Inspire Me – Rhyming With Wine

May 21, 2017


I’m so excited to welcome Dawn from Rhyming With Wine as a guest on the Inspire Me series!


Rhyming with Wine


As soon as our Inspire Me series was born, I knew Dawn HAD to be in it. I remember as if it was yesterday when I first came across the Rhyming With Wine blog. I hooted with laughter at my desk (at work – opps!) and with can’t-stop-laughing tears streaming down my face, immediately called my mum to tell her that she had to read Dawn’s rhymes. Because this lady just gets. It. All. I am so honoured to call this lovely blogger a friend and life simply wouldn’t be the same without her hilarious and moving rhymes. I can’t wait to share this insight into Rhyming With Wine with you all. Thanks Dawn!



Inspire Me Rhyming With Wine

Quick fire questions are so much fun but can also tell us so much about how someone thinks. Let’s see how Dawn got on.



It’s no secret that Dawn and I share a love for tea and cakes!


Rhyming with Wine


1. How long have you been blogging for and what inspired you to give it a go?

I started blogging in August 2015 having been slightly obsessed with reading other parent blogs by brilliant writers like Hurrah for Gin and Brummy Mummy of 2.  I had always had a thing for writing poems for birthdays and occasions, and I thought it might be something a bit different to start a blog in rhyme.



2. Think back to when you first started blogging, what if anything has changed the most?

My confidence has increased massively.  Not just in my writing but in life in general.  I no longer panic when I hit publish as I know that I have a brilliant network of supportive bloggers out there that have got my back and will very kindly humour me with nice words and virtual cake, even if what I’ve written is actually a bit pants!



3. Are you a pen and paper or straight to the screen type of writer?

I generally type all of my rhymes onto a memo on my phone. Once it’s complete I upload it to WordPress.  There tends to be a lot of deleting and moving around of lines with my poems and so I need to be able to cut and paste.  I have tried with a notepad a couple of times but there ends up being more crossing out and arrows than actual words.



4. Where and when do you do most of your writing?

I’m very lucky in that I can write most of my posts one line at a time.  Poems do take a long time to pull together and it can take me a week to finish one.  I can be loading the dishwasher and chanting away to myself and then a rhyme will just pop into my head so I will add it to my memo.  My posts are very much a work in progress.



5. How often do you write and what type of things inspire your blog posts?

I tend to post a rhyme once a week.  Any more than this just wouldn’t work for me as they can take such a long time to construct.  Anything and everything inspires me to write, although it’s generally the children and their crazy antics that motivate me.  I’ll have a list of titles in my phone, and then all of a sudden a rhyme will come to me for one of those subjects and I’m away!



6. Have you ever had a major case of writers block, if so, how did you overcome it?

All. The. Time.  In fact I’m having one right now.  I have five or six titles in my phone but my “inspirational” starting rhyme hasn’t come to me yet for any of them.  Usually when this happens the kids will do something or we will go somewhere and a whole new rhyme will come to me that is nothing like I had planned.  Every time I complete a rhyme I think to myself “That’s it.  There cannot be anything else left to rhyme about?”  But then something always seems to come to me.



7. Complete one or both of the following sentences. A) Bloggers rock because… B) I am a super blogger because…

Bloggers rock because… of the incredible blogging community.  I have never come across an unfriendly or unhelpful blogger.  We all genuinely support each other and want each other to do well.  There is always someone waiting in my phone or my laptop with some friendly words and a big bloghug and it’s amazing!  It feels like a secret world and I’m honoured to be considered a part of it.



8. Name 3 bloggers who inspire you?

Ooh so many!  This is tough, but OK:

Agent Spitback – I adore the way that El writes and she always shares such cleverly written posts filled with tongue in cheek humour and a subtle moral message.

Lucy – This Mums Life – I just get Lucy.  I feel like she is absolutely on my wave length and I could ramble on with her all day.  Her two children are around the same age as mine and so we fight a lot of the same battles where the tiny people are concerned.  She just captures it all in a way that I could only dream of!

