Little List of Sunshine #1

March 20, 2017


Its International Happiness Day today and I can’t think of a more perfect time than now to get going with my new weekly little list of sunshine. I have been inspired by Emily from My Petit Canard for some time now with her weekly gratitude list. I love how finding even the smallest of things to feel grateful about can really turn your week around, especially when things don’t seem to be going to plan.



Introducing the Little List of Sunshine

The Little List of Sunshine is a place where I am going to record the highlights of our week, big and small. Apart from being a fab gratitude type of list, I really want to be able to use the space to record some of the Buttons blogging achievements and adventures. There have been a few over the year that have zoomed passed us, and I really wish I had taken the time to do a little celebration dance and mark the occasion, because these were the building blocks behind how we got to today.



Little List of Sunshine #1


Little List of Sunshine #1


What we have been doing

1. My first time out about on the London underground with Little Button. It doesn’t seem like much does it, but Little Button had a huge fear of the escalators. The bigger, the worse her reaction has been but we have finally cracked it. This weekend we had a great time out and about on the tube with only a tiny wobble at Green Park station. #Win


2. A whizz around the Natural History Museum. It was an old haunt of mine that I loved as a child, and it looks like Little Button is quickly following suit. We all had a smashing time in the dinosaur exhibit and T-Rex set our hearts racing.


3. Getting back behind the wheel. Last week I took the plunge and booked myself in for some refresher driving lessons, because I did the silliest thing of passing my test and then not driving. Ever. It’s going to be a slow journey to build my confidence back up, but I am determined to do it.



What we have been watching

4. Little Button has been watching My Little Pony on Netflix this week. I don’t’ know where she gets her love of My Little Pony *coughs – I’m sure I have nothing to do with this, honest. We love Netflix for stock piling in millions of episodes which can be accessed at the touch of a button.


5. I have been watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As soon as I heard that little tinkle of Harry Potter music I was sucked right in! It was brilliant!




6. The first ever BritMums Happiness Round-up has gone live. I can’t stop looking at it (that spike in the BritMums stats was probably just me!). I also can’t begin to describe how amazing it feels to be a BritMums round-up editor. #Yay


Little List of Sunshine #1


7. I wrote a blog post with my bestie! It’s the first time we have joined forces so I have been really excited to see this one go live. It’s all about musicals. Jazz hands at the ready.



What were your sunshine moments from last week?

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53 responses to “Little List of Sunshine #1”

  1. Aww what a fab post and list of things! I’m so chuffed to actually have inspired you to write this list. I think gratitude is such a powerful thing to practice and need to get back into the habit of writing my weekly gratitude list. I havent written one for abotu a month and I really miss that reflection and feeling that writing them gave me. I look forward to reading your weekly lists now 🙂 Emily

  2. Heather Keet says:

    This is such a great post! It’s nice to see positivity and happiness. #DreamTeam

  3. Well done for booking the driving lessons! I got a driving license in the US but have been living in the UK for over a decade and am not allowed to drive here, so if I ever wanted to get my license here, I’d have to take the plunge and take lessons too. And congrats on the BritMums gig! #DreamTeam

  4. Chloe says:

    Hi, I personally enjoy reading these type of posts. Great to see that the escalator fear was conquered and you had a great time. I love the Natural History Musem, Chloe #DreamTeam

  5. Wendy says:

    What a lovely idea for a blog post, it’s always important to reflect on the things that have made up happy. I would love to go the natural history museum one day xx #dreamteam

  6. Edward says:

    A nice read Ann. I look forward to reading about your weekly adventures. Thanks for the link to our post

  7. RawMum says:

    I tried to do a daily gratitude thing at the start of the year and it sort of fizzled out as we struggled with trying to get pregnant. Maybe weekly is a better idea. I love HP fantastic beasts, it’s such a lovely film with amazing effects. I wish I still worked in London – all those escalators kept me fit!

  8. @MumMalarkey says:

    I used to love the Natural History Museum, can’t wait until my little girl is big enough to go exploring there with me! #DreamTeam

  9. BritMums round-up editor that is definitely a great thing to put on the Sunshine List! #DREAMTEAM

  10. MMT says:

    Congrats on becoming a round up editor! And what a lovely topic to round up 🙂

  11. Brilliant post (and series) … well done on conquering the escalator fear and whoop whoop (again) on the BritMums Round-up Editor!

  12. This is so lovely, and go you as Brit Mums round up editor! That’s fab!! This post made me feel all warm and fuzzy on a cold and miserable day. Thank you. xxx P.S Havent forgotten about the guest series, will get it done this week. xxx #dreamteam

  13. Good luck with getting back into driving, I’m sure you’ll love it once you get back into the swing of things! #DreamTeam

  14. That is so good you mastered the underground. I am going to attempt it with both the girls in the summer, but if it fails I can always walk with them. Mabel had a funny thing with lifts and escalators, but it kind of comes and go. 🙂


  15. A fab list. I also love Emilys gratitude lists and have done a few of my own! I love looking back on even a rubbish day and finding the good in it! xx #dreamteam

  16. Cathryn says:

    Such a great post! I need to feel more confident behind the wheel! One of my goals for this year.


  17. Congrats on all those achievements. My girls also love My Little Pony. It does take me back to when I was little. Far better they watch that than some of the other tat out there!

  18. Carol says:

    I live on Netflix – always find interesting shows to watch.

  19. Ahh so nice to hear. I will have to go and look at the round up! #dreamteam

  20. Lots of happiness radiating from this post! I hope this week is just as fab! #dreamteam

  21. What a great idea! It easy to full into the negatives and not look at the great moments of the week! Definitely something to try!


