5 inevitable stages of visiting Santa through the years

December 16, 2018


visiting santa




Ever so gently-goes Santa

The little one is didderly and there’s no way you are going to terrify them on their first ever visit to Santa. Yay! you scream in excitement as you very carefully choose a lovely, low key Santa meet up in the place that you seem to spend most of your days. Mothercare! Keeping it sweet n cheap just in case they don’t like the big man in red is hard. Especially when you’ve been waiting for so long to go *to tell Santa that a new kitchen this year would be fab! And who’s knows, if it goes well, maybe next year you’ll be able to do a bigger Santa experience.





All the bells and whistles Santa… more is never enough!

Last year went so well and you swear there were only a few tears.




You’d cry too if an elf (taller than you?!) yelled ‘hello’ into your face unexpectedly with all the vigour of Dora the Explorer.




So. Technically it went quite well *you confirm to the Beta. You quickly book one of the best Santa experiences in the UK. It costs more than a trip to the moon! *Eurostar. But. This is what Christmas dreams are made of…you tell yourself. And what could go wrong in the bestest most magical place in the UK?




A little bit less is more Santa?

Last year all went wrong. You arrived late because of an accident on the motorway. That magical place turned out not to be as magical as you thought and there were tears too and not just from the little. Conveyer belt springs to mind.





This year you are playing it smart. Half the distance to get there, half the stress, less than half the cost AND you’re bringing a friend. The little elf shouts from your shoulder “you get what you pay for’. So you promptly shove her to the back of the cupboard and crack on. Ho, ho, ho!








Frugal Santa!

You did it. Last year was a success. Everything went right and you’ve even got the picture to prove it.




Tempted as you are to do it again, this year you’re going more frugal and have plumbed for an even closer Santa trip in a stunning and iconic palace… down the road.


So. Santas grotto is actually a tiny shed in the said beautiful place.





But! He was kind, jolly and seemed to know an awful lot about the little one. They spent ages chatting, and, at one point you thought he was going to offer you all a cup of tea and an invite to stay for supper!


See… you smile to yourself as you all head home. You absolutely do not need to pay a kings ransom to visit Santa.





Most expensive, has everything Santa on the planet!!!

Then the little one utters those 5 words that no parent EVER wants to hear.


Santa isn’t real… is he?


Oh my gawd!!!! you inwardly cry. Then you promptly book Finland for next year.





Have you had a stand out Santa visit that you would recommend?








15 responses to “5 inevitable stages of visiting Santa through the years”

  1. Laurie says:

    Ha! So true! I have seen my children and now grandchildren go through these stages.

  2. We are at stage 1. Our LO is petrified of anybody in costume. So we are being thrifty and waiting until next year #DreamTeam

  3. Isabel says:

    haha, very good, really make me laugh – on a more serious note, yes absolutely all the pressure to invest a fortune to conjure the magical moment that we might not have had as kids – but is it actually wanted or needed? Probably not as you show 🙂 #dreamteam

  4. Pen says:

    I have to say that I am quite lazy when it comes to Santa visits and tend to pop to the local garden centre where Santa visits every year. They even have a nice cafe so I get to have a coffee and some cake too. Worked wonderfully this year. Pen x #DreamTeam

  5. Kirsty says:

    Love it! My dad plays santa at the playgroup I organise and at the school every year and I just love watching him do it. I must say I don’t take the kids to another Santa as the whole thing is just super stressful, but I would be all in for a Finland trip ha ha!

  6. very cute. Mine was never afraid of Santa, it was the Easter Bunny monster that sent her into hysterics #dreamteam

  7. haha very true, luckily both my boys are fine however, my eldest is blunt and asks awkward questioning shall we say like Santa your fat lol X #dreamteam

  8. Ha Ha so true! Over the years we have spent less on seeing the big man and sometimes not even gone! Could be because we now have 4 to pay for! merry Christmas and love the idea of the photo blog post #dreamteam

  9. Chloe says:

    I remeber once going on a special Santa train and my nephew was afraid and would not go near Santa, not what we expected #dreamteam

  10. Crummy Mummy says:

    The best Santas we have ever had have been at LaplandUK – would highly recommend! #DreamTeam

  11. Claire says:

    Oh yes! Although this year I am the terrible Mum that has not booked a trip to santa and everywhere is sold out so I might have to dress up myself, I’ve got the belly for it at least!

  12. Sabina Green says:

    We have done many Santa visits over the years. Thankfully all have gone well and there have been no frightened, screaming little ones. We favour the garden centre father Christmas, he is always lovely.

  13. Haha! It’s so true! We have had all the tears when visiting Father Christmas, which is always tough after standing in line for hours on end. Maybe one day we’ll have a happy visit 🙂

  14. Beth says:

    You have hit the nail on the head… and, with an extremely socially uncomfortable 2 year old who hates strangers, particularly men, we gave Santa a miss this year…

  15. Jenni says:

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand all the hype around Santa grottos. Or why kids need a get a present from Santa BEFORE Christmas – doesn’t that go against the whole Santa narrative? I love a good old department store Santa – say hello, post for a picture, maybe get a wee chocolate. Job done. And all free. But nowhere seems to do that any more.

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