The Mummy Sleep Diaries

August 29, 2017


Sleep. No one was joking when they nagged “get as much sleep as you can before the children come along” were they!?! Except, it’s coming up to almost 5 years since Little Button popped into this world. And, quite frankly, I’m more tired than ever! Every. Single. Day.


sleep diaries


Anyone else propping their eyelids open right now?



She’s not a sleep thief anymore

She’s not. I mean yes, there are days when I wonder why the blooming heck she thinks it’s a great idea to wake up at 4am.


sleep diaries


Wake up mummmmmy doesn’t quite have the same ring to it when it’s still dark outside. The mini me doesn’t get that ‘play in your room until its morning’ is actually secret code for please don’t take my sleep away or I may cry like a baby. But this isn’t all the time. And, if sleep can’t catch her in the evenings, a late bedtime isn’t going to really have a huge dent in a grown-ups sleep right? Right! So, I’m definitely going wrong somewhere.



The mummy sleep diaries 

I had a great idea the other night to start a sleep diary to try and work out if I genuinely don’t have enough hours round the clock for sleep. Or, if I’m just plain lazy and need extra sleep, but not making time to give it to myself. Either way, I’ll find out soon! It’s funny how sometimes it takes writing it all down to be able to really see the facts.



My sleep log will most likely look something like this:


Rise and shine: Time alarm *Little Button blasted me awake.

How was your day? I’m guessing this will have some impact on getting enough sleep.

Time for tea: Didn’t someone important say that we shouldn’t eat after a certain time?

Off to bed sleepy head: Little Button that is.

She’s asleep! Enough said

Snack attack: I’m very guilty of this!

Bedtime at last: When I finally make it up those stairs to bed.

Restless night? Times I have woken up through the night for varying reasons… the dog wants a wee, Little Button heard ‘something’ it could be anything. Trust me.



I’m So Tired Of Being Tired

As the title says. That. So, I’m crossing my fingers for a bit of eye opening information. Wish me luck, for I can’t spell when I’m extremely tired and no one wants to read something littered with extra ‘creativity’ 😉


42 responses to “The Mummy Sleep Diaries”

  1. Sumra Hassan says:

    Sleep? Dream on sister! Lol. There’s just no such thing after having babies. Even if they’re sleeping through the night, and so are we…we are still so, so tired.
    Wait till college? Lol. #dreamteam

  2. Heather Keet says:

    I’m sorry I can’t offer any advice, with no kids of my own I actually get the sleep required to move without looking like a zombie. Maybe you could check into a hotel for an overnight by yourself – my friend does it once a month just to be able to sleep. #DreamTeam

  3. Oh sleep deprivation – trust me it takes years to catch up on some descent sleep. But it does get better as the kids get older. Good luck! #DreamTeam

  4. I have definitely had restless sleep for years now. No idea how to change it. I get crying in the night because my eldest wants me to pick up her pillows or drink that has fallen on the floor. Seriously, she is quite capable of doing it herself. I can’t wait for that moment when everything becomes quiet at night and I can get a full nights sleep. When that is, is another thing. 🙂 x


  5. Lucy At Home says:

    Oh it’s hard when you don’t get enough sleep. I’ve always been one who needs my sleep (and my girls are the same too). I reckon, in an ideal world, I need about 9 hours a night to function properly. These days, I’m getting between 6 and 7 hours, and it’s certainly taking its toll! I hope you find some answers with your sleep diary 🙂 #dreamteam

  6. Oh god the dreaded sleep deprivation. I know it so well with baby number two. It will be interesting to see how your diary shapes up. I think mine would make for depressing reading, at least certainly the first six months of the year anyway! Things are better now, but I’m still a way off real sleep. I hope you get lots of zzzzs #dreamteam

  7. Snack attack really resonates with me, I always get the munchies late in the evening. As for sleep, before you know it you have teens who won’t get up in the morning! #DreamTeam

  8. Laura says:

    Me too! I’m so tired ALL THE TIME. Do we ever get to ‘catch up on it?’
    Please say yes, even if it’s not true.