Our very own Annette – (Yes sorry Annette – you might blush whilst publishing this but you!)   Annette just personifies happiness to me.  I chat online with her nearly every day and she is always 100% positive.  She goes out there and pushes herself to grab new opportunities and doesn’t wait for success to come to her.  She works hard and searches for it, then grabs it with both hands.  She truly deserves all of her brilliant achievements.



9. What is the best piece of blogging advice that you have been given?

I’ve had so much advice from fantastic bloggers over the months, from how to design my header and logo (I use Picmonkey) to how to schedule tweets.  I also picked up a lot from attending Blogfest 2016.  The most resounding piece of advice that came from the sessions there for me was “find your voice”.  I already know that my niche is the rhyming.  My voice is still a work in progress but I can see my blog developing and evolving as my voice gets louder.



10. Share your own top blogging tip, advice or quote.

I know that we’ve all heard it before but “Be yourself”.  I think that people warm to you if you share a little bit of your heart in your posts.  It’s tempting to try and copy the style of someone that you admire, but there is room in blogworld for all of us so it’s better to be you.  You’ll be good at it!




Just for fun, this is me!


Rhyming with Wine


You can read more from Dawn by visiting Rhyming With Wine and following her on twitter, instagram and facebook.




The Inspire Me guest series will be running over the coming weeks. It will be featuring some of my favourite bloggers. From the queen bee’s themselves, to the much newer bloggers on the scene.  All have that elusive something that you can’t quite put your finger on that makes them stand out from the crowd, as well as being key inspirers.


Inspire Me Guest Series




Cuddle Fairy




72 responses to “Inspire Me – Rhyming With Wine”

  1. Thank you so so much for featuring me Annette and for your gorgeous intro which totally made me blush – and smile! It’s a privilege to be showcased with the brilliantly inspirational bloggers that have appeared on your series so far! I can’t wait to see who you have next! Dx

  2. Heather Keet says:

    Picmonkey is my absolute favorite! #DreamTeam

  3. Sally says:

    What a lovely series and what a great insight. There’s obviously a lot of love between you two! Completely agree about the blogging community. They are lovely.

  4. Lovely getting to know you a bit better Dawn, I love reading you rhymes #DreamTeam

  5. Kate says:

    A great read and I love the drawing at the end. Its always interesting to know about other bloggers and how they write. #DreamTeam

  6. Yes I have found blogging to help with confidence and learn about yourself X #dreamteam

  7. Jaki says:

    I LOVE this series. Especially the quick fire questions. #DreamTeam

  8. Mama Grace says:

    This is lovely and such great rhymes. I love the swearing and getting rid of frustration in her poetry. You always feel a little lighter after reading them. #DreamTeam

  9. I love this series and I’m a massive fan of Dawns blog! Her posts always have me laughing so it’s great to find out a little bit more about her #dreamteam

  10. Petite Words says:

    It’s always lovely to shine a spotlight on another blogger (; #

  11. I absolutely love Dawn’s blog! She just had to be here. I wish i could rhyme like that. Somedays I struggle to think of the work for ‘milk’ so I really don’t know how she manages to produce amazing rhyme after amazing rhyme.

    • I struggle to remember my own name sometimes Kirsty. I think that the repetitive nature of rhyming is my way of trying to remember all the things haha. Thanks so much for such a gorgeous comment xx

  12. Lucy At Home says:

    Dawn’s blog is brilliant! We work in a very similar way in that I have working drafts saved on my phone and just add to them as and when inspiration strikes. It’s always great to have a little insight into other bloggers! #dreamteam

  13. Aww yay lovely Dawn! Ha ha tea or cake? I think we ALL know the answer to that! It’s so interesting to see how other bloggers work (and how those amazing rhymes come together!). I’m a pencil and notebook girl myself. Lovely read x #DreamTeam

