An Open Letter To The Blogger Linky Link Droppers

November 19, 2017


Dear linky link droppers*


I really am sorry,

I honestly am,

But I can’t have you link droppers,

Ruling our land.


We’ve been tied up in knots,

Over what we should do.

Did you know that our hosts,

Have been commenting for YOU.


It’s not really fair,

This not playing by the rules.

You’re spoiling it for everyone,

And don’t you see we all lose?


The #DreamTeam linky is not just any old thing,

It’s the place that we go, which makes our heart sing,

It binds us together, it makes us feel strong,

We are a community of bloggers,

To which everyone can belong.


It was just a small glimmer,

A spark in the sky,

Till the 3 Little Buttons happened to stroll by.

Then joining the groove came Bridie By The Sea,

And together they built up this little family.


Then along popped our friend,

Rhyming with wine,

And our trio (we think) is now one of a kind.


Our community is booming,

I say with a smile,

As every blog linker feels like,

Part of THIS pie.


Our guest hosts are now,

The very lovely All Things Spliced,

And from over the pond,

Shank You Very Much, she’s super nice!



With arms always open,

We welcome you all,

Because the #DreamTeam linky is the place,

Where no one feels small.


So link droppers skiddadle,

Please go away,

We’ve all had enough,

And I’m sorry to say,

It’s the end of the road,

Time to say goodbye,

We’re blocking your blogs,

With a deep heavy sigh.


But, if you ever feel like playing by the rules,

Please do,

Get back in touch,

As we’d still love to have you.





*We feel that blogger linky link droppers are those who repeatedly join a linky and make no attempt to follow the rules in any shape or form. This is often detrimental to everyone else and the linky itself. Link droppers usually do this as a way of quickly and unfairly increasing their own stats, without a thought to the wider linky community.


We all have our own first time linky bloopers to tell, so if you are new, don’t be shy. Speak to a linky host if you need a helping hand with linking up.

We don’t want to be the linky police, and absolutely understand that every now and again we all have funny days of forgetting to badge up or comment. This is very different from being a link dropper.



53 responses to “An Open Letter To The Blogger Linky Link Droppers”

  1. Absolutely perfectly put I think it’s the right thing to do so everyone in the community is getting bloggy support! Thanks for being such an ace host lovely xxx

  2. Sumra Hassan says:

    If i EVER forgot to comment, I’m truly sorry!
    Completely agree with you, and hopefully it stops!

  3. So much love for this Annette. DreamTeam is such a lovely linky (OK so perhaps I’m a bit biased but it really is!) and it is such a shame when people don’t join in with the group. You’ve written this so perfectly, and it’s a privilege to co-host this with you each week. Hugs xxx

  4. Sonia Cave says:

    This is really lovely, and I hope I’ve not been guilty xx

  5. I can understand how frustrating it must be to have link dumpers join a linky. There’s been linkys I joined where some bloggers have blatantly ignored the rules. This poem is a fun way to bring light to the issue. Thank you for sharing it!

  6. The Mummy Bubble says:

    I love joining linky parties. I’m sure I’ve missed a post or two that I was supposed to comment on, but I make the effort to read and comment because I love reading people’s stories, trips, product recommendations and funny posts. I think you’re right to put your foot down on this one x #dreamteam

  7. My favourite bit about linkys is reading other people’s blogs. Maybe that makes me the odd one out. If ever I forget to comment it’s likely baby brain or a computer malfunction but please do tell me off. #dreamteam

  8. It’s so unfair that people would drop links expecting other people read and comment on them but not sharing any of the love in return. I know we’re all busy and you may not get a chance to read/comment straight after you add your link, but remember to come back a few days later and join in. #dreamteam

  9. Thank you for putting it out there and making it known that link droppers will no longer be tolerated. Why is it that some obey the rules and others don’t. Hope it stops.#DreamTeam

  10. Well said! I don’t do many linkies anymore but feel loyal to you lovely supportive girls at Dream Team and love joining in when I can. It is such a shame some just dump and run xx #dreamteam

  11. Wendy says:

    Brilliant post lovely. I have to admit there have been a couple times I have forgot to comment, not because I’m looking for a quick stats boost but because I’ve genuinely forgot and I always feel guilty when I realise, I know this isn’t good enough and having run a Linky myself I know how frustrating it is when people don’t stick to the rules. Intentionally link dumping though is so not on, it’s not fair to the hosts or to all the other bloggers who follow the rules xx #dreamteam

  12. Genius. Love this blog. I’m new to the parent blogging world and have felt so welcome. It’s thanks to these link-up parties that I receive ANY traffic on my little blog. It must be frustrating investing so much time into hosting and all that entails when you see people ‘link and run’. I’ve been inspired by the blogs I’ve stumbled upon thanks to linkies, and found some wonderful people to follow! #DreamTeam

  13. Haha. Very good. I better comment on this one

  14. Mrs Lighty says:

    Just me, popping over from #DreamTeam! I am the world’s worst at forgetting to comment, but of course I couldn’t agree more with this and those that do it deliberately! I hope our regular linkers won’t mind and will come back to us. And I hope the link droppers will stop!!! xxx

  15. That’s so sad that people still link drop 🙁 if we’re running behind and things get on top of us we always still pop back days afterwards to comment as we feel awful. It’s a great poem to highlight the issue of link dumping. Lets just all play fair and support the blogging community x #DreamTeam x

  16. Erin says:

    Love this! I am new to the blogging community and only understood what linkys are in the last couple of months but I love joining in and seeing everyone’s hard work! Like you say sometimes one aspect might get missed but to dump and run is simply not on!