  9. Marylin says:

    Oh my lovely I’ve been there! My youngest didn’t sleep through the night properly till he was nearly 6 years old. He’s autistic and we had to get the help of melatonin to help him fall asleep and a very strict bedtime routine which was put in place thanks to a sleep counsellor.

    I can tell you though, it *does* get better! Max’s sleep still isn’t the best (a lie in is 6am!) but with him being older he’s happy to grab his iPad and go back into bed for a couple of hours. Big hugs to you! xx

  10. Lucy says:

    Good luck! It’s an inspired idea… we all say we are sleep deprived but its interesting to see just how much you get. May have to start one myself. I saw an experiment where you have to place a baking tray on the floor next to the bed and then lay down holding a metal spoon over the edge of it as you fall asleep. If you fall asleep in under 10 minutes I think you’re classed as sleep deprived. Look it up though, it sounded really interesting. I’d probably drop the spoon in 30 seconds haha! #dreamteam

  11. I havent slept in TEN YEARS I swear. The twins are freaking nightmares from 8 pm to 8 am.


  12. Do you know? I can relate to this but for such different reasons. I’m not sleeping due to hormonal changes and being hot! Nature is so cruel. I have teenagers that sleep and sleep yet I can’t and you can’t sleep because your little one wakes you up! It’s a bummer basically so I’ll meet you on Twitter at 4am if you like?! #dreamteam

  13. I t hunk you just adapt and then you when you do get a lie in sod law suddenly appears at the door X #dreamrteam

  14. fridgesays says:

    #dreamteam i count my blessings, little dude has never really woke at night. this is why he is an only child lol

  15. Iron tablets! My mummy was knackered and tired all the time and found out she was low on vitamins! I hope you manage to get some rest, maybe a night away to recharge your batteries x #DreamTeam

  16. Kim Scotland says:

    We have been blessed with a generally good sleeper (touches wood), however do have spells where our little one wakes up in the night and can’t settle. We’ve been going through on of these phases over the last week or so and to make things worse she has decided that only mummy will do! I thought she had slept through last night only to be summoned at 5am! An hour before alarms were due to go off. Ah well, it’s all fun and games 🙂 #DreamTeam

  17. Oh sleep!! We are incredibly lucky with our 3 year old, he sleeps really well but when he doesn’t its always at the worst possible time! I hope you get a good nights sleep very soon, I know lots of people swear by the lush sleepy stuff for their little ones.
    Now time for a snack!

  18. That’s such a good idea to keep a diary and keep track of what sleep you are getting! I can promise you as a mum of 3 teens…..sleep will come back (though if you’re anything like me you can’t take full advantage as the internal mum alarm still goes off at 7!) #DreamTeam

  19. I hate sleep deprivation. Thankfully things are improving our way but the odd occasion they both sleep through I still blumin wake up! So not fair x

  20. We don’t get much sleep in our house either. My hubby declared having another baby would be hard for a few years, but worth it in the long run. Easy to say when you never get up in the night! He’s totally worth it though ☺️

  21. Sleep diaries – what’s sleep? #dreamteam

  22. Ah, how I can relate to this post. Sleep and Little Man have never been best friends… he openly tells me “It’s boring!!!” Although he sleeps through now, I am still tired ALL THE TIME. Probably because I don’t go to bed when he does (when else do we mums get time to blog?) but still have to wake up when he does. Sigh! Hope you get a good night’s sleep soon

  23. This sounds like a fab exercise! I must admit I’m a bit obsessed with the sleep tracker on my fitbit. It makes me take myself off to bed early (reverse lie-in of course – because children) just to get the little happy moon face beaming at me the next morning celebrating the holy trail of 8 hours snooze! Good luck lovely x

  24. Chloe Wood says:

    I can’t remember the last time I slept PROPERLY! Fab post #DreamTeam

  25. Mama Grace says:

    She sleep through till 7, so I try and get an early night and wake up to get out, as she love the outdoors. #DreamTeam

