6 most annoying things about parcel deliveries

January 7, 2019


What’s with parcel deliveries these days? I swear we end up with everyone else’s but ours. Or, they grow legs and disappear off into the distance on their own. Well… that’s what seems to happen to mine. That, or they end up in the bin! #NotJoking


It’s not always the postie or courier company that’s the problem though. Here are my 6 most annoying things about parcel deliveries.


annoying things about parcel deliveries



6 most annoying things about parcel deliveries


The delivery that never was

This may just be the most annoying one ever (longish rant alert!). You order your goodies in November with plenty of time to spare for Christmas. You faithfully ‘track’ your order online and finally a week later it shows as dispatched. You wait patiently for another week. Nothing ‘dispatched’ has blinking blooming turned up!




You start to feel a teeny bit worried. Convinced you are being daft you give it a few more days (big mistake!). You finally give in and contact the store directly.




Sorry. *They mumble.


Your order didn’t pass go. It’s still in the warehouse…. somewhere…


Great! you smile, whilst swearing in your head and giving them the flying ‘V’ finger flip (not that they can see it).







The neighbour who always expects you to take delivery of their packages

There’s always THAT neighbour isn’t there?! The one that doesn’t acknowledge you in general, but still expects you to accept a delivery for them. Maybe they think you’re their minion.




Either way, the answer is simple(ish). Refuse to take the delivery. End of.


That or hide when the delivery person knocks on your door (only if you know it’s not going to be for you!)- Take note fellow Mumsnet mum! *I hope things get better for you.




The neighbour who thinks you’re their own personal storage unit for said packages

It’s usually the same neighbour that blanks you in the street. But this time not only do they expect you to take deliveries for them. They also think you should store all their goodies to… blinking cheek.



annoying things about parcel deliveries


If you’re feeling kind give them a nudge to come and collect. If they don’t oblige their future parcels will have to take a long hike back to the Royal Mail depot with the postie. Bye-bye!




The ‘you bring it to me’ neighbour

It’s usually the same neighbour (there’s a running trend, right!). The one who doesn’t chat and weirdly expects you to be their own personal depot. But this neighbour won’t EVER bother to collect their package. EVER!

You make sure they know you are in by clonking about being extra loudly, opening and shutting your front door every now and again and turning on every light possible.




You know THEY know you have their giant box from Amazon. Why in gawds name do they pretend they have no idea its there is beyond you.




The delivery person who puts your parcels ‘behin de bim’



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😂😂 Surprised to find that our package was still “behin de bim” when we got home. #happylittlebuttons #delivery

A post shared by Annette, 3 Little Buttons (@3littlebuttonsblog) on

Enough said.



The delivery person who doesn’t even knock on your door

It’s a bit like postman’s knock, except the opposite. The delivery man sneaks up to your door. Manages to take a blimmin photo of your front door and then runs away as quickly as possible… taking your parcel with them!!!




You only know this has happened because A. You have a squeaky gate which gave the game away. B. You have received a photo of your front door by email (and you are still at home?!). C. You have just watched everything from work via your swanky security system!



Is there anything that drives you bonkers about parcel deliveries?



29 responses to “6 most annoying things about parcel deliveries”

  1. Nige says:

    Oh yes all very annoying especially the one behind the bin thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  2. Sam says:

    Nothing is more annoying when. Delivery peopke lie and pretend that they have delivered a parcel when they blatantly didn’t X #dreamteam

  3. I had to leave this post to check on a pressie we ordered for our boy and estimated delivery was yesterday!!! Way too late for Christmas but we went with it. It is “still in transit!!! Enjoyed the post #DreamYTeam

  4. Claire Rocks says:

    yes! I am with you on all of these! I am that neighbour that takes in everyones parcels! #DreamTeam

  5. Laurie says:

    Something we all can identify with! 😀

  6. Kate says:

    Parcel deliveries cause so much angst in one way or another. My worst experience was having a parcel containing food put in our refuse bin! #DreamTeam

  7. Sophie says:

    ‘Behim the bim!’ Haha! That’s hilarious. I may be the neighbour actually that wants you to collect my parcel…….sorry!

