5 blog things you can do when the internet goes down

November 5, 2017


You know that gut wrenching pain right? The one that leaves your head pounding and your whole body sweating, in a big ball of nervous energy. Yup. That’s the one. It happens to the best of us… when the blasted internet goes down. I say blasted, but I mean something else. Because it’s the pits when it stops working. Because everything else then stops working.




Our remote controlled lights in our house stop working. Our TV stops working. Kids YouTube stops working, which means homework research stops working. WordPress stops working. Then I stop working. I’m sure you get the picture. It’s no fun for anyone.


After months of problems with our pathetic internet provider*, I’ve had plenty of time to work out what can and can’t be done blog wise when you’re offline. It’s actually not that bad when you get over the initial shock. So, if you find yourself in a webless situation, here’s 5 blog things you CAN DO when the internet goes down.



1 Write

For some weird reason when the internet goes down, I forget that my laptop still works. Then I make up all the excuses about why it’s not a good idea to hand write a possible post. Doh. It’s so important to snap out of that way of thinking, because writing is the most productive thing to be doing when the internet flakes out on you. If I have an idea or 2 buzzing, I force myself to switch on the laptop, open up word and get typing. No matter how rough it is, something is always better than nothing and you’ll be surprised at how productive you are when you don’t have social media pinging at you mid-sentence.



2 Upload Your Photos

Again. When the internet goes down, my brain sometimes follows suit and I will convince myself that nothing works. However, you don’t need the internet to upload your photos onto your PC/MAC from your phone or camera. And, if you’re working with a brand on something, now’s a great time to take your time and go through your captures carefully, and pick out your top picks for your post. Not working with a brand? No worries. How about putting together a week’s worth of Instagram snaps, complete with captions and hashtags.



3 Get that YouTube trailer done *note to self

This is something I have yet to find the time to do. But, it’s definitely worth your while as it’s the perfect way to introduce your viewers to you! Now, this will only work if you don’t use a web based video editor mind you. But, if you do have the right software to hand, head there and get creative. You can always add in a soundtrack and upload it later on, once the internet’s back up again.



4 Make a list

Making lists are often quite cathartic. Why not set yourself a challenge and see how many blog post titles you can come up with. And when you’re done, if the web’s still out, pick one and start writing it.



5 Plan your next big venture

If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, how about making a plan to do that thing you’ve been thinking of for some time now. Like, starting a new Instagram community, a blog series or even your own tag post.



See… and you thought there was nothing you could do on your blog without the internet.




*Update. Our woeful internet provider finally pulled its socks up and now works amazingly. Strange that.  Since it only started working properly following a last ditch attempt involving a bit (a lot) of polite (?) public twitter banter via the good ol’ mobile. Twit Too, thank you. *I wouldn’t personally recommend taking complaints public unless absolutely necessary.


What’s your favourite blog thing to do when the internet goes down?


44 responses to “5 blog things you can do when the internet goes down”

  1. Alas, we are SO reliant on the Internet these days that we really assume we cannot function when its down. But as you rightly pointed out – there is still a lot that can be done. Without the minute-by-minute pings at that!

  2. Isn’t it funny how we rely so much on the internet these days? I regularly write lists. It’s so therapeutic, even if nothing comes from the list. #dreamteam

  3. Some great tips here. Thinking back to an era of no internet – how we survived with just doing the basics and we managed. Now with internet access it seems as we forgotten about those basics. Thanks for sharing.#dreamteam

  4. Heather Keet says:

    I like to bust out my Kindle and start reading when the power goes out. It’s basically the universe giving me permission to waste a few hours in a book I love! #DreamTeam

  5. I really like the making a list suggestion. I love a good list to get myself organised. I haven’t even thought of doing a YouTube trailer yet, maybe I should get on that. The blogger’s work is never done! Great post x #dreamteam

  6. Mrs Lighty says:

    Yup. Know that feeling. You are definitely a lot more productive and organised than I am during internet blackouts!! The pic of you and Little Button in the dark did make me smile though, I must admit!! Thanks for hosting #DreamTeam as always! xxx

  7. Such a good post and you’ve really got me thinking about how to make the most of my time 🙂 Thanks, x #dreamteam

  8. Never thought about this but some great tips, #dreamteam

  9. Haha, great points. I just hate it when you’re in the middle of something, on a roll and it goes off. Infuriating. It is so weird that technology has come along so quickly that now we rely on it for literally everything. 🙂

  10. haha I had to laugh at the switch it on and off again I am always doing that! It is so true you do forget you can still write without internet! #dreamteam

  11. Sonia Cave says:

    I like your thinking!! Ours can be a little patchy sometimes so I must retrain my brain #dreamteam

  12. It literally feels like losing a limb doesn’t it? We’ve had “capped” broadband whilst waiting for a particular provider to become available in our area and it’s been such an eye opener having to restrict our useage. I must admit that I quite like to write my poems with a pen sometimes though and then type up later. Much easier without the distractions. So pleased it’s finally sorted lovely xx

