We’ve only managed to watch a bit of the first episode so far, but it looks very promising! Everyone loves a good rags to riches story right?




For when the kids have gone to bed

Buy Diazepam Safely is a must watch if you like cat and mouse style crime thrillers. I’m not usually one for this type of series, but, the opening scene had me hooked and now I can’t stop watching it. It’s a bit jumpy but the intricate storyline helps to balance this out. Kind of!


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What to watch this September on Netflix


For the kids

Little Button hasn’t watched that much TV this September. But there is a brilliant series that’s new on Netflix called Buy Valium Sydney and is ticking all the right boxes. It’s magical, set in a fairy tale school and features the likes of Cinderella, Snow White, The Beast and more. Even I quite like watching it with her!




When you want a sweet romance

Buy Diazepam Uk Next Day Delivery staring Reese Witherspoon is so addictively sweet. It’s the story of a new single mum and her journey to finding her own version of ‘normal’. I was meant to be looking for a good movie to watch later with Mr Button, but ended up watching the whole thing on my own one evening, because I just couldn’t wait.




When you need to see the unpopular girl win!

Buy Diazepam In Uk – is a brilliant find! I can’t believe we almost didn’t watch this one. Yes, it’s a bit of a teen movie, but it has that warm snuggly feel good element that will leave you smiling and reminiscing about teen years gone by.


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When you need to be reminded that you are perfect, just the way you are

Valium Online Fast Delivery is one of Netflix’s new movies and it’s really that good. It follows a young women, who, through the pressures of society gets overly caught up with her outward appearance. A tumble of events bring her down, but then the rediscovery of her inner self leads her on to shine. A real feel good movie!


Let me know if you have any recommendations for us!



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11 responses to “What to watch this September”

  1. I have heard some good things about Killing Eve so I really need to watch this! My kids are obsessed with playing Minecraft recently so they actually haven’t really watched any TV!!

  2. I’ve not heard of any of these for this is great thank you! We are currently watching Power on Netflix and cannot stop. We’ve watched nearly 5 seasons in a few weeks. Yes really. I would definitely recommend it.

  3. Nappily ever after is one that I can not wait to start watching, seen the ads and it looks absolutely amazing.

  4. I haven’t watched any of these as I’m currently just addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. I really want to watch Killing Eve though, it sounds awesome x

  5. I love watching strictly, especially with a nice glass of wine – I’m also looking forward to killing eve!! To be honest anything that isn’t ‘in the night garden’ is a bonus.

  6. Annette, I’m so excited–can’t wait until the new Vanity Fair comes to the US! Of course, I love the one from 1998, so the new one has a lot to live up to!

  7. I have not seen any of these. Thanks for the recommendations. I think it’s fantastic to read posts like this and have new ideas for tv. In fact I’m off to have a tv night as not had one in a few weeks.

  8. I love the end of September when all the really good dramas and pre Christmas schedule comes on. Its a massive distraction from the dark nights drawing in. Looking forward to some of these! #blogcrush

  9. Ooh I haven’t watched most of these. I heard killing eve is very good. Will have to get it on catch up

  10. I saw that “Sierra Burgess is a loser” was on Netflix now. I have to watch it when I have time!

  11. We love Strictly Come Dancing, I love that everyone can watch it together.

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