10 Reasons To Join In With The Bloggers #DreamTeam Linky

January 28, 2018


**This post is one for the bloggers.**


Not all linkys are created equally. Some put emphasis on comments, others retweets only, many are themed and some are hugely niche-led. There’s a mixed bag out there, so our advice would always be to dive right in and try them out. Incase you haven’t tried our linky yet, here’s 10 reasons to join in with the bloggers #DreamTeam linky, because we know you’ll love it.



10 Reasons To Join In With The Bloggers #DreamTeam Linky


1 The #DreamTeam linky is hosted by 3 bloggers (Dawn, Bridget and myself) and supported by 2 guest bloggers (Nic and Heather). We like it this way, as it means that you always know who and what to expect every time you link up.


2 If you write in rhyme, poetry or prose, then this linky is one you won’t want to miss. #DreamTeam host, Dawn, is the BritMums poetry and prose round-up editor. She is always on the lookout for fresh talent and new posts to include in her round-up. This is the perfect place for your post to be seen. Need I say more.


3 If your blog is bursting at the seams with happy posts, you’ll want to send them our way by linking up to the #DreamTeam linky. I’m the BritMums happiness round-up editor and, like Dawn, am always on the lookout for posts into include in my round-up each month. We’ll also give you a heads up over on the #DreamTeam facebook group on when we are looking for particular themed posts to include.



*Dawn and myself.


4 The #DreamTeam stays open all year round! Woohoo. Except for major holidays of course.


5 The #DreamTeam hosts all love twitter with a capital L. It’s one of our favourite hangouts. When you link up to the #DreamTeam and tag us into your post tweets, we will retweet you. When a host comments on your blog post, they will tweet you again, as long as you have included your twitter handle in your sharing buttons. But that’s not all! Once the linky has closed, where possible, we will go through all the linked posts and yes, tweet them out again. The idea is to give you as much coverage as possible. #Winning.


6 The #DreamTeam has its own closed facebook page. It’s a great place to keep in touch, post any questions and offer help if you can to other members. The emphasis is on friendly blogger chat and support.


Bloggers linky



7 Each week 6 blog posts are chosen to be featured on the #DreamTeam by the 3 hosts (2 each). Featured bloggers get a ‘featured #DreamTeam blogger’ badge, but more importantly, they get a follow-link from one of our blogs to their featured post. #MoreWinning


8 If your post is featured, expect it to be popping up left, right and centre as we promote it all over the place. Giving you that little boost that you deserve.


Bloggers linky



9 When you link up to the #DreamTeam linky you will receive the minimum of 1 host comment and 1 comment from another blogger. Our hosts will always look to give you a well thought out and considered comment on your post. There’s no skim reading on this linky!


10 Which brings me on nicely to point number 10. Our aim for the #DreamTeam is to create a fun, friendly and supportive place where bloggers are able to get their posts seen and readers can find new stuff to read and join in with. We think the #DreamTeam does just that. As hosts, we love reading your posts and there’s not a week that goes by without us being in fits of giggles, sobbing into our screens or snapping our fingers shouting yes, yes and yes!


So there we have it, 10 reasons to join in with the bloggers #DreamTeam linky. If you have yet to join us, please do. We would love to have you. We are relatively small and have a lovely mix of bloggers. Ultimately, we are the linky where everyone is welcome and no one is made to feel small. We hope to see you soon.






2 responses to “10 Reasons To Join In With The Bloggers #DreamTeam Linky”

  1. Absolutely love co-hosting this gorgeous linky with you all each week, and I think we have such a friendly community of bloggers joining in. All brilliant points lovely. Here’s to #DreamTeam and the fabulous bloggers that link up and make it what it is!

  2. Even I’ve wangled my way into the #DreamTeam and I’m a dinosaur – which proves you don’t have to be Neo from the matrix to crack the codes! Come, join us in the dark side – we have cake and free WiFi ‍

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