5 steps away from becoming ultimate ‘bag lady!’

November 23, 2015


The little one is starting to come down with something. You can see her wishy washy colour fading and she seems a bit droopy all over. Awww poor thing! you think.


Step 1 – Bag of treats

Enthusiastically you race home, over come by the urge to be Mary Poppins, and laden with a giant bag of treats to perk her up. It’s filled with everything from good ol’ chicken soup to exotic fruits, anything you can think of to put a smile back on her face and something good in her tummy. You feel optimistic.


Step 2 – Bag of tissues

She’s getting worse. Her drippy nose is now resembling a bogey waterfall. Gross. She sneezes and everyone looks at YOU! Why? Isn’t it obvious? You are officially mummy – bag of tissues. You have the knack of dispensing them from every pocket, up sleeves and even occasionally the waistband of your pj’s. Desperate to contain the germs, you carry a little sandwich plastic bag around with you to hoover up the used ones. Lovely!


Step 3 – Bag of sick

It’s night time… finally… you breathe a shattered sigh of relief. She’s conked out for the night. Snuffling, wheezing and coughing loudly, you decide it’s best to keep her in bed with you. Daddy has brought up hot tea and choccy biscuits and you are about to catch up on I’m a celebrity – when it happens.

Sick everywhere! On her, on the bed, on the floor and on YOU. Daddy dances on the spot… what should he do?! You fight the urge to burst out laughing at the calamity of it all. After operation clean up – she’s back in bed, sleeping on the beach… she thinks, as she wiggles to get comfortable on the beach towel you insisted on for added protection. You settle down with your cold tea, crumbled biscuits – poised with a sick bag in hand at the ready.


Step 4 – Eye bags

You wake up feeling rough and stiff all over. She’s feeling much better… yay! You go to get dressed and catch sight of your reflection… red eyeballs and droopy eye bags! Perfect.


Step 5 – Grumpy bag

You drag yourself through Sunday and Daddy asks you several times if you are having a grumpy bag day today!?! You smile unconvincingly at Daddy as he nurses the getting better little one. You put your feet up and I will look after her, he offers. What!? after I have done all the hard work you exclaim – mouth gapping, head pounding and sore throat raging – you turn the air blue… stamp your feet then realise that weird looking ranting ‘bag lady’ is actually you.


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3 responses to “5 steps away from becoming ultimate ‘bag lady!’”

  1. Edward says:

    True and funny story. I’m sure all parents sympathise with these situations, especially mums.

  2. I absolutely hear you! Love the idea of dancing on the spot when someone is sick. That’s exactly what happens in our house. It can be a teaspoon full, onto vinyl wipe clean flooring, and I could be engrossed in brain surgery *ok not likely* and the hubby will still immediately yell “Mummy we need yoooooo!!!” Brilliant post and I love the pic! :0) x

  3. Oh dear, what a day! You capture it all perfectly, I think we’ve all been there. Except usually in our case my husband is the much more calm, collected and organised one!Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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