10 Reasons Why I Will Be BUYING ALL The Halloween Candy This Year

October 12, 2017


Every time we approach holiday season I find myself drifting off into the vortex that is Pinterest. Because Pinterest holiday candy looks amazing doesn’t it? You can fill your page with unending clever sweet treats that would have Willy Wonker on the edge of his seat. From chocolate reindeers to Easter bunny carrots, it’s all there, grinning back and waiting to be made. Except nope. As tempting as a glistening Halloween bloody brain cake may look, here’s 10 Reasons Why I Will Be BUYING ALL The Halloween Candy this year and forever more *dare I say.




1) These days, most candy is pretty much as cheap as chips. Add the word ‘Halloween’ to candy and yes, the last time I looked it was still pennies. Meaning, a stock of mini packets of sweets and what-not to feed the street will set you back your lunch money for a few days. Enough said.


2) Ingredients to recreate Pinterest treats? A year’s wages. At least.


3) For the last couple of years I went all Halloween health freak (yup… can’t talk me. Double standards as I chomp a doughnut as we speak). For some reason I thought parents would love it. On knocking on our door, ghosts and witches (our neighbourhood children) would receive shiny red or green apples. Most shouted boo! Then polite no thank yous to the offending fruit. So that went down well.




4) A parent actually booed me for giving out fruit. “Where’s the sweets she smiled, peeking out from her sexy hot-mama Devils costume. Errrmmm… nope.


5) It would take me a couple of minutes to throw a heap of Halloween candy into the trolley *coughs, online basket. #Win


6) A week of trying to perfect something edible and Halloween like home baking styley. #Lose


7) Effort to pick up Halloween candy? Probably zero. Meaning loads more headspace and time for everything else.


8) Effort to MAKE Halloween candy? All the resources, and more. No room in brain for anything other than ‘what’s a pastry crimper and how will it help me to make goodies’.


9) If by some miracle (crosses fingers – but pretend you didn’t see that) no one comes treat or treating this year, we can enjoy all the Halloween candy on a Saturday night with our feet up watching Strictly Dancing. Any homemade Halloween candy will be enjoyed by the squirrels (perhaps?).


10) Because every trick or treater wants to be greeted by these.


#halloweengoals FAIL – these were meant to be spooky #banana ghosts. I have no idea what went wrong, but before we even got started they fell off their sticks. I have some worried strawberries in the fridge who will be up next.

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*Obviously Little Button will be able to make lots of homemade treats for fun which will be tasted at our own peril. In the meantime I’m happy to share, just over on Instagram rather than in person.


46 responses to “10 Reasons Why I Will Be BUYING ALL The Halloween Candy This Year”

  1. Heather Keet says:

    Most parents in the places I’ve lived won’t take homemade treats at all. We’ve had too many poisonings and treats laced with things like razor blades. The sickos have ruined it. In my current community the kids don’t even go door to door, the local shopping mall has a trick or treat parade and each store is given candy to hand out to the kids who come by. All of the kids I know just go there to get their candy in costume. It’s sad. #DreamTeam

  2. There’s nothing wrong with a little candy! It’s not great to eat loads of it every day, but let’s face it – Halloween means sweets. The local kids will thank you for it! #dreamteam

  3. Ha ha! My problem is I buy the treats for the kids then want to eat them all myself! xx #dreamteam

  4. Haha! I get where you are coming from. I like doing the craft thing with my daughter for fun but that’s for us. For the trick or treaters it’s packet sweets all the way! #dreamteam

  5. Haha, this is brilliant! Really enjoyed reading this one. We don’t get any trick or treaters at our house which is a shame. I still buy a big tub of sweets though, just in case! X #dreamteam

  6. Mrs Lighty says:

    Ah this really made me smile!! I actually really like the idea of the apples and may offer both apples and sweets this year…will let you know how that goes down!! And the ghosts are kinda cute in a wobbly way 😉 Thanks for hosting #DreamTeam as always lovely! xxx

  7. Is it just me or does anyone else hate Halloween?? It’s a stupid thing that’s not even an English tradition. Living where I live I doubt we will get any trick or treaters tbh but then I wouldn’t know because we always go out on Halloween night. When we lived on a large estate I bought sweets and put them out on the door step in a large bowl. That was my contribution as I didn’t want my house to be egged! Anyway, enough of my barhumbug attitude! Make the treats with your little one, she will enjoy it. Those ghosts made me lol. #dreamteam

  8. Last year I bought all the chocolate and sweets, then ate most of them. I burdened myself with the task of eating all the chocolate to save the kids from having too much sugar and getting bad teeth (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

  9. This year we are going trick or treating for the first time with the girls. Can’t wait to see who has been creative. haha.

