Get crafty with this easy to make table centre piece

Are you hosting New Years at yours? Then why not consider making one of these pretty table centre pieces with your little one. It will keep them busy and also give them something special to show off to all your guests.

My mum and dad brought over everything we needed to make ours, but all the bits and bobs you will need can be sourced from Hobbycraft and your local supermarket or garden.


You will need:

– An oasis floral foam design ring
– A candle or LED tealights
– A mixture of foliage


-Step 1

Coats and boots on, then everyone off into the garden to look for some lovely foliage for your centre piece. Evergreen cuttings in different shades of green mixed with pretty winter flowers work really well, but where possible allow your little ones to pick what they would like to use. For older children you could make this into a treasure hunt to find specific cuttings by giving them a list of items or draw what they should be looking for. Be sure to take cuttings of various lengths as this will help to add some depth to the finished piece.


-Step 2

Get your little ones to bring in the cuttings and lay them out on the table, while you soak the oasis ring in water by running the foam under the tap. This will help your table centre piece to stay healthy for about a week.


-Step 3

Get creating! Show your little one how to firmly stick each cutting into the foam circle. Ask them to save the shorter pieces to go around the edges at the end. It should look something like this.


3 Little Buttons Blog

3 Little Buttons Blog

3 Little Buttons Blog


-Step 4

Place a small up-turned bowl or ramekin in the centre of your ring and then place the candle securely in the middle. For those with younger ones, you might want to use a cluster of LED tealights instead.


3 Little Buttons Blog

3 Little Buttons Blog

3 Little Buttons Blog


What types of table decorations have you used over the festive period?








  1. Andreas
    December 29, 2015 / 11:32 am

    Such a great idea to keep your kids busy over the Christmas and New year period…Looks cool too!

  2. December 31, 2015 / 4:32 pm

    What a beautiful centre piece and great wat to get children involved. Thanks for sharing and a happy new year to you X #justanotherlinky

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