  26. A friend of mine at work in her fifties told me the other day that she’s still not caught up on all the sleep she missed when her kids were babies! Which didn’t instill me with much hope!! Thanks for hosting #DreamTeam

  27. I’m pretty lucky with my two in that they go to bed well and are rarely up before 7am but there are usually several nightmares or shouts in their sleep that will wake me. My main problem though is that I’m awake by 4:30 every day and get up at 5:30 so if I wanted to get enough sleep I’d have to go to bed at 9pm but as my oldest doesn’t go up to bed till 8:30pm and I have so much blogging stuff to do once they’re in bed I never actually hit the pillow till somewhere between 11-12. I’m quite interested to see how your diary works out x

  28. Kayleigh says:

    Evie doesn’t enter my room at all when she wakes up, she never has done even when she was really little, its getting her to go to sleep that makes me so tired, she is so restless and just can’t switch off! #dreamteam

  29. Ky says:

    It might not be down to having a little one, it could be lack of iron. I’m constantly tired due to my underactive thyroid, and the fact my little girl likes to climb into our bed every night! #dreamteam

  30. mine is 6 and I still feel the same way. There is always so much to do, so little time with the spouse after the kids are in bed. its hard to make sleep the priority it probably should be #dreamteam

  31. Jaki says:

    Sleep deprivation is the worst! I hope this settles down for you soon. It can’t last forever. #dreamteam

  32. I’m currently in baby sleep misery so I can completely relate. I thought I was lucky and that she was a good sleeper, but I counted my chickens too early! I’m so tired right now I’m not even sure if that’s a phrase… or part of a phrase… oh well, I was wrong is what I’m saying. I wonder what your sleep Diary will unearth!? #dreamteam

  33. RawMum says:

    This is literally the thing I feel might drive me over the edge. I like someone else’s comment of having a night out” at a hotel where you can just sleep the deep sleep of the exhausted and recharge your batteries for the next onslaught. #dreamteam

  34. Mrs Lighty says:

    Ooh interested to hear the results! I’m the same, Baby Lighty isn’t a terrible sleeper, but I really am! Hopefully you can also point me in the right direction!! #DreamTeam xxx

  35. We had 4 glorious months of perfect sleep then our holiday ruined it and since then Zach has refused to sleep in his cot at home 🙁 Last week we did sleep training again and there was an improvement. This week we have had a tummy bug and all that hard work has been for nothing. Gutted. Wishing you lots of zzzzzs #dreamteam

  36. Aleena says:

    We’ve always been pretty lucky here with sleep… But I have always struggled with the initial nodding off! Try an app called Headspace – the sleep section on there is great. #dreamteam

  37. Totally agree. No rest for the parent! Struggling to keep eyes open #dreamtime

  38. Kamsin says:

    I could so relate to this. It hasn’t been quite that long yet…but why must small people wake up at silly o’clock in the morning?!!!

    Ah well, coffee and some peppermint essential oils are keeping me from falling asleep at any given moment in the day. Although I filled out a form today at the Post Office and spelt my name wrong…which is not a good sign. Lol.


  39. Love this, I always love your doodles! I was so shocked when I stumbled across a sleep diary of when Emma was a newborn…it is a great idea to remind yourself of how far you’ve come 🙂 Thanks for being an amazing #dreamteam host lovely xxx

  40. Wendy says:

    I know how you feel..
    My 2 both sleep through the night now but I’m more tired than ever before..what’s that about? Be interested to see what your sleep diary reveals xx #dreamtean

  41. Now that my kids are older and go to bed at night, I find that they use up every minute of my day and I can’t wait for “ME time” once they go to bed. I have a hard time putting myself to bed because I want to continue doing my thing once the house is quiet.
    It sounds like it will be an interesting experience to log your sleep pattern.

    • Alison B says:

      Totally agree! My girls are older now but I find it hard to discipline myself to go to bed when the house is quiet and I can get so much done… SO tired some days though!

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