You’re going to sit on my daughter!

December 18, 2016


I didn’t expect to be writing this just before Christmas. I mean, who would right? I had a crafty little craft activity ready to go for all those parents who are after a good-enough Christmas, but then this happened. I yelled. I yelled at a complete stranger in the middle of a Christmas show. Me. The person who wouldn’t even dream of rustling a sweetie bag once a show has started.


Out of character? Yes. But here’s what happened and why I am now adamant that children’s shows should be just that, for children and their families only.




With a bit of luck on our side I managed to bag us tickets for an ice show. It’s so popular that as soon as the tickets go on sale, if you give it more than a week, you won’t be able to get your hands on a seat for love nor money. No, it’s not the wowtastic Disney on ice show at the O2, but something much smaller. A tiddlers crimbo panto on ice. One that features the rink’s young ice dance academy stars in the making. I like to think of it as a little bit of magic that doesn’t cost the earth and where no one would tell anyone off for dropped ice creams or having wriggly bums.


I couldn’t help but catch Little Buttons infectious enthusiasm as we made our way to the stands to our seats yesterday. The Zamboni had just finished cutting the ice, and had left it all sparkly. Little ones ooed and ahhed and the last few late comers were toddling in to find their seats.


Given that the seats had been sold out for well over a month, I couldn’t help wonder why a load of them right next to us and also a row down were all empty. Surely a mistake? But then I saw. We all saw, actually. A big gaggle of loud ladies staggering over, beers in hand and an unmissable birthday badge. Oh.


They made their way to their seats next to us and the row down without a problem, and the show started. Along with the ice show itself.




For about 10 minutes we had a running commentary from them. Clearly drunk as skunks, they spent most of their time laughing at the performers… who… wait for it… were children! Luckily Little Button was enthralled with the skating and her funny light up spinner toy, so she didn’t seem to notice.


A little skater, barely more than 10 did a snazzy move, only to have one of them shrieking at her ‘OMG she has a fat arse’. Great.


Well, I don’t know whether it was one too many snarky comments, but all of a sudden it kicked off. Parents versus drunken ladies. Well that was a mistake. Of course no one should ever confront an ice rink full of parents. There was shouting, wailing and drunken howling from the ladies, when at last, a sensible one decided that enough was enough, and the whole group started to make a hasty retreat. Bar one. The wailer… who, I might add, would give a terrible two tantrumer a run for their money.


Wailing as she staggered her way past the seats, she got to us, and then changed her mind. Why the hell should she have to leave the kiddies panto, the one that she was really enjoying (?). She waivered, tottered and suddenly was drifting backwards towards my little one, who was eagerly trying to look through the gaps of the drunken posse to catch the show.


Well, before I knew it I was taking her weight on one protective arm encircling Little Button as she tried to sit down on her. With all my might I yelled at the top of my voice ‘you’re going to sit on my daughter!!!!’ I even gave myself a fright. I mean, me, in a show, and everyone heard. It should have been a ground swallow-me-up moment. But it wasn’t.


You’re going to sit on my daughter!



To my relief, I had the support of the parents (thank you!). A good few even chipped in. The drunken lot left and I found out later than a dad had gone to have a chat to security to make sure they didn’t make an appearance again. Well, what was that all about!?


I am still completely baffled as to why a bunch of drunk twenty-somethings would be out partying at a children’s Christmas panto. Was it a dare? Were they simply just stupid? Who knows.


But my point? It’s not just the parenting bloggers that have your back, it’s parents in general. Never underestimate parent power. We are a force to be reckoned with, even if we don’t expect it from ourselves.


I hope with all my might that the little girl with the normal sized rear did not hear what was said about her. And, yes, I absolutely think that grownups without children should think twice about going along to a Children’s show. Dare to bring a drink in with you, and well, we’ll let the parent police deal with you shall we.






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34 responses to “You’re going to sit on my daughter!”

  1. You should’ve complained to the venue, that’s not on! You should feel safe somewhere like that, not having to defend your kids! Glad you shouted at the drunken oaf though! Well done!

  2. Lisa says:

    I hate when I go to shows and this happens. Even if it’s just the normal theatre. I’m glad they left though and didn’t get back in. Imagine shouting that at a little person!! I agree though. About the family pantos 🙂

  3. That’s an awful experience. Drink and kid’s shows definitely don’t mix. I don’t think much of security. It sounds as if Little Button rose above it all though. I hope you have a lovely Christmas x

  4. Oh god that’s awful especially when it was full of kids. I’d definitely have complained. #dreamteam

  5. What an awful experience – I’d be seriously annoyed to have my family time interrupted by this! Why would they even think that was a good idea. I’m glad all the parents got together though and supported one another and I hope the little one enjoyed the show and was oblivious to what was going on! #DreamTeam

  6. Rach says:

    Awful. But you’re so right, never underestimate the power of parents. #dreamteam

  7. I’m with you – there’s no reason to turn up drunk at a children’s event and cause havoc. I would have been raging as well. There are plenty of places that are great for gettting pished – a kid’s show isn’t one of them! #DreamTeam

  8. Mother of 3 says:

    OH that is just awful! I’m glad they ended up leaving and weren’t going to be coming back but it’s so sad that thing like that even happen in the first place.

