#HappyLittleButtons October roundup


Hello everyone and welcome to our #HappyLittleButtons October roundup. We now have just over 1,000 gorgeous photos tagged in, and your photos keep getting better and better.




Just the other day Dawn, Nicola and myself were saying how we are absolutely spoilt for choice this month.


My #HappyLittleButtons Roundup

My feed has been choc-a-bloc full of Autumn photos, and most recently pumpkins have been popping up everywhere. I have no idea where these pumpkin fields are, but they look amazing.


Here are some of my top posts from this month.


‘Every sunset brings a promise of a new dawn’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson This is particularly good to remember in parenthood. Sometimes I wonder how I’m going to keep going after a horrible, stressful day, but then the evening comes and I get to recharge my ‘Mum battery’ and then somehow, I’m ready to start the next day again, usually far more positive. And I tend to find that you don’t get two terribly behaved days in a row. Well, not often anyway!!!!! I also take a little bit of time through the week/at the weekend where I can just go into town on my own, or sit and read a magazine with no interruptions. (I have to kick everyone out for that last one!) What sort of things do you do to recharge your ‘parent battery’? #pinklinker

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This beautiful capture is from Pink Pear Bear. I love the idea of being able to jump up and grab that last bit of sunshine, especially in these Autumn months.




How cute are these two. This candid photo by Sprog On The Tyne ticks all the boxes for fun factor.



And the button award (if we had one) goes to this fantastic pumpkin button picture from Raising Emily. How clever are you!




I love how this photo has a whimsical feel to it. Quite fitting for a bear hunt Mum Muddling Through.







This beauty reminds me of why we should remember how important the little things are. Not just for our little ones, but also for ourselves.





Here are two very curious happy little buttons indeed. I can almost feel their sense of adventure leaping off the page. And… how cool is that aquarium!





Have a fab weekend everyone… wherever it may take you. #happylittlebuttons

A photo posted by Annette, 3 Little Buttons (@3littlebuttonsblog) on

We have had so many amazing photos, so this month I have chosen one of my doodles. Enjoy!




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#HappyLittleButtons is run by Dawn (Rhyming with Wine), Nicola (All Things Spliced) and myself. Everyone is welcome.


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