Is It Possible To Inherit A Talent?

July 18, 2017


I have a funny feeling that Little Button may have inherited the sporty family gene for skating!




I had been pretty sure it had skipped a generation, but no. As clear as day she’s whirling and twirling in front of me, like the ballerina she wants to be. Except she’s unwittingly doing skating toe jumps across the kitchen and not the basic pirouettes she’s been learning. It’s not something she’s had the chance to see up close before, let alone been taught.


It’s not just that though. Surprisingly she transitioned from a 3 wheel scooter to 2 wheels in a second. And whilst ever so ladylike under normal circumstances, give her a set of wheels and she’s off like a speed demon. Weaving, dodging and beaming like a ball of sunshine. She now has her eyes on a pair of Heely’s. Those shoes that can’t make up their minds whether they are shoes or skates. As far as she’s concerned, the faster the better and why have a pair of shoes AND skates, when you can have both at the same time. But where has this all suddenly come from? She’s not expressed an interest in ice or roller skating before. Nor has she had direct influence either. This is the girl that loves nothing better that dressing up and tottering around in toy high heels. A fluke or is it possible to randomly inherit a talent that just pops out of you?



She Was A Skater Girl 

Here’s a bit of a secret. Before Little Button came along, the whole family was involved in ice and roller skating one way or another. My grandparents were both roller dancers (figure skaters on roller skates). For me it was fun and games at the former roller rink in Milton Keynes, which quickly evolved into being part of a skater hockey club. But it was my brother who had the real skating bug, dabbling in roller and ice dance, a bit of speed skating and finally settling on inline & ice hockey. He still plays ice hockey, but just for fun. The only thing is, Little Button has never seen a game, yet she’s always instinctively picked up stick-like objects and used them as a hockey stick.



Will I End Up A Hockey Mum?

Do you know, I have no idea! If you had asked me this before I would have said of course not, but her natural (?) passion for all things skate based and wheelie keeps popping up. It’s there, just below the surface, and I wonder if we took the time to nurture this unexpected passion, would it take her somewhere new and exciting. Or would it just throw her off course of her conscious passion for dance?







Is It Possible To Inherit A Talent? 

It seems so, but I’m still not sure. Can all this really be in someone’s genes? Here is what some of my blogging pals think:


It’s definitely possible in some cases that talent is inherited. However I believe that in sport and hobbies too, it also takes a lot of commitment and hard work to excel in it. Bridget, Bridie By The Sea


Yes I think it is possible to inherit a talent. I would like to think that I’ve got a head for languages (although my German is very, very rusty now!!) and judging by Baby Lighty’s speech so far, I’m hoping that he’ll be the same. Nicola, All Things Spliced


I definitely think that a talent can be inherited, or at the very least an interest and a passion for something can be shared and passed down through the family. Miss Tot seems to be showing a talent for football at the moment but as a tennis fiend himself, her dad is hoping to encourage her to into the same. Time will tell! Dawn, Rhyming With Wine


Do you think that a passion for particular sports are in your genes or that it’s all down to exposure? 

I would love to know your take on this.




Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. All views and words are my own.


41 responses to “Is It Possible To Inherit A Talent?”

  1. Oh I can totally see Little Button setting the world alight on the ice! How fascinating that she is showing all these skills as an instinct rather than a learned behaviour? So exciting to see what the future has in store for her. Thanks for featuring my comment too lovely xx

  2. Mrs Lighty says:

    That is so cool that you were all involved in skating! How wonderful would it be if Little Button has inherited that talent? xxx

  3. I most certainly think that it’s possible to inherit a talent. My mom was an avid horse person and it was passed down to me. My own daughter hasn’t been on a horse a day in her life, but she has a strong passion for them too. She naturally handles a four-wheeler like an expert. I’m willing to bank when she gets on a horse it will be the same thing.

  4. Laura says:

    She looks so sweet on her ice skates, i always loved ice skating!
    I definitely think it’s possible to inherit a talant. As a teenager i was into performing arts, now my eldest is in Stagecoach, Singing Lessons and Dance, its all shes interested in and i love that she enjoys it and is so good at it at only 9 years old. Start them young and they’ll go far! 🙂

  5. Heather Keet says:

    I think it’s part inherited and also part learned because if a parent loves something they usually have their kids participate with them. #DreamTeam

  6. This is really sweet; I love the pix! I’m not sure about inheriting a talent but I think passion for something can rub off onto others. I used to love ice skating and definitely plan to take my kids when they’re a little older. Great post #DreamTeam

  7. I definitely think it’s possible to inherit a talent, but like Bridget said, it’s up to the child to put in the hard work to develop that talent. I think it’s a bit too early to identify my daughter’s talents yet, though she does seem to have a real love for books and reading. #DreamTeam

  8. It sounds like you have a lot of proud Mum moments on the way, what a little star! #dreamteam

  9. Wow ice skating, such a fab sport. My cousins played, and also still do play Ice Hockey for Milton Keynes, but get me on the ice and I would be useless. haha. I am sure if they had children they too may follow the same line because I do think if you expose sports to little ones then it gives them the opportunity to learn if they are good at it and something they want to do. 🙂


  10. This is such a good question! I suppose it’s almost a nature or nurture question. I just hope whatever my boys end up doing that they enjoy it x #dreamteam

  11. Maybe part inherited – I think a lot of talents come down to getting into something early and that happens if a family is into something. Lovely photos #dreamteam

  12. Chloe says:

    Hi, a good but tough question. Lovely pic of little button and nice to see the love skating been passed on even if this was not planned. Enjoy all of that skating time #dreamteam

  13. Lucy At Home says:

    Oh I’d love to be able to skate properly – I can just about make it round an ice rink but I think ice dancing is beautiful! #dreamteam