  9. What a bunch of fools!


  10. I know that this wouldn’t have been funny for you and it’s actually unbelievable that people can be so vile and rude, particularly around little ones! There is nothing worse than drunk people around kids. BUT it was really funny to read it! Bloody well done for standing up to her! I’m ashamed to say I’d probably have pushed her over as well. There’s nothing so fierce as a Mama Bear! #DreamTeam

  11. Gosh that’s awful. There is absolutely no excuse for talking about children like that, drunk or not drunk. That is totally shameful behaviour and good on your for speaking out! How embarrassing for them – what were they even doing there in the first place?!! Go parents!!!! #DreamTeam

  12. Terrible. What is wrong with people?

  13. Teeheehee – I’m sorry, I know this was a dreadful experience that ruined your evening but you have such a wonderful way of writing to bring out the humorous side of it. I think a complaint to the venue is definitely in order. They should never have let them in! Hope it didn’t completely ruin it for you and your daughter had a lovely time. I look forward to reading more of your posts too! #dreamteam

  14. Mrs Lighty says:

    Oh my word, this is awful!! I have sat here reading this shaking my head! The poor child that they directed THAT comment at, and poor Little Button! I would’ve gone nuts!! What were they thinking?! Popping over from #DreamTeam of course 🙂

  15. Juliet Evans says:

    How appalling. I hope you managed to enjoy the show despite such crass behaviour. I agree with earlier commments, someone from the venue should have intervened and removed these people.

  16. Br says:

    Way to stick up to for your family! I really think you should call the venue and speak with a manager though….#DreamTeam

  17. Oh gosh how awful!! I agree with you, why would a drunken group of adults go to a pantomime in that state!! I hope that it didn’t completely ruin the experience for you, I would have complained – they shouldn’t have been allowed in! #dreamteam

  18. You are far too nice. If anyone tried to sit on my daughter I would ensure they wouldn’t be sitting anywhere for a long time. When it comes to the safety of my sweet Peachy, there is nothing I wouldn’t do. #DreamTeam

  19. Rhian Harris says:

    OMG that’s shocking! I’ve probably been a drunk idiot on plenty of girls weekends in the past, but have never done it in front of kids! I’d have acted exactly like you if someone did that around my daughter! #dreamteam

  20. Oh no! How awful. And totally unfair on your little one to exposed to that crap. What were they thinking like? #DreamTeam

  21. Jane Taylor says:

    Tutting away to myself! Honestly, what is wrong with people! Thankfully your little button still enjoyed herself. #dreamteam

  22. Ugh I hate when I go to a show and I’m sitting near people like this. 🙁 Sorry they ruined your experience!

  23. What on earth were they doing there? So strange. And so bloody stupid of them to ruin it for everyone else. Good on you for yelling! Sometimes it has to be done! Be gone with you lary ladies at ice show.

  24. Oh gosh.. sounds really bad. Shame. #dreamteam

  25. I honestly don’t understand why they had tickets. They sound like an awful bunch. Go parent power, never under estimate it.

  26. I don’t get why they’d go there to get that pissed? What idiots! I’m so sorry you had to endure that but hopefully little button was completely unphased and enjoyed the show!!
    Have a lovely Christmas xx

  27. Girl! You rock my world! Great job Mama! These drunken kids needs to show respects! #DreamTeam

  28. Holy moly, I don’t think I would be any good at dealing with this situation, I hate confrontation X #dreamteam

  29. Helena says:

    It’s a shame that this event happened. Why did the ushers not step in right at the beginning?! #DreamTeam

  30. Oh my god I can’t believe that – I can’t imagine why they would go to a children’s show, and just spoil it for all the families. Good on you for shouting at her, I think we all have that inner protectiveness for our kids and I would’ve done exactly the same 🙂 Thanks for co-hosting #dreamteam with me, hope you’re having a fab Christmas! xx

  31. Good on you for speaking up! I can’t fathom why a drunken birthday celebration would want to go to a child’s ice panto either! And to make fun of the children in the show is just plain wrong.
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  32. Claire says:

    That is deplorable behaviour! I’m so glad the parents all supported each other! This is exactly the reason we won’t be going back to our local ‘family’ fireworks display, we went last year and ended up with a gaggle of twentysomethings drinking vodka out of the bottle and smoking while surrounded on all sides by toddlers! #bloggerclubuk

  33. This is so bazaar!! Why would the drunk ladies choose a children’s show to go to for the night out? It’s awful they were laughing at the children performers! I’m glad someone complained & they were kicked out. You were right to shout at the one geez it’ be awful if she had actually sat on your poor daughter!! Thanks so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK

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