  13. Meg says:

    Fab ideas! I particularly like the ‘create a list of post titles’ idea – in fact I might do that in a minute. Our internet provider is pretty good but we did have an outage recently that made me think I couldn’t get anything done. I forgot that ‘internet down’ is not the same as ‘power cut’ ; ) #dreamteam

  14. Nita says:

    When the internet is down, that’s when I really rely on the 3G/4G on my phone! But you’re right, there is so much that can be done. Recently we just dropped everything and went out for a long walk in the park whilst hubby tried to get us back online. 🙂 #DreamTeam

  15. Mama Grace says:

    Haha I’m a pro at having no internet, no electric and no water in Ethiopia. So much can be done and then as soon as there’s a window I’m on it. #DreamTeam

  16. I definitely should just get on and write when the internet is down. It means I can’t procrastinate as much! I know what you mean though, I also forget my laptop still works even when the internet doesn’t! #dreamteam

  17. Great tips! This hasn’t happened to me yet, but il be sure to remember them for when it imevitably does! #thedreamteam

  18. Our WiFi is very patchy at the old house so I know what you mean. It’s slmost like any wind or storm type weather cause complete meltdown! But I’m used to it and I just read a book! It’s frustrating if I really want to blog or if the kids are in the middle of an essay or something but they know what it’s like so they always save their work regularly. #dreamteam

  19. Funny you mention this: our power went out two days ago (for a full 24 hours)! It was on a night that I usually write a blog post, so I had to be creative while I still had battery life! Our whole house was laughing and saying that we were going through “internet detox”.


  20. The irony of using the internet to solve internet problems I get cooking when the internet goes down, bliss x #dreamteam

  21. These are really good points. I too seem to forget that whilst there is no internet it doesnt mean you cant do a whole host of things!! #dreamteam

  22. Cathryn says:

    I’m a huge fan of a list! And such a great list. I need to take note.


  23. Chloe says:

    Hi, it is funny how reliant we on the internet for everything these days. I love lists especially when they have a line through #dreamteam

  24. Kate says:

    Such a clever idea for a post and here’s to al out next big ventures! #DreamTeamLinky

  25. Berni says:

    All excellent ideas. I often hand write,or rather, scribble my blog before typing it. Living in a rural area with limited hotpot etc I sometimes find myself driving in the mountains and a blog begins to form in my head, I pull into a lay by, grab my trusty ideas pad and,whey hey,away I go. …
    …also ad you may know,I love to blog whilst in the bath… you can do that on your tablet by candlelight , with a glass of wine too….

  26. These are great tips, out internet is always crashing so im a master of sorting out the photos on my laptop then! #dreamteam

  27. Sumra Hassan says:

    These are some good ideas! I think writing without distraction is so underrated, we should do it intentionally from time to time. #dreamteam

  28. Naomi says:

    Some great ideas. I quite like it when things go down as it forces a pause! #DreamTeam

  29. Mummy Setra says:

    It’s amazing how much life has changed and we rely on the internet! 10 years ago it wasn’t even an issue! My fave thing is to curl up with a good book / magazine. #dreamteam

  30. Planning things or just writing would be my favourite non-internet blogging activities. These also apply when traveling and there’s no wifi connection! #DreamTeam

  31. Lucy At Home says:

    Oh the drama of the internet going down! Last year, we were on holiday and there was NO internet! For an entire week!! Eeeek! Haha. And it made me laugh when you said you always forget your laptop still works even if the internet is down because I always do this too! Love the idea of getting instagram sorted with captions and hashtags – I usually have a few snaps lined up but I never thought about getting the captions ready-to-go as well #dreamteam

  32. Louise says:

    I never think about doing any blogging when the internet is down, great tips! #dreamteam

  33. Writing is a great one – after all that’s what it’s really meant to be about right? #dreamteam

  34. Great ideas!! Making lists is going to be my number 1 task for 2018, I need to be better at scheduling posts x x #Dreamteam

  35. Great suggestions! We usually do planning and backing up when we have no connection. Great idea to go through photos as well x #DreamTeam x

  36. Arrgghhh, every bloggers nightmare!
    It’s funny how we seem to forget it’s still possible to write when we don’t have internet connection isn’t it . Glad you finally got it sorted x

  37. Ha I am the same. No internet makes me forget all the things I can actually do without it! Good old notebook and pen can be quite motivating in its own way! #DreamTeam

  38. Nikki says:

    What did we do before the internet?! It’s kind of taken over our lives. Thank you for reminding me that we can actually live for a few hours without it!

  39. Really great tips, all of them. I have two things to add. 1- go outside and play, assuming it is daylight and all. 2. A confession, I relish in a little bit of downed internet every now and then! <3 #dreamteam xoxo

  40. Nicola says:

    These are great tips. I would, shamefully, use it as an excuse to do nothing and put my feet up! #dreamteam

  41. Jaki says:

    It’s worrying just how much we depend on the internet, but there is life without it – just! #dreamteam

  42. Glad you have got your internet sorted. I am having a debate with myself about whether to have a digital detox for our holiday next year as the cottage I like best has no wifi. Can I cope?! #dreamteam

  43. Susan Mann says:

    We are so reliant on the internet, aren’t we? More so as I work in IT and we use that to connect with our clients. I love these ideas though. xx

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