What To Watch On Netflix This Halloween For The Easily Spooked


Halloween is sneaking up on us! Ekk!! Love it or hate it, one thing is for certain, you’re in for a fright fest when it comes to what’s on TV. Most channels and movie subscription services have started ramping up the spook factor, and striding out leading the zombie march is Netflix in all it gory glory. Now, the truth is, I’m scared witless when it comes to Halloween horror viewings. I’ll be the one hiding behind my hands and making all the excuses mid-movie to go make a cup of tea (for everyone!). But, having said that, I do love to get into the Halloween spirit. So, here’s what to watch on Netflix this Halloween for the Easily Spooked.





What Little Button Is Watching On Netflix This Halloween

Little Button loves getting into the childish spirit of Halloween but anything (actually) frightening won’t get on this list. There’s no way I want to her waking up in the night worrying about spooks and monsters under the bed. This list is more or less suitable for over 5 year olds, but at your own caution, depending on how sensitive your little one is to scary things.


Super Monsters (Netflix original) – series

Casper’s Scare School – series

Hotel Transylvana – movie

Hotel Transylvana 2 – movie

Monsters vs Aliens – movie



For Those That Like Their Magic Without The Spook

If you like your Halloween laced with sprinkles and a bit of romance then this list should be for you. You can definitely enjoy these on a late evening with a cup of hot choccy.


Good Witch – series

Merlin – series

After Earth – movie (special effects are awesome)

Vampire Academy – movie

Beastly – movie (the one that made me go awww!)




For Those That Like A Little Fright (But Not Too Much)

Stepping it up a bit, these have a few jumpy moments, but you will still be able to hang onto that hot choccy and indulge in a bit of me time.


Witches Of East End – series (Loved this one!)

Fallen – movie

Dorian Gray – movie



Getting Braver, With Plenty Of Bite

I love ALL of these with a capital L, but they are a touch jumpy and being a total scaredy cat, I wouldn’t watch these just before bed! Lots of blood, guts and loose your hot choccy moments (there has been flying popcorn too! Opps).


Vampire Diaries – series

The Originals – series (slightly more scary than Vampire Diaries?)

Teen Wolf – series

Stranger Things (Netflix original) – series



The Spookiest Of All (For The Easily Spooked)



Salem – series (gruesome!)

I am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House (Netflix original) – movie

The Women In Black – movie

Mama – movie

Visions – movie (Loved this!)




What To Watch On Netflix This Halloween For The Easily Spooked

So this is what we are, and have been watching. It’s a pretty tame list for anyone who loves to be scared witless. And if that’s you, you won’t be disappointed with what Netflix have laid on for you. I’ve had a peek, and there’s some truly petrifying finds. Right, back to the good witch for me then. Happy Halloween and enjoy!


*This isn’t a sponsored post. We just LOVE Netflix and can’t recommend them enough for the whole family.


Have you watched any of our top picks? And what will you be watching this Halloween?


What To Watch On Netflix