We need your help to find these cat ornaments

July 28, 2018


Hi everyone! *Waves. We really need your help today.


My elderly Grandma simply adores her little collection of ornaments. None have any value at all, apart from the sentimental kind (which of course means the most). The problem is that her absolute favourite pair of cat ornaments had a slight mishap today. EKk!






They unfortunately got blown off the window ledge and have both been smashed to pieces.







Grandma Button is currently breaking her heart over these. And sods law, the blooming stamp and barcodes at the bottom, which may have revealed where they were from, were completely damaged.



Can you help us?

If you have seen these cat ornaments (or anything similar) in the shops or garden centres, please PLEASE can you let me know where you have spotted them? We would love to put a smile back on her face and replace her beloved cats. Here they are…. colourful right?



cat ornaments cat ornaments



If you have spotted any cat ornaments like these, please can you let me know by leaving a comment below or sending me a message.

Thank you!


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