Inspire Me – Honest Mum

March 4, 2017


I think it’s safe to say that Vicki from Honest Mum needs no introduction. She’s cool, smart, sassy and a celebrity of the blogging world. Right here is my queen bee of the Inspire Me series!


Inspire Me - Honest Mum


When I think of the super bloggers, Vicki from Honest Mum is it. Her blog is always stuffed full of current, fresh posts and her warm welcoming voice keeps me coming back for more. But how does she do it?

Pen and paper at the ready everyone, because you are going to want to take note.



Inspire Me Honest Mum

Quick fire questions are so much fun but can also tell us so much about how someone thinks. Let’s see how Vicki got on.



I’m still waiting for my mermaid tail to appear too Vicki!


Inspire Me - Honest Mum


Right. Get ready because we are about to hear from the pro herself, as Vicki treats us to an insight into life as Honest Mum.


1. How long have you been blogging for and what inspired you to give it a go?

I set up Honest Mum in November 2010 at a time I felt rather lost and low. I was recovering from a traumatic birth and had gone from being a busy and successful director to just baby and I, far from family and friends. It was actually one of my closest friends, the filmmaker Amancay Tapia who encouraged me to start blogging at a time very few were. I have a lot to thank her for. My blog helped me rediscover my voice and my identity and gave me a platform where I could create, share and reach others. I adore it and my love keeps growing as my blog and the spring-offs from it, keep evolving.


2. Think back to when you first started blogging, what if anything has changed the most?

Blogging wasn’t an industry then, I was one of the first bloggers (I’m a blogging Grandma in that respect) so it’s changed a lot. At it’s core though it hasn’t, really. These are still personal platforms which staggeringly now, reach millions. I work with brands I love and adore the creative control and freedom blogging and vlogging full time, gives me. So much of my work and purpose, is helping others seize the digital space and become tech entrepreneurs themselves.


3. Are you a pen and paper or straight to the screen type of writer?

Both, I write endless lists and have notepads everywhere for when inspiration hits, but I also often write straight to my laptop and have done so a lot with writing my book. I spent time writing my proposal and detailed chapter summaries so refer back to those, and although the first chapter was written in my notepad first the rest have been straight to screen.


4. Where and when do you do most of your writing?

Either the kitchen table or the breakfast bar. I used to work for an incredibly successful film distributor and producer who started his business from his bedroom and sold his company for millions. That inspired me from the start to crack on wherever I could. To not feel I needed an office. When it comes to blogging you just need a table, your laptop and an internet connection. Boom.


5. How often do you write and what type of things inspire your blog posts?

I usually post daily on the blog, sometimes 3-5 times a day at best and often not at all on weekends. I host guest posts from authors and bloggers I admire and these are often scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance. I often work on campaigns months ahead too. I like to write my book at night when the house is quiet and I can completely focus. Thematically, I write about my own family and experiences, I write about my passions: tech, embracing it, how to find your confidence, juggling work with family, anything which reflects my life and work at that moment in time. I love food, film, fashion and travel so those things are always naturally covered too. I adore using my space on the internet to champion other women and my most favourite feature is Wonderful Women.


6. Have you ever had a major case of writers block, if so, how did you overcome it?

Not really to be honest but with a background as a screenwriter and director, writing block wasn’t an option, not with the turnaround in the media industry. I think breaks when you feel overwhelmed are good for the soul, but creativity needs to be exercised so the more you write, the more you write. When I used to lecture screenwriting and direction at universities my favourite book on my recommended reading list was Dorethea Brande’s Becoming a Writer. Her morning notes can revolutionise the way you write.


7. Complete one or both of the following sentences. A) Bloggers rock because… B) I am a super blogger because…

Bloggers rock because we fearlessly and endlessly, get our art out into the world.


8. Name 3 bloggers who inspire you?

Marie Forleo, Kelcey Kintner of Mama Bird Diaries as she was the first blogger I ever read and Dooce. I was incredibly humbled when co-founder of BritMums, Susanna Scott kindly compared me to her saying, ‘Vicki is a groundbreaking blogger and vlogger, always pushing boundaries – and glass ceilings – through her voice and great work. She’s the closest the UK has to Dooce and I can’t wait to see what she does next!’.


9. What is the best piece of blogging advice that you have been given?

The best advice I’ve been given as a creative is to ‘just not stop’. Simple words, right yet so often we allow self-doubt to squash our dreams, to hold us back. Don’t confuse excitement for fear too. Those who succeed don’t stop cracking on.


10. Share your own top blogging tip, advice or quote.

I actually wrote a post recently including my top 5 tips on making blogging your career.




Inspire Me - Honest Mum

You can read more from Vicki over at Honest Mum and by following her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Pinterest and You Tube.




The Inspire Me guest series will be running over the coming weeks. It will be featuring some of my favourite bloggers. From the queen bee’s themselves, to the much newer bloggers on the scene.  All have that elusive something that you can’t quite put your finger on that makes them stand out from the crowd, as well as being key inspirers.


