Online Marketing Courses with NCC Home Learning

March 21, 2018


This year I’ve decided to do more things for myself. Little things, which make me happy and feel more satisfied with life in general. I’ve ditched the mentality of doing something because I think I should, and instead am focusing on things that make my heart give a little leap. Whilst my ultimate passion will always be writing, since starting the 3 Little Buttons blog I’ve got an insatiable appetite for all things marketing.


Working full time and being the best parent I can be for Little Button (and squeezing in writing too) isn’t always easy. So when it comes to studies, I like to keep things light and not overly pressured. Online courses that you can complete in your own time really appeal to me and so I took a jump and have just started an online Marketing Diploma course with NCC Home Learning – for fun!



Choosing an online course provider

I have to admit that choosing an online course provider can be a bit tricky… ok, very tricky. There are so many out there and often the bogus ones do look like the real deal. No one wants to end up paying for silly course content, so I always stick to the well-known and trusted course providers, just like the NCC. That way I know that I am receiving the right information, delivered in an engaging and manageable format.



Marketing Diploma with NCC Home Learning

The marketing diploma I’m taking is geared up for complete beginners and covers the basic principles and digital methodologies. There are 7 modules in total to take, all of which look really exciting and doable within the 12 months completion period.  Here’s what it looks like when you log in to your dashboard.


Online Marketing Courses with NCC Home Learning



Online Marketing Courses with NCC Home Learning



I love how you can clearly see the modules in your course list, and the brief summary of what to expect. As you can imagine, I’ve had a good rummage around and I’ve got my eye on module 4 – Digital Marketing Methods, which also covers blogging! *Whispers – I had to stop myself from doing this one first!



Online Marketing Courses with NCC Home Learning




Online Marketing Courses with NCC Home Learning




So, I’ve already made a start on the course (from the beginning), and am currently knee-deep in the ‘Marketing Mix’ module. It’s all about defining a brand, establishing the market position, identifying the target market, reaching customers and the extended marketing mix! There’s a lot to get your teeth into, but NCC Home Learning make all the information very accessible in bite sized chunks.


I’ve already learnt how important business values are and how they are the catalyst in marketing campaigns *makes note to self. I’ve found out more about old and new style marketing, and how each has its place. And discovered how relatively low-cost stunts can drive an obscene amount of traffic to a business *googles blog stunts.



Do I need to be sat at a computer to take this course?

No you definitely don’t. And that’s why I’ve been enjoying it so much. The Marketing Diploma course with NCC Home Learning is completely geared up for those with busy lifestyles. If you have a portable device with an internet connection, like your phone or a tablet, then you’re really going to love this. All the course modules can be fully downloaded as PDF files, meaning that you can bring your course anywhere! I’ve got the first 3 modules downloaded to my phone and iPad, and am often studying during my work commute on the underground! #Winning



Online Marketing Courses with NCC Home Learning




The best bits about this course

In case you are thinking of joining me on a marketing learning journey, here are some of my favourite bits about the course.


-You can study the online Marketing Diploma course with NCC Home Learning in your own time, which is perfect if you are a busy parent like me.


-The course dashboard is easy to log into and navigate around.


-All your course modules are viewable (with their own brief summary) on the course dashboard, so you always know what’s coming next.


-You can access the whole course content whenever you feel like it. So when you start the course (or at any time at all) if you feel like rummaging around to see what’s what, you can. I did!


-Every module comes as a downloadable PDF file, so you can work on your course offline wherever you go.


-As the modules are downloadable, you can keep your course content forever. Hurrah!


-Each module starts with a clear learning outcome summary, so you know what you need to focus on before you have even started.


-At the end of the module is a very clear and straight to the point summary. This is really good to look back over if you need to remind yourself of a particular area.


-Each module contains high quality content. In fact, I was surprised at how much content there was to get through.


-There’s no fluff or lists of links to click within the modules. This was a huge plus for me, as I have done a few courses (elsewhere) which have driven me round the bend. Where every other paragraph you were required to ‘click here to read about…’. This course is the complete opposite to that. Everything you need to know if written into the module content.




My Overall Thoughts

I’m really impressed, and I don’t say that lightly. These days we are uber-tech savvy, so no matter how good a course is, if it’s not super accessible in a number of ways, it’s pretty much not happening. NCC Home Learning have combined a strong digital learning platform with, of course, an excellent online course. It’s a #WinWin all round. And, for the first time in ages I can’t wait to pick up my phone, iPad or mouse to get stuck in with learning something new, fresh and exciting.



Have you taken any online courses before? If so, what did you think?



Disclosure: Many thanks to NCC Home Learning for inviting me to test drive this course. All views are my own.


8 responses to “Online Marketing Courses with NCC Home Learning”

  1. How fantastic! Being able to learn from home really does make life easier! Sim x

  2. I’ve done a few courses and am currently halfway through a digital advertising course which I’m doing with my hubby. Online courses are so good as you can do them at your own pace which I like.

  3. Oh, I really miss online studying. I used to study with the Open University and stopped but this really appeals to me. 🙂

  4. This year u really want to do more marketing and social media courses so this sounds fantastic. I am doing some social networking stuff and promotion things through college but I would love to take it further. Good luck with your course!

  5. Good on you for taking on a course. It’s not always easy to find the time when you have small children but it sounds like a flexible way to study and fit in around your life. I hope the sills you learn help with the blog.

  6. This sounds like an excellent course. I keep meaning to do more courses but finding the time is just a nightmare. I’ll definitely take a look at NCC

  7. Emm says:

    I signed up to an online course a few years ago, just for something to try as I love learning new things. There was cost after cost, a tutor I barely knew existed and my course materials were a broken folder that was basically useless. It really put me off online learning to be honest and now only do physical classes or ones that have been recommended. I’ve not heard much about this brand before, but it sounds like a good provider. Will keep them in mind for when I’m next looking to learn something new.

  8. Kerry Norris says:

    I’d really like to do an online course so i’ll look into this. Great that you can fit it in with a busy mum lifestyle

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