  14. Mama Grace says:

    I think like anything talent is when you repeat something again and again to perfect it. That often means you need to get joy from it, to spend mist of your time on it. She could do both dancing and skating and take her lead on what she enjoys. #DreamTeam

  15. Ooh how exciting to think you may have a mini skater on your hands. I would have loved either of my two to follow in my footsteps, I did ballet and played the flute, but nope no musical or balletic talent in either of them. Have fun with little one #DreamTeam x

  16. How amazing is your little girl though? Is there anything better than having a natural talent for something? Sounds like she has definitely inherited the ice skating gene! I definitely think gifts can be inherited – would love my daughter not to inherit my talent for spending money! #DreamTeam

  17. Eva Katona says:

    I think it’s possible, but it’s not always the case. I hope my kids inherited the love of tennis. I would love them to play tennis, it’s the best (for me. I love it) My son definitely inherited our affection of music and he’s been very musical since he was a baby. #dreamteam

  18. I believe there is always potential to inherent or learn skills. She looks so cure on skates X #dreamteam

  19. I definitely think a talent or skill can be somewhat inherited! I loved dancing and performing from a young age all the way to being on my University’s dance team. I now have two daughters, one a 16 year old and the other a 9 year old firecracker, and both of them immediately started to show interest in dance as soon as they started walking and talking! They now both dance competitively. With practice and motivation, I believe that your Little Button is capable of great things! She is adorable! #DreamTeam

  20. mainy says:

    I’d love to be able to skate but I never really mastered it or practiced enough. I love the look of it though. I love the whole nature or nurture aspect of your post, it’s a good question about inheriting a talent. I’m not too sure as I see so much of myself in my boys and then they will also wow me with skills which they just come up with.

  21. MMT says:

    Hmmm. It’s an interesting thought! I’m racking my brains trying to think what skills of mine the girls might have inherited?! Err…talking too much 😉

    Thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  22. Suz says:

    How fantastic that she’s taking an interest in skating. I’m sure these things like this are inherited.

  23. Kate says:

    I think talents can be inherited. When I found out about my birth mum when well into my twenties not only did we share passions for writing and women’s rights but also even had the same favourite colours.
    Good Luck with the sporty journey ahead.

  24. kerry says:

    I think they can be inherited but also I think that if the parent does it/enjoys it then the child grows up with it around them. I haven’t any skills so hoping my children inherit some from somewhere else hehe. #dreamteam

  25. I think it could be in your genes. My eldest loves long distance running like I do and is only 5 so its possible! #DreamTeam

  26. Jaki says:

    I think anything is possible. Little Man seems to have a passion and talent for football, my question is has he inherited this from his Dad or has he just been brainwashed?! #DreamTeam

  27. Aww bless her, maybe it is inherited. Let her give it a whirl and see what comes. Certainly makes a change from the usual girlie activities we end up doing x

  28. Helena says:

    If it was possible to inherit creativity then it skipped a generation according to my family. #DreamTeam

  29. Petite Words says:

    This is so lovely, it’s so special to try new things. These are the times they remember! #DreamTeam

  30. Nicole says:

    If it is possible to inherit a talent for sports, I hope my kids get their genes from my husband and not me! I’m a horrible athlete! #dreamteam

  31. Absolutely! Genes are very powerful, be it in talents, looks, mannerisms, likes, and dislikes! Go little Button! Become who you are and relish in your glory! #globalblogging xoxo

  32. Tubbs says:

    I’m not sure it’s possible to inherit a talent, but maybe you’re more likely to try certain things if that’s what your family do … The Tubblet is very good at drawing and maths. Not sure whether either of those talents came from!

  33. I think you can inherit talents, my parents were professional latin and ballroom dancers and I was always dancing as a kid (being placed at the front or given special moves in group routines)
    Hubby was in the junior Saracen Rugby squad so I’m super interested to see what Ben’s talents are as he gets bigger! #dreamteam

  34. Tammymum says:

    Oh wow what a cool talent to inherit! I certainly think it is possible, I mean we inherit traits and characteristic and surely a talent is just that, a trait or characteristic that some people have? Sadly though I am not sure what talent I am passing on haha. #dreamteam

  35. Stephanie says:

    You can definitely inherit an aptitude for something, not necessarily as a single talent but as a combination of inherited traits that set you up for being especially talented at something. For example, you can inherit slow-twitch or fast-twitch muscles, the former being more often present in endurance athletes and the latter more often present in sprinters. It could be that she inherited a number of traits that predispose her to be good at skating. #dreamteam

  36. Tooting Mama says:

    It’s interesting, isn’t it! With adopted kids, they pick up our mannerisms but their raw talent comes from somewhere else. My super sporty son and my oh so theatrical daughter. All I can do is nurture it and bring out the best of it!

  37. So cool about your grandparents being roller dancers! I think there’s definitely a part for genetics when it comes to particular talents! In our family music is a recurring theme. Though my uncle was an Olympic hockey player! I haven’t inherited those sorts of skills at all! #dreamteam

  38. Claire says:

    I do think it’s possible to inherit a talent and how lovely is it that she love’s skating! Myself and my other half are both musical and play instruments. I always wonder whether Jack may naturally be good at it if in the future it is a hobby that he enjoys x #dreamteam

  39. Oh how cute to think of LB as an ice skater – I love to see how they inherit things we’re good at too. I can’t wait for that stage with Emma 🙂 Thank you so much for hosting #dreamteam with me xx

  40. This is really interesting! Skating is so specific, it’d be amazing if somehow it’s just part of who she is. I can’t wait to find out my what my little one’s talents are – she’s already mad about dancing at 8 months #dreamteam

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