For when Mother’s Day hasn’t been all that you hoped

March 12, 2018


There’s a huge amount of pressure put on us to have that picture perfect Mother’s Day. And, whilst half the country may very well have had an Instagram worthy day, there’s the other half that have not. I’m in that other half, every single year. And whilst I know this won’t last as Little Button gets older. I just want you to know that sh*t does happen for everyone. In my case, it was literal this year (you’ll see what I mean in a second).



It all started with a 5am wakeup call

There were no Sunday morning lie-ins for me this Mother’s Day. There never is, so I knew this was coming. Little Button woke me with a start at 5am by staring into my face, hers an inch above mine. Whispering in frantic tones into my eyeballs ‘what’s that noise mummy’. A sure fire way to ensure that I would jump up and out of bed. The noise was our 2 cats, who had decided that they would noisily play on the stairs by racing up and down them. They could have done this any other day. But no. Only Mother’s Day morning at 5am would do for them.





We eventually got downstairs to discover the catastrophic horror that one cat decided to take things to another level by pooping in the kitchen! Happy Mother’s Day. Mr Button bravely dealt with the offending sh*t in both manners of the word.




Mother's Day

So that’s breakfast in bed out the window then?



So new, it was still in its wrapper

Present time was a card, still in its wrapper and yet to be written (because she just wouldn’t write it). And a box of chocolates, gorgeous mug and flowers that I picked up at Tesco’s the day before.  *The little had already made me 2 gorgeous cards a few days before at school, but Mr Button didn’t know this.



The forlorn look of a sandwich lunch  

My dream Mother’s Day would be sitting back, feet up and being served a delicious lamb roast lunch. Instead, as anticipated, Mr Button forlornly looked at the little and declared that it had to be sandwiches for lunch (as I hadn’t made anything). I had a bit of a giggle watching them miserably settle sadly on soggy jam sandwiches (for effect I’m sure). But in typical mum-style I had secretly ordered a whole stack of goodies from pizza hut and they arrived just before the jam could be retrieved from the fridge. Hooray for me then!?




And that’s how it all unfolded

And so the day went on, as like any other normal Sunday, with me frantically rushing about washing, ironing and sorting everyone’s stuff out for the week ahead. Homework was done. Reading was done. And the only thing that hadn’t been done, I fear, was Mother’s Day.


So in a last ditch attempt to snatch back a bit of Mother’s Day for myself (because I’m the mother right?!), I settled everyone down for a late afternoon movie of Paddington Bear 2, complete with chocolatey desserts and sticky cuddles from Little Button.  Then, before I knew it, it was time for me to sort out tea, bath and bedtimes.


No photos had been taken. No Instagramming had been done. In fact, it could have been any other Sunday that had just happened.



Don’t sweat it

That evening I whizzed through dozens of fab ‘look what we did today’ posts on social media. It made me smile. Because I am so glad that some mummies out there did get to have special days. But if you had a bit of a manic one like me, don’t sweat it. You definitely weren’t the only one.


If you do feel a bit of a flicker of the heartstrings, before you wind yourself up, take a look at your little one. Right there. Right there within arm’s length. Looking at you smiling. Now that’s the best Mother’s Day present you will ever get. Enjoy and be grateful that you have them in your life, to love and treasure every day.


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43 responses to “For when Mother’s Day hasn’t been all that you hoped”

  1. mummytammy says:

    Don’t worry, you really aren’t the only one. I didn’t get any gifts and it was just a normal Sunday for us all.

