Happiness Is A Visit From The Tooth Fairy For The First Time


It happened. Little Buttons first tooth has popped right on out. And at school too. I take my hat off to her, as she bravely went about life as normal before. Her front tooth dangerously hanging by a skinny thread, just swinging around, but at the same time stubbornly refusing to let go for a good week.


There were jokes of tying a rope to it and giving it a good yank.


Biting into a shiny apple aka Snow White style… except it would be the tooth that got it.


Happiness is a visit from the tooth fairy for the first time



Even the string around the door handle came into play at some point.


Happiness is a visit from the tooth fairy for the first time


*None of the above actually happened for obviously reasons.



So when Little Button sauntered out of school brandishing her toothless grin and tissue wrapped tooth in hand, I was filled with so much joy. Happiness for her, her achey mouth (finally relieved) and the fact that the tooth fairy had indeed stocked up on gold coins earlier that day. *She told me so.


Happiness is a visit from the tooth fairy for the first time



The 3 Stages of Tooth Fairy meltdown


Stage 1

And then it hit me. She’s growing up again. First her tooth falls out, but what next? Soon she won’t want to hold my hand in public. She won’t want a bedtime story. My one and only precious little girl is heading towards being not so little any more. Oh my gawwwdddd…. is there any way to stop this?! *Contemplates cello tapping tooth back in, I mean, who would notice right? *Get a grip women!!! – tells self. Get a grip!



Stage 2

Then mum guilt hits hard. I didn’t have a tiny shiny satin pillow to tie her tooth to (for the tooth fairy) or a specially printed tooth fairy ‘over here’ pillow case. Omg, I’ve just won the worst mum award! Why didn’t I think to get something in advance! *I wailed at no one in particular. But then I remembered that my own milk teeth sat happily under my pillow, unannounced and on a bit of toilet roll. I was ecstatic! Bog roll it is then.



Stage 3

And just when I thought I had my sh*t together, Little Button mic-dropped a big one. “I wonder if the tooth fairy will bring me a confetti LOL Surprise doll”. A what?! I mean, how did we go from a coin to an LOL Surprise doll? Gulp.




Hello Mrs Tooth Fairy

That night Little Button lay her first milk tooth on a bit of toilet roll under her (usual) pillow. After story time, a little magic was woven through the air as we snuggled up and excitedly whispered about who her tooth fairy might be and what she might bring her in exchange for her sparkler. Little Button fell asleep with hope and magic in her heart… smiling.


In the morning she dived under her pillow and found a £1 gold coin! She was beyond thrilled and spent every second chattering about how special tooth fairies are, and wondered what they might be doing with all the teeth they had collected.


Happiness is a visit from the tooth fairy for the first time. *And proof that all you need is a bit of loo roll and a tooth fairy who carries gold coins.


Happiness is a visit from the tooth fairy for the first time


Do you remember your first visit from the tooth fairy?





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