  10. msmamabean says:

    I say yay to number 9! Not that I’m not looking forward to trick or treaters, but more candy for me? I’m not going to say no! #DreamTeam

  11. Haha i secretly hope we get no Trick or Treaters so I can eat all the chocolate!! x x #DreamTeam

  12. Mama Grace says:

    Giving out fruit! Ha ha #DreamTeam

  13. Bloody yes love Halloween sweets and nobody has got all the time to make everything from scratch, more importantly there is blogging to do X #dreamteam

  14. Mmmmmm….candy. I have already eaten everything I have bought so far. Time to get more!

  15. I usually hit the sales after halloween and enjoy my spoils!

  16. The Banana Ghosts look cute. Our neighbour always hands out mandarines for Halloween and the kids love it. #dreamteam

  17. If you cant enjoy some candy on halloween when can yiu! The banana ghosts look ace haha #ExplorerKids

  18. The way I see it is Halloween happens once a year. I’ve no issue with a few jellies and chocolates on that night. It’s the trying to get the nippers to sleep after it that I struggle with!!!! Good post Annette. #DreamTeam

  19. I have seen people give out fruit before and I think it’s more than acceptable – I think my kids would be happy with a nice apple. Su #DreamTeam

  20. Romina says:

    The banana ghosts actually look like little ghosts! Some good reasons listed there. Thankful that here, people don’t generally knock on your door for candy if you don’t have Halloween decorations u0p, so you can “opt out”, as it were, if you don’t feel like attending a parade of candy-seeking-small-peeps! #dreamteam

  21. MMT says:

    We frequently Halloween as the chance to get rid of any gone off party, Christmas, easter sweets before the next influx of Christmas! Weird right? Seriously we get more sweets than we could ever let the kids eat…

  22. Oh Annette I think this is one of my fave posts of yours and had me giggling all the way through. I actually quite like your ghosts bananas and I’m also impressed with your chocolate spider cakes. I don’t even want to hit them with a shoe or anything!

    “Except nope” made me belly laugh! xx

  23. Nothing wrong with giving and having some candy. Your banana ghosts look amazeballs – would never say it was a fail #dreamteam

  24. Good reasons. My reason to buy all the candy is simple – I love sweets! #DreamTeam

  25. Sumra Hassan says:

    LOL at the demented banana treats, but great effort!! I’m proud of the fact that you even tried to make actual candy at home. That’s so sweet. #dreamteam

  26. I love the ghosts! They look awesome! (Maybe that doesn’t say much for my baking skills!!)
    I can definitely see the advantage of buying candy when needing it en mass though! Have a lovely Halloween.

  27. Aleena says:

    Yeah, I’m with you… I might make something little for myself though, otherwise the kids might arrive to find I’ve eaten all theirs hahaha!! #dreamteam

  28. Chloe Wdod says:

    The older the kids get – the more I love Halloween! I’ll be buying ALL the candy too! Happy Halloween! #dreamteam

  29. Helena says:

    A case of all in moderation perhaps just kept to events rather than an everyday occurrence. #DreamTeam

  30. I never go overboard for Halloween I’m afraid. I buy candy to give to trick or treaters: last year we didn’t get any so we had to eat it all, what a shame! #dreamteam

  31. Julia Sammut says:

    This was so amusing to read, and I have to say, it always was a bit of a bummer when I used to go trick or treating when I was little and I’d get fruit! For me Halloween was a night where I could kind of roam free in the sugar department. Also, those banana ghosts actually made me laugh out loud and so did the comment about the strawberries, that’s hilarious!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  32. We don’t have to buy a thing this year, as we are still in the apartment (boo) and no one comes in at all. We head out where the real goods are, then we trick or treat like crazy. You’re Pinterest comment had me rolling out loud! 😀 A year’s wages at least! Your ghosts were chilling! Love your spirit (get it!) <3 <3 <3 #dreamteam

  33. I’m a sucker for harribo and the urge to buy a £5 tub from Tescos for me alone is the reason why I ate a lemon meringue pie today… I’m not sure whats worse hahah! #dreamteam

  34. I once made Christmas cookies that looked nothing like anything remotely festive so I vowed I’d never do it again! I love this post, I think we’re all behind you with this one 😉 Thank you for hosting #dreamteam with me lovely x

  35. RawMum says:

    Great post. Totally not bothering with homemade. Last year we almost forgot and hubby was sent out for emergency candy and came back with tales of very near misses with squishing little gouls and skeletons all in black as he drove back in!!! #dreamteam

  36. Hahaha this really made me chuckle as yesterday I had the biggest halloween baking fail ever! they were supposed to be ghost like cupcakes and looked more monster/mess than anything else. And I found them on bloody Pinterest! Sorry i’m late commenting this week… enjoy your leftover sweets with strictly this weekend… hopefully I will be too! #DreamTeam

  37. Nicola says:

    We have Halloween candy in our kitchen drawer from 2 years ago! We buy loads…give out loads…and the children bring home even more than we started with and never eat any of it! #dreamteam

  38. Oh those poor banana fails are hilarious! Luckily my little one is still too young to know what Halloween is all about so I get away with not making an effort this year! And since I’m trying to lose the last few pregnancy pounds *cough* one year later *cough*, I think I’ll avoid buying any at all…. maybe… perhaps…. #dreamteam

  39. We have bought a 5kg tub of Swizzles as we seem to run out every year. Hoping for some left as they are my favourites.

  40. Jo says:

    Haha love this and totally get it. I spent ages baking for a get together this weekend. I do enjoy it but when catering to the masses sometimes it’s just easier to buy.

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