  2. Mrs Lighty says:

    I think we need a girly day out to make up for this! So sorry it was a bit of a let down for you xxx

  3. Tash says:

    Such a relatable post. I find my birthday is much the same as Mother’s Day… sadly like any other day. I’ve learnt of late though, that sometimes I just need to take control and if I want my own special day, I give it to myself. #DreamTeam

  4. Kayleigh says:

    I spent Mother’s Day in Peppa pig world! Up at 5 with screaming baby and excited kids #dreamteam

  5. Chloe says:

    Oh what a day the cats obviously wanted to start the day in a certain way. Thank goodness for the Pizza delivery and the Paddington movie #DreamTeam

  6. I spent mine with a 2year old volcano of vomit…. Living. The. Dream. #dreamteam

  7. Sophie says:

    This made me smile Annette because it sounds like some of my Mothers Day in the past! I blame MR Old House!! But, you are right…..enjoying what you have rather than what you didn’t get will make you happy and the mundane and everyday is why your daughter loves you. Xx #dreamteam
    PS I got a card and a hug (and the boys played hockey so I didn’t see them all day….)

  8. To me you see I don’t mean on Mother’s day, I mean it is lovely getting a gift, but I don’t like telling my children to do stuff just because society says so. I prefer little surprises throughout the year, it seems more authentic and special to me X #dreamteam

  9. I hear you lovely. Last week I uttered the words “Being as it’s mother’s day on Sunday please could I have a couple of hours on my own to get the ironing done?” Living the mother’s day dream! I’m sorry yours wasn’t quite the beautiful day that you deserve – and I second Mrs L! Afternoon tea and a catch up you say? xx

  10. Tubbs says:

    Our cat also woke us up at 5am howling for his breakfast, with poop to share but least he’d done it in his box! I suspect that no one has a perfect mother’s day. Some just fake it better than others!

  11. I’m pretty sure those pretty perfect moments on instagram lasted exactly for that few seconds that the picture had to be taken and then back to normal mommy life. I know coz that’s what usually happens to me. lol #dreamteam

  12. Kirsty says:

    It is like New Years Eve and Valentines Day – the pressure to have fun is too much!! Great post and I feel you as our cats keep leaving us little presents like this at the moment.

  13. MMT says:

    Aw, I love the positive ending to this, and yes you’re right we should all consider that for most of us, Mothers Day is just another day x
    Thanks for hosting DreamTeam

  14. Jaki says:

    Happy belated Mother’s Day lovely. I was very lucky this year. The old man and the little man left me to sleep until just before 9 and then they went out to a birthday party and I had the morning to myself. This almost never happens so I made the most of it. Spending it with the kids is important, isn’t it? I had a lovely afternoon with my bunch at my mum and dads. #DreamTeam

  15. Chloe Wood says:

    I hear you! This year was the first Mothers Day that started without my children as it was Daddy’s weekend 🙁 we did make the most of it though. Treat yourself xxxx

  16. As I talk about in my latest post, Mothers Day should be about feeling loved and appreciated, not how many presents you get. The fact that you saved the day with your Pizza Hut order, just shows what a Supermum you are! And yes we are lucky to have those beautiful (sticky) children, that is the best gift!! #DreamTeam

  17. Thank goodness for pizza! All these sorts of days are well overrated anyway – that’s what I tell myself anyhow!! #Dreamteam

  18. I have a few friends that every holiday is a hallmark movie. My life is not like that. I think there is too much pressure for perfection. After all poop is a part of mothering right? #dreamteam

  19. Heather Keet says:

    Thank goodness there was pizza! #DreamTeam

  20. Jenny Curtis says:

    I had all my drinks made for me on Sunday, think that’s pretty special right?! Pizza Hut for lunch sounds perfect #DreamTeam

  21. Fast-forward a few years, and you’ll be having to endure charred, yet oddly still a bit raw, food lovingly cooked by your infants. Then you’ll be wishing for jam sarnies/pizza delivery! #DreamTeam

  22. Soffy says:

    I really needed that read this, thank you so much for sharing it with us #DreamTeam

  23. Nita says:

    Our children and our time with them is and will always be the best Mother’s Day present. #DreamTeam

  24. The few times I’ve arranged to have a day to myself on mothers day I end up missing the kids anyways!

  25. Sarah says:

    Mothers day can be a bit of a let down can’t it! My first ever Mothers Day Mr C thought I wouldn’t need a card or flowers or chocolates… Commence MAJOR strip! They’ve been a bit better since but nothing to wrote home about. This year my Mum invited herself for lunch at mine so I spent all morning cooking and all afternoon clearing up. Here’s to next year eh! #DreamTeam

  26. My two are older (8 and 13) and even now Mother’s Day goes by mostly without being noticed! I don’t mind it so much, I get a little bit of time and then it’s back to normal.

