Fairies Magical Potion Station

June 14, 2016


We have an itty bitty garden and I often find it difficult to work out ways that we can enjoy the space. Everything requires a bit of thinking outside the box. So, when a plan comes together, we tend to hold onto it and change little elements to keep things exciting. Water play is very popular with Little Button and whatever the weather she loves getting her hands wet. Here’s how a few tiny tweaks have turned our make-shift pouring and measuring water play table into a fairies magical potion station.



It’s all about the Fairies

Little Button loves all things magical and after catching an eyeful of the popular Little Mix ‘Black Magic’ music video, she now fancies herself as a magical potion maker in her make believe games. Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it before.



Unfortunately she did pick up on the funny burpy/farty bit in the video. She laughed her head off, but lucky hasn’t tried to imitate this kind of spell *just yet!*


Feeling inspired and in true Sabrina the Teenage Witch style – who remembers this? – I thought I would try my hand at making a sensory play activity to help Little Button bring her make believe game to life a bit more.



How to make your own Fairies Magical Potion Station

It really is very simple. As our water tray has had its chips, I have been using a children’s plastic table and chair in the garden with bowls of water sat on top instead for water play. It has been working well. So using this set up, I picked out a few more different sized containers.


Fairies Magical Potion Station





A silicone style cupcake tray to hold all the bits and pieces for potion making seemed like a good idea, and lots of different tools for mixing to keep the fun going. I then found a few different odds and ends that would do a variety of things once placed in water from floating, sinking to melting and I placed these in the cupcake tray on the table, keeping back a handful of bits to add in gradually during play to keep the game exciting.



Fairies Magical Potion Station



Now onto the best bit! I used some food colouring to colour a couple of batches of water and swirled in some glitter to give it some sparkle and depth.


Fairies Magical Potion Station

Fairies Magical Potion Station


All set out on the table, Little Button was thrilled to get stuck in with her fairies magical potion station. Who would have thought that something so simple could bring a make believe game to life in an instant. She played for about an hour on her own, which left me to stick my feet up in the garden with a hot cup of tea and nothing to do but to enjoy watching her delighted smiles.


Fairies Magical Potion Station



Do you have any super simple activities up your sleeve that have worked a treat?


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6 responses to “Fairies Magical Potion Station”

  1. Kerry says:

    That sounds like a great idea, my kids love playing with water so this sort of thing would be great #HowtoSunday

  2. Leandra says:

    Such a great idea!!! #howtosunday

  3. karen says:

    What a brilliant idea. Could work with a mud pie kitchen similiarly? Great that she kept busy for over an hour. Yay Mum time! #bloggerclubUK

  4. This is a fab idea, my daughter would love doing this! #BloggerClubUK

  5. I love the idea of adding some sparkle and colour to the “potions”. I’m sure that my little miss would love this. She is also a huge Little Mix fan (dubious green puffs of smoke and all). Great idea!
    Thanks for linking up with #fartglitter x

  6. Yvonne says:

    Oh what a great idea! Even better that it kept her busy for so long 🙂 xxx #fartglitter

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