming to you today via #fartglitter 🙂 xxx

  2. Fab effort with the herbs and plants- they’re looking great. We went to the garden centre last time we were in Scotland and found a surprise, moving, stuffed animal band playing and a pretty cool Santa’s grotto. I guess they’re upping the ante from when I was a kid.


  3. I love our local garden centre – it’s like a free mini petting zoo and aquarium (they sell aquatics)…and they have a cafe. It sells cake! 😀
    This one looks pretty special! Lovely pics x

  4. Looks like great fun and a lovely garden centre too with all those little bridges and areas to explore. We love going to the garden centre especially to see the animals… there’s not much else open on sunday’s here. TY for linking up to #FamilyFun

  5. Lovely post and gorgeous photos, it’s great when you get a little hidden gem along the way. What a great garden centre and useful tips on what to grow, thanks for sharing.

  6. Helena says:

    I found your post captivating. It was definitely worth a visit with all the lovely tropical wonders and fish you speak of. Next time she may want to see the animals too. #TheList

  7. Nothing much better in my view than exploring nature and growing things with children! Looks like you both had a lovely time 🙂 Your herbs are growing well! #TheList

  8. Coral says:

    Love this! Off to the garden centre this bank holiday and definitely bookmarking this!! Thr boy loves strawberries so will give them a try I think!

  9. Oh that looks like a fabulous garden centre. We love a trip to our local ones too. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  10. OOOh garden centres! I love garden centres as I love plants and gardening. Its so important to take kids and inspire them to try to grow things or to care for things. They are also great places to spend an afternoon with kids! oh and the coffee shops are awesome too! Enjoy!
    I know this was an older post of yours but I enjoyed reading it!

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