  27. Julie Downes says:

    Yep, still had all the washing of clothes and putting away, homework etc to do. Love the idea of pizza delivery on Mothers Day! #dreamteam

  28. Right now Mother’s days are about my Mum. I’m hoping when my kids are older it will be about me! I don’t really have high expectations! #dreamteam

  29. This sounds familiar! My little had a tantrum because the mum and baby kangaroo teddy she got me as a present didn’t separate and she didn’t want them to be together! #dreamteam

  30. Lucy At Home says:

    Ah I’m sorry your Mother’s Day wasn’t the fairytale day that the media lead us to believe we need. But you are so right – the very fact that we ARE mothers is what makes this day so special #dreamteam

  31. Same, no Instagram worthy day here! My breakfast in bed never happened, my ‘quiet’ shower turned into my son banging on the door saying he needed to do a stinker. My chill out time turned into looking after the kids solo all morning while my husband tidied (aka hide) upstairs (his treat, wanted to do something nice, ha!). We did have a buffet tea at my in laws, but I spent time there looking after the kids while everyone else caught up. So yeah, Not great. Never mind, I’m consoling myself in the fact it will get easier as they get older (it will, won’t it?) #dreamteam

  32. I’d not have it any other way! You were with your family all day and you got spend so much time with them at home. As a homebody, this is why I adore Mothers Day being on a Sunday. My family is guaranteed and I take the time to appreciate them and how much they appreciate me!

  33. Mine was nowhere near Insta-perfect and also involves poo! . I’d bet it’s far more than half of us who are in the same boat too.

  34. Kate says:

    This post is fabulous. Many big days in our family are a bit of a damp squib because my husband is not into celebrations not even for his own birthday. I had a nice day despite no cards or gifts as we went to the seaside and I marched us into a shop and told my husband what I wanted him to buy me so now I have a little jewellery of the cheap and colourful variety and also some lovely hand-made soap. You make such a good point in this post. Good enough will do and we have our children which really is the best gift ever even on the most challenging days #DreamTeam

  35. Sorry to hear that your Mother’s Day was a bit of a let down. Things don’t always work out like we hope. But so true what you say – we need to be grateful for what we were blessed with. Other mothers end up spending the day on their own being lonely.#dreamteam

  36. Laura Dove says:

    Oh I hear you! My first mothers day after having Eva was such a let down. Gaz didn’t realise that it was such a big deal to me and he hadn’t got me a present from the children and just a crappy card that said Mum and not Mummy! I still hold it against him! #dreamteam

  37. Mother’s Day was cancelled in our house due to my vertigo! I’m hoping we can go out for a nice family day out and meal when I’m better #dreamteam

  38. I had a crappy mothers day too. But then I read a bunch of posts on facebook where people actually had it worse than me and I realised I was just being a bit hormonal.
    I was gutted I didnt get a card from Hubby to say thanks for being a great mum to our child though! #dreamteam

  39. Helena says:

    Our children’s presence means far more than any present but it’s still lovely to be spoilt now and again. #DreamTeam

  40. Crummy Mummy says:

    As a mum whose been on the receiving end of a Mother’s Day fail I wrote an open letter ahead of Mother’s Day as a warning for when it all goes wrong – typical isn’t it! #DreamTeam

  41. Aaaww the prob with Mother’s Day is you kind of need to be the one to organise it to get it right !!! Which spoils it !!! 5am starts and poop are most certainly not ideal!! #DreamTeam

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