    • I love love love pencil and notebook. In fact more than cake (and we all know that that is a whole lotta loving!) I’m just not very efficient at drafting rhymes and the crossing out hurts the stationery lover in me hehe. Thank you lovely Charlie xx

  14. Dawn is an inspiration! I love her blog and this is a great idea to meet people behind the blog. #Dreamteam

  15. Love the sketch at the end! Wipes instead of hands. YES!


  16. Chloe says:

    I live this bl G and the rhymes. I’ve just discovered picmonkey and need to use it now #dreamteam

  17. My mummy also shares a lot with Dawn! Her name is Dawn and she loves Tea, Cake and Unicorns too! She also likes rhyming but isn’t as good as her! Great series x We’d love *cough* I mean I’d love to be featured as a toddler on it 😉 Stay safe x #DreamTeam

  18. Bespoke Mama says:

    Haha that self-portrait is genius! I particularly enjoyed the wipes for hands 😀 #dreamteam xx

  19. Lovely to read a bit more about you Dawn, your blog is fab and so are your rhymes x

  20. MMT says:

    Three words… WE LOVE DAWN! xx

  21. I’m so glad that you found your voice, because I LOVE IT!!! I can always count on your writing to entertain me line by line!! And I don’t need wine!
    Hey…See what I just did there?
    Yeah, you’ve got no competition here!
    This series is AWESOME!!!

    • Heather my lovely you’re truly a star and a fabulous rhymer you blimmin well are. I’m thrilled that my rhymes put a grin on your face, and you’ll always find virtual cake at my place! *blows kiss* xx

  22. It’s great to find out more about you Dawn, I love your blog and rhymes they are great! I’m new to blogging this year but I have to agree that everyone is really friendly and helpful, a lovely community! #DreamTeam

  23. Liz Deacle says:

    Lovely hearing advice for such s wonderful, talented blogger! Made me feel better that she only publishes once a week too!

    • I think my brain would explode if I tried to rhyme any more that once a week. I already find myself wandering around chanting rhymes in rather an odd fashion as it is haha. Thank you so much for your gorgeous comment Liz! x

  24. Love this interview! Very inspiring. It is always nice to see the other side of blogging & bloggers. Great tips for – being yourself. #DreamTeam Thank you for hosting. x

  25. Great interview. Dawn’s rhyming is so fantastic, and the subjects are always so real. Love love love her blog.

  26. Popping in from #bloggerclubuk because I am a stalker

  27. Sonia says:

    I’m so nosey so these series really interest me! Love Rhyming with Wine though think maybe Chorousing with Cake could have been a great title for your blog Dawn!! You always make me giggle xx #DreamTeam

  28. Great to find out more. I love poetry and have several poems that I have written at various times in my life to try to make sense of the world. Lovely to hear about the story behind the blog #dreamteam

  29. David says:

    Great post! I do love her rhyming; it brings a smile to my face.

  30. This is great! I love Dawn’s blog a bit more than cake (which is crazy, I know!). It’s lovely to get a bit more of an insight into how she works – thank you for sharing #dreamteam

  31. Nicole says:

    I love this! And Dawn’s blog is so great! I love it *almost* as much as wine. #dreamteam

  32. ohmummymia says:

    I always have lots of laugh when I read her posts! she is awesome:)

  33. Louise says:

    I love Dawn, her rhymes always make me smile, I wish I was as talented as her! #dreamteam

  34. Helena says:

    I love Dawn’s rhymes. They have the ability to change a frown upside down. x #DreamTeam

  35. I love this and the series idea! Bravo to you both. It is really so much fun to learn about everyone, the hows and whys, etc. #DreamTeam <3 xoxo

  36. Dawn, I love your stuff. You always have me chuckling and im super jealous of your skills to put a rhyme together! Im also a dog person who has cats hahah! #dreamteam

  37. Sucg a great blog series. I love Dawns blog and think she is a lyrical genius #dreamteam

  38. Chloe Wood says:

    This is a really lovely post #DreamTeam

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