Primary School Admissions Day

April 16, 2017


Oh holy moly, it’s almost that time already isn’t it. Primary school admissions day!  Ekkk *Cue appropriate sound effects and possibly (in)appropriate GIFs.






Anyone else a nervous wreck?


These days, not only do we have to suffer the thought of waving our little tots off into a whole new world of pencils, counting blocks and playground dramas, whilst hoping that they come back in one piece and without any extra  (rude) vocabulary. But we also have to contend with the harsh reality that many of us no longer have any control over which school our littles will be going to.  It’s a scary thought isn’t it.



They said there would be choices

Ha! Choices. What choices did they mean exactly? Yes, we have the ability to list our most preferred schools in some sort of order. But that’s where it ends folks. That’s the choice. Being able to make a list. In an order. Great huh? I secretly believe that the actual choice is school or no school, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish. So anyway, the (fake?) choices have been made and there’s no going back now.





Take a deep breath

In a mere matter of days we will all know our little ones fate. It will tell us if we were right to throw caution to the wind and list our preferred schools in a choice order. Whether we made the right move simply listing our closest schools because any school is better than no school right? Or in some cases whether moving house was actually worth it!

I tried to persuade Mr Button to move last year, but as we were (and still are) being taken for a ride by a #cowboytrader North London window company, we just couldn’t do it. Which is just as well, as last year it turned out that getting into your nearest school was just as tricky and the only way to almost guarantee a place is if you happen to live right next door. On the right side of the street that is. *True where we are in London.



Good Luck!

You won’t need it. Honest. But here’s a little sprinkle of luck just in case. Little ones are tougher than you think you see. Even if you end up with last choice, there is bound to be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There always is.


Let us know how it goes! And in the meantime…






2 responses to “Primary School Admissions Day”

  1. Mrs Lighty says:

    Good luck Buttons! I’m sure you’ll get your first choice, but if not, try to remember that everything happens for a reason. Sending hugs in the meantime xxx

  2. I have everything crossed for you lovely! We’re in at our local school but we live so close that we were lucky enough to not really have to worry thank goodness. I hope you got the place you wanted for Little Button xx

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