Inspire Me Guest Series




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40 responses to “Inspire Me – Honest Mum”

  1. Heather Keet says:

    Love the advice about not stopping. I just keep writing and writing and writing. Some of it is awful, but then you find the golden ticket and you rejoice! #DreamTeam

  2. Great post. I love the Honest Mum blog. The advice to ‘just not stop’ is great. Dorothea Brande’s book has been on my ‘must read’ list for so long. I really need to move it to the top x

  3. Stephanie says:

    Like Heather above, I also love the part about not stopping and exercising your creativity as often as possible. Really great series! #dreamteam

  4. Great interview with plenty of tips for the aspiring new blogger! Not confusing excitement with fear definitely hit home. #dreamteam

  5. Mrs Lighty says:

    Just popping back over from #DreamTeam. This is such an inspiring post. I can’t imagine what amount of work it must take to do this full time but Vicki makes it look effortless!! xxx

  6. Nige says:

    Great interview thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  7. Petite Words says:

    Big fan of Honest Mum, so really enjoyed this! #dreamteam

  8. stacey oakes says:

    Keep cracking on, that’s good advice. I work for two really succesfull youTUbers and that is their advice too! #Dreamteam

  9. Laura says:

    Get tips there, I love honest mums blog 🙂 #dreamteam

  10. Rach says:

    Great post. Love learning more about people. It lends itself well to my nosey nature! #dreamteam

  11. Such an interesting post, and love the advice about the more you write, the more you write – I have definitely found this to be true recently after a recent struggle to get back into blogging. A lovely interview, and a great series! #DreamTeam

  12. Lucy At Home says:

    This is a great series, Annette! Vicki is living proof that hard work and determination can pay off, and her success is well-deserved – I can imagine it would have been really difficult to start blogging back then when it was such a new concept. These days, there are so many courses, and advice posts, and linkies, and networks to inspire us and teach us. #DreamTeam

  13. Loving this piece, very inspiring! Just keep going!


  14. Great read! Off to read the rest of the inspire me series now #DreamTeam

  15. I love Vicki from Honest Mum as she was one of the first bloggers who I stumbled upon, and inspired me to think that maybe I could do this too. I’ve only being going just over a month but before I started I e-mailed her some questions, and she got straight back to me with lovely kind supportive words of advice. I was amazed as I didn’t even know if I’d hear back seeing as she must be inundated with e-mails etc. Great interview with a great lady. #dreamteam

  16. Jaki says:

    So so inspiring! Loved it. #dreamteam

  17. She really has built quite the empire!

  18. Interesting insight, some good tips too #dreamteam

  19. I love Honest Mum. I join their linky just about every week! Fun learning new things about her!

  20. You’re so lucky getting an interview with Vicki! I love her quote “Bloggers rock because we fearlessly and endlessly, get our art out into the world.” So true!! #dreamteam

  21. I love this series! It really is inspiring… I know that’s the point… #dreamteam

  22. MMT says:

    Vicki is such a ledge. Anyone who says blogging is a waste of time should try telling Vicki that. I am often inspired by her success. I love the part about the more you write, the more you write. A great quote, and so true!

  23. To ‘just not stop’ is probably the best advice there is! I think many bloggers are successful not only because of their talent, but because they simply keep writing even when it’s tough. #DreamTeam

  24. Tubbs says:

    Great to hear more about the person behind the blog and love that you’re featuring bloggers big and small #DreamTeam

  25. Great post! I am really loving this series so far! #dreamteam

  26. Jeannette says:

    Love the series and the ladies that you interview. And Vicki’s blogging space is so beautiful and inspirational. It’s nice to “meet” the person behind it all. #dreamteam

  27. “to ‘just not stop’.” Such small words with such a profound impact! I’m in awe of Vicki and her positive and powerful determination. Love this series Annette xx #DreamTeam

  28. What a fun interview! So many things inspired me and gave me a sense of motivation. These are all things to work toward. Thank you for sharing! #dreamteam

  29. Edward says:

    Wonderful post. Such wise words from an experienced person in the blogging world #dreamteam

  30. ohmummymia says:

    Oh I love her as well she is really inspiring:) I understand why you chose her:)

  31. Great advice and love Honest Mum #dreamteam xx

  32. Helena says:

    I love this series. Honest Mum rocks. #DreamTeam

  33. she is such an inspiration, great interview! #DreamTeam

  34. Emma says:

    Loved reading this! What an amazing women. I chuckled at her tea “blogging grandma”! #DreamTeam

  35. Great interview. Definitely an inspiring lady! #DreamTeam

  36. I really look up to Vicki, she’s totally bossed her career out of blogging. I didn’t realise how early she started though. Great series and post hun x #DreamTeam

  37. Wendy says:

    Love this series and I love Honest Mum, was one of the first blogs I ever read. This post is so inspiring and I love the quote ‘the more you write, the more you write’ – it’s so true. I am feeling thoroughly inspired after reading this!xx #dreamteam

  38. Am loving these interviews! Also love the idea of just cracking on wherever and whenever you can. I’ve no desk – just a kitchen table and it’ll do fine! 😉 #DreamTeam

  39. What a fab post – I love Vicki’s blog, one of the first blogs I read like many of us here. Such a brilliant series Annette, really makes me smile. Thanks for hosting #dreamteam with me xx

  40. I loved this interview. I do like learning from bloggers who have been doing it as long as she has. Blogging has certainly evolved through the years. It’s nice to see she’s still down to earth and has basic simple advice to follow.

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