October Family Bucket List 2019

October 2, 2019



I do love a good bucket list. Especially when it’s themed around a holiday period. It lets you run completely wild with ideas of things to do, doesn’t it? Being a super busy parent (as most of us are), I often find that having a bucket list on the go helps me (*gives me a big poke) to make time for all the lovely things we really want to do as a family. From something as simple as collecting sticks, to a more extravagant mini break, it all counts! Here’s our October family bucket list.



October Family Bucket List 2019





October Family Bucket List 2019


1. Collect conkers to make some conker art

We are great at collecting conkers each year, but they tend to get piled into a big mug and left on the window sill until Christmas…true story. I usually convince everyone that they are keeping the spiders away *does that even work?? So, this year I’m doing a manic scan of Pinterest to see if I can find any good (easy!?) conker art ideas to try out and get those conkers rolling. Wish us luck! #FreeTheConkersFromTheMug


2. Go horse riding

No, no. Not me! Gone are the days where I’d eagerly hitch up my coat and hop onto a horse for an afternoon ride at the drop of a hat. This time it’s Little Buttons turn!


3. Explore the beach in wellies

I love the beach in Autumn. It tends to be pretty empty, making it perfect for long walks and exploring little pools of sea water with fishing nets without being disturbed by the masses. It can get super chilly, so we’ll be layering up and squelching about in our wellies. *Forget jumping in muddy puddles, we’ll be jumping in sandy ones.


4. Collect leaves to make an Autumn fairy crown

As like most little ones, Little Button loves looking for natures treasures. Especially leaves. If you saw our Autumn bucket list from last year, you will know why I’m a bit eekkey about leaves. But, it’s a rite of passage. And who can say no to leaf or stick man coming home with them? This year I’m going to embrace the leaves, and once we’ve got enough, I think Autumn fairy crowns all round will do just the trick. And if there are any left over, I’m sure ‘leaf family’ will make another appearance.


5. Go on a Halloween themed family day out

I’ve actually got this one covered already, because we are going back to Disneyland Paris! Yay *shouts at top of voice whilst running round in circles wearing Disney ears! We are all so so soooo excited and can’t wait to see the Halloween theming which is meant to be completely awesome, in a non-scary Disney-fied way.


6. Do some Halloween themed rock painting

Uncle Button recently bought Little Button a super rock painting kit for her birthday! Which is actually a brilliant coincidence as we were planning to paint some Halloween themed ones this year. We’ll let you know how they turn out!


7. Hide our painted rocks at the beach

Beach scavenger hunts are so much fun, especially when you find a painted rock with a message! We are planning to bring our Halloween themed painted rocks with us to the beach to hide for someone else to enjoy finding. If you happen to find one of ours, let us know in the comments below!


8. Make some Halloween treats

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you will know that ‘making treats’ SEEMS like a very good idea to begin with, but the actual finished product may be debatable, as in, I’m not sure you could ever classify them as actual ‘treats’ in the looks department. We’ve had some spectacular fails including our ghost bananas and spider cakes… but you know, it’s all in the name of fun!



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#halloweengoals FAIL 🙈🤔 – these were meant to be spooky #banana ghosts. I have no idea what went wrong, but before we even got started they fell off their sticks. I have some worried strawberries in the fridge who will be up next.

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9. Do something with a pumpkin

Real pumpkins for Halloween are a must! I’m not sure if we’ll be cooking, carving, decorating or painting ours yet. But one things for sure, there will be pumpkins!


10. Throw a mini family Halloween party

I’m not a fan of trick or treating. But, I do love a good Halloween party. This year I’m thinking of throwing our own mini family Halloween party at home. I’m thinking apple bobbing, bite the iced finger, a lucky (yucky) dip and more! Then snuggles on the sofa with a marshmallow filled hot chocolate and a spooky(ish) family movie. Bliss!




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What’s on your October bucket list this year?









18 responses to “October Family Bucket List 2019”

  1. Kirsty says:

    I always get inspiration from your bucket lists #Blogtober19

  2. Jo says:

    Love this list. All simple and achievable but lots of fun. I have some great pumpkin recipes if you need some let me know.

  3. Kate Holmes says:

    Wow – you are the sort of mum I aspire to be. Cannot remember Halloween being a thing really when I was little but that has changed so much. I love the idea of the painted rocks in particular though. You also made me remember that I have enjoyed horse-riding in the past not often but sometimes so you brought back some special memories too #Blogtober19

  4. Kim Carberry says:

    What a fantastic list!
    The conker art seems like a lot of fun. We’re planning on collecting some but hadn’t thought what we’re going to do with them.
    Have a great October! x

  5. We only normally go to the beach in the summer. It would be fun to go now and in wellies!

  6. Jon says:

    Crikey you’re brave wanting to head to the beach this time of year! As someone that grew up on the Norfolk cost it was a place to be avoided after September as the wind chill factor was just far too high lol

  7. Sarah Howe says:

    For me it’s all about Halloween now! I’ve bought some bits and I want to go to a pumpkin field at some point! Great list.

  8. Rachael says:

    Aw, your October sounds brilliant! I love the beach in autumn too, I think we will definitely have to try and fit a visit in… But we need to buy new wellies!

  9. Kelly-Anne says:

    I’m definitely an autumn girl and it’s safe to say that my daughter is the same too. We to have made a bucket list for autumn and there is so much to look forward to. I am really liking your idea of collecting leaves and making a fairy autumn crown.

  10. Melanie williams says:

    Aw I love your family bucket list for sure. the beach in wellies sounds fun and I would deffo recommend horse riding xx

  11. Wendy says:

    I am stealing this bucket list as I want to do every single thing on it! You’ve made me remember just how amazing October is xx

  12. I’m away this Halloween. It’s a huge thing where we live so I’m going to miss out on the fun

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