  17. It must be very frustrating, thanks for trying to keep the LinkUp a fun blogger party. Love the banksy photo. #Dreamteam

  18. A great post and saying it in rhyme too! So talented 🙂 The blogging community is just that, a community so its only those who dont really take part who loose out in the long run xx

  19. Nita says:

    Love your poem! It’s funny yet is so true. I do my best to keep all blog pages open until I’ve posted, but if I have ever forgotten, please forgive me! #DreamTeam

  20. Sasha says:

    in the words of a character from a show popular in my youth many moons ago: “How RUDE!” lol!
    thanks for the poem!

  21. Mama Grace says:

    Fab way to communicate how poor not commenting is. #DreamTeam

  22. It is sad that there are bloggers that do this! I’ve experienced the same with my linkies! Now I think we can all excuse those who miss every now and then….we are all human….however the repeat offenders? Off with their heads! (well links!!)
    Good idea lovelies.
    PS Can I just apologise in case I have missed the occasional week/comment. Sowry….xx

  23. I have been known to be slack in the comment department but i always try to do them asap – unfortunately working 8-6 most days makes it hard to comment then and there (i only get 45 minutes lunch also – not enough timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) But I always do my best – better late than never (99% before the next linky is live also)
    I agree that the link droppers need to go do one. find a linky designed for just dropping links and no requirements to return any comments – if it exists!!
    As a host I find it so frustrating – also those who share their own linky – a promo post i can accept, but sharing an actual linky? Big fat NOOOOOOO! #dreamteam

  24. Oh I remember the joys of linky runners! I dont envy you ladies, but persevere as those that do play by the rules always appreciate it 🙂 Emily

  25. Well said and if your going to use a tool to spread your own blog then follow the rules X #drrsmteam

  26. RawMum says:

    A lovely way to remind people to take part fairly. I wonder what to do though when I find I can’t comment. If I can “like” I will but some blogs (perhaps the ones on blogger?) allow me to write a comment but then lose it. So frustrating. Maybe I’m one of those who sometimes can’t comment on the “one before my own”. Sorry if technical incompetence is a barrier sometimes. I try to comment on many others to make up for it and I love reading the blogs. Although I have noticed that sometimes I find the same blogs I’ve commented on before. What is the etiquette then? Thanks for the post #dreamteam

  27. Ky says:

    I know I am pretty rubbish at commenting but I do the minimum. It’s a shame that people do link drop, it’s just a part of linkys I guess. Hopefully this might help them to stop. #Dreamteam

  28. Very well put, I love joining linkies (I hope I haven’t been guilty!) Unfair when people link up purely for their own gain without joining in.

  29. ITS so sad that people link drop – I’ve mostly found blogging to be such a fab supportive community and it’s a shame that there are those out there who don’t care about looking out for others. Thanks for hosting this fab Linky each week 🙂 #DreamTeam

  30. Your linky is one of the best! Its so disappointing that there are so many droppers at the moment! Let’s hope they take the hint!

  31. Kate Goodger says:

    I actually went back in panic to check that I had left comments after reading this haha! I am new to Linkies, so I apologize if I have accidentally missed something I was supposed to do, I dont think I have. I totally agree though, I actually enjoy reading other peoples blogs and like linkies because you read things you wouldn’t necessarily read otherwise! Its a shame some people ruin this XXX

  32. Heather Keet says:

    Thank you so much for being an awesome hostess for us all to gather and find each other. I know this decision wasn’t easy but I know it will make the Linky stronger. #DreamTeam

  33. Michelle says:

    I have read several posts lately about link droppers. It seems like they have grown in number? This is just sad to know that people do this sort of thing. I love your poem! This is a very creative way of telling them to go away:) Thanks for having me at #DreamTeamLinky

  34. Aleena Brown says:

    What a lovely way of saying what needed to be said. I always worry that because I have linky badges on my sidebar I might get told off haha! I like having them in my sidebar so they’re always visible, no matter where my readers are! #DreamTeam

  35. Brilliant!!! Everyone has weeks where life sneaks up on you and before you know it next weeks is up and aaarrgghh the guilt!!! This is a fab linky and such a variety of blogs and bloggers it’s hardly a chore to read!!! #DreamTeam

  36. Well said! I am still catching up on comments from the crazed times leading into the Thanksgiving bruhaha! But I am here, better late than never. If I have ever dropped, it was never meant for malice! I love reading the posts, whether I make it in with one of my own, or not! xoxo Beautifully said, as always! #dreamteam xo

  37. Helena says:

    It’s shame that people do this. I agree that they should play by the rules or skidaddle. #DreamTeam

  38. Well said. I have been guilty I think of forgetting to comment on a few linkies once or twice, but don’t get how people can do it regularly on purpose. #DreamTeam

  39. I hope I haven’t been guilty of this. I really can’t see the point in doing this if one is not supporting fellow bloggers. #DreamTeam

  40. I really love your poem, very politely put! I’m very new to linky’s But I took the time to read the very clear rules and made sure I followed them, it’s selfish not to. I think they’re a fab idea x #DreamTeam

  41. Lucy At Home says:

    Obviously I realise I’m reading this a little late but it’s so sad that you’ve had to do this. Linkies can be such nice communities and a way for bloggers to all help each other out, but when people abuse the system it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And it’s so frustrating as hosts because you put so much time and effort into making it a supportive, welcoming group. But DreamTeam is fab and has such a lovely set of hosts and brilliant blogs. Try not to let this get you down.

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