  22. Such a lovely update on your little girl! Really nice to focus on the happy too. 🙂

  23. Life changes when lived in gratitude. Also when you get to see T Rex up close 🙂

  24. Sounds like you are in a great space! Keep up the sunshine!


  25. What a lovely idea for a post 🙂 I’m looking forward to taking X to the Natural History Museum one day! #dreamteam

  26. Tubbs says:

    Ah, I love a good happy post! The world is so blooming miserable at the moment 🙂

  27. I absolutely LOVE going to the museum. In fact its one of my favorite birthday things to do. I live in NJ and Philly isn’t too far away. That is home to the Mutter’s Museum which is the inspiration of the museum featured in American Horror Story Freak Show. I had the BEST time. I love this list of sunshine. What a smart idea to give thanks to the wonderful things that happen in your week instead of focusing on the negative. Thanks so much for sharing!! #DreamTeam

  28. Aleena Brown says:

    I love this! Every time I read one of your posts I feel like spring is here, I don’t know why haha!! Can’t wait to take Amelia back the the natural history museum, days out like that remind how great it is to be a Londoner! #dreamteam

  29. I love the idea of writing a list like this! I did the same as you and passed my test then didn’t drive a car again for years! I had to re-learn, but was still terrible so I got an automatic in the end. That’s just me though…! #dreamteam

  30. Lucy At Home says:

    Wow you’ve got so much packed into your first sunshine list! My girls are both madly into My Little Pony at the moment too! I’ve never been to the Natural History Museum, but I’d love to go.

    Good luck with your driving. I was in my mid-twenties when I learnt to drive, and then when I passed, only drove on odd occasions and I just felt panicked whenever I went anywhere. Then about 12mths ago, we moved house so I needed to start driving my daughter to school – even though it was only a 10min journey, driving every day made such a difference to my confidence and I am so much happier now.

    And lastly (sorry for the rambly comment), MASSIVE congratulations on your BritMums thing – it’s a great achievement and I can’t think of anyone better to do the happiness round up 🙂 #dreamteam

  31. Love this post – it’s always good to spread a bit of sunshine, and reading these gratitude lists makes me realise what I have to be thankful for! You have reminded me to go and watch Fantastic Beasts, I didn’t get the chance when it was at the cinema so really need to catch up. Also loved your first Britmums round up, well done! #DreamTeam

  32. Becky says:

    Lovely post! I’ve been to the natural history museum a few times and can’t wait to take Rory when he’s a little older #DreamTeam

  33. Jaki says:

    I love the name of this series and I love all of your entries. Well done for getting back behind the wheel, I hope that goes well for you. Just don’t read my post this week and be put off!! #DreamTeam

  34. Chloe Wood says:

    Congrats on Britmums!

  35. Great idea to spread a little bit of positively and remember the happy moments #dreamteam

  36. Oh I adore Emily’s posts gratitude posts too – love focusing on the positive and love your little list of sunshine moments – well done on Britmums Editor post! #DreamTeam

  37. Sounds like a great week. Congratulations on BritMums xx

  38. So lovely! Fun read and great pics!

  39. Jeannette says:

    The Natural History Museum is so much fun. I just love it, When we visit London, I am taking my little one there first ! #dreamteam

  40. Love going to London with the little ones.Bit scary now though after yesterday.Good luck with the driving!#dreamteam

  41. Pam lorimer says:

    I love happy posts! Makes such a change reading something positive. The natural history museum is somewhere iv always wanted to go so its on the list nect time we r in london! Great post #DreamTeam

  42. Oh wow I think I’ve got a new found love for you with your love of musicals! So glad you mentioned Starlight Express! Its so amazing and i wish it came back so Ben could experience it. That was when Lloyd Webber was at his best!
    If little one is a bit scared of the escalators – I discovered Tottenham Court Road have a lift which could make your life a bit easier and then use the oyster for the bus around london? #dreamteam

  43. Nige says:

    Super idea for a post and sound like you have been busy the girls love my little pony thanks for histing#dreamteam

  44. Helena says:

    It’s lovely to see the gratitude lists in the blogosphere and this little act can benefit us so much. #DreamTeam

  45. Sounds like a fab week to me. Miss J is also a bit afraid of escalators, maybe I should do the exposure route and take her into London #dreamteam

  46. ohmummymia says:

    I love that museum! I was pregnant when I was there for a first time and now my boy is almost 1 year maybe it’s time to take him there:)

  47. Surrey mana says:

    I love this it’s such a nice idea and sounds like you had a lovely week. #dreamteam

  48. Beautiful idea for a post and a lovely list! Thank you for hosting #DreamTeam

  49. Zoe says:

    What a fantastic week full of adventure! I’m with little button, I’m not a big fan of escalators! I really need to start taking the kids to museums some time soon! I ha r fond memories of going to them myself when I was little! Thank you for reminding me of something I can (should) do with the little people! X #Dreamteam

  50. Aww this is so beautiful Ann! I actually think of your whole blog as a little bit of sunshine, it always makes me smile. How exciting that Little Button went on the Underground for the first time, how did she find it? And huge yay for driving more, I didn’t drive for ages when I lived in London but drive much more in Brighton and it takes a while to build your confidence up xx Thanks for hosting #dreamteam with me!

  51. I do a weekly roundup list and it’s my favourite to write, I like to record the funny/hard and lovely moments from being a mum and bringing up my daughter. Even if no one reads it! #DreamTeam (sorry late commenting!)

  52. This is a lovely idea. My daughter loves My Little Pony too, it’s on most days in our house! #DreamTeam

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