  8. I’m lucky that quite a few of my neighbours also are retired or work from home. But yes, I feel your pain with the delivery driver not even knocking! #DreamTeam

  9. Rosie Doal says:

    OK the worst by far for me is the ‘you bring it to me’ neighbour. Erm, hello? If I’ve been kind enough to receive your parcel, the least you can do it come and collect it from across the road! (rant over) x #DreamTeam

  10. Isabel says:

    haha that so is a rant that was long overdue to be written, thanks for sharing Annette. Yup, my Xmas jumper ordered in November arrived just before the new year when I was already trying to get back into the gym… #dreamteam

  11. …. and I’m sitting here right now waiting for a delivery! Great post, I didn’t realise how much annoyed me till I read this. #DreamTeam

  12. Talya says:

    Oh my goodness the behind the bin ones totally drive me nuts – I never know they are there and then they get soaked!!

  13. Tracey Carr says:

    I normally have trouble when I am trying to send stuff back! They tell you that the delivery man will be at your house for half ten so you go out to do some things and make sure you are back in time. But then he rings you at ten o’clock to say he is already at your house and then starts giving out to you because you are not there!! It drives me crazy – I feel like I can’t leave the house until they have been! #dreamteam

  14. Sonia Cave says:

    So glad to have left this all behind. All our parcels get delivered to the coop on the island (about 100m from our home!), and we get a text to say it is there, then pick it up the next time we go in. much more civilised!

  15. Berni says:

    Blimey, you have weird neighbours xx
    Glad I live in the back of beyond x
    Point 1is effing annoying though

  16. Our Amazon delivery man doesn’t even leave it behind the bin. Just on the doorstep. Our house is on a busy road. I’m amazed nothing had gone walkies yet!

  17. This made ne chuckle. Our most novel delivery recently was the amazon delivery guy leaving a parcel under my husband’s car!

  18. Parcel deliveries can be very annoying. Our house is quite tricky to find and often our parcels get delivered to the wrong house !

    I love the “behin de bim” note 🙂

  19. Im always hopping mine are behin the bin instead of at the sorting office! Im the neighbour who usually gets everyones parcels! Maybe it’s time for a new year, no parcel policy!

  20. Laura Dove says:

    hahaha the worst one for me is digging them out of my wheelie bin covered in shit! Or not even knowing they’re in there and finding them when I’ve just thrown in a load of crap!

  21. All these things. And hanging my head in shame because you get so many deliveries (or your husband does in my case) that the DPD driver knows your first name and asks after hubby!!

  22. Melanie says:

    Haha this actually made me laugh out loud. Yes deliveries can be a frustrating process xx

  23. Heather Keet says:

    In my area, all packages are dropped on the doorstep, no knocks or doorbell rings, and then they run back to their truck. Unless you pay for extra, that’s what they do. It’s psychotic. So many packages went missing before I got a doorbell camera. I cannot tell you the joy I get when it shows me the delivery driver walking up, and when he thinks he’ll be a secretive ninja I yell out “HHHHIIII!!!!” over the speaker. The delivery people always get startled, giving me a moment of delight. Then they leave the package and I wait until they’ve left to collect it in my pajamas. #DreamTeam

  24. Nazrin says:

    The ones that are left at the bottom of the green bins are the WORST especially for a short gal! I have to bring the whole bin to the floor and almost climb into. A whole osbtabcle course for a boots package.

  25. Kirsty says:

    This!!!!!!! I am at home most of the time and the postmen and delivery drivers know it so I am starting to think of charging a fee. I am like an unpaid hermes lady. #DreamTeam

  26. My biggest bugbear is when you check the tracking and it tells you it’s been delivered !!When it hasn’t …leading to half a dozen emails and phone calls gggrrrrr #DreamTeam

  27. Crummy Mummy says:

    As a work at home mum I totally get this! What annoys me the most is when I get a notification saying my parcel has been delivered & they didn’t even bother ringing the bell… #DreamTeam

  28. What a nightmare! It sounds like you’ve had some pretty bad experiences. The parcel that never arrives is the worst – especially when it’s something my parents have sent to Mexico all the way from England:(

  29. We just found one, no notice, hidden behind a tree. Must have been there for days, maybe even weeks. Ridiculous! #dreamteam xoxo

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