Keep them busy with a gingerbread house

December 22, 2015

It can get really busy in the run up before Christmas for grown ups and we can’t always be on hand to bake another set of cookies or orchestrate more epic Christmasy craft activities with a couple of days left before the big show Christmas dinner.

So here is an idea to keep little hands busy in the kitchen whilst you are whipping up your own storm.

Do you have one more shopping trip to make?


Then don’t forget to buy a do-it-yourself gingerbread house kit, or two.


They are going cheap at the moment as the supermarkets think we are fully in control and prepared, having bought our Christmas goodies way in advance hehe…. little do they know. So take advantage and stock up, unless you are queen of baking and put us all to shame by pre making all the gingerbread house pieces by hand yourself.


For maximum impact, the trick is to wait until YOU are having THAT moment. Guests are coming for dinner, you are up to your eyes in potato peelings and the little one simply cannot entertain themselves today of all days for 5 minutes. 


Now is the time to surprise them with their very own gingerbread house kit. Watch their little eyes light up as you produce said treat and announce that they can do it all by themselves!

What grown ups they are!
(secret code for: have fun, but please give mummy a break so she can do the dinner).


If you have a very little one you might need to help them to build the actual house, but even tiny hands can get decorating. Substitute any hard sweets with soft ones or chocolate buttons to make this an age appropriate activity, most of the DIY gingerbread houses come with a mix of soft and hard sweets.  


3 Little Buttons Blog


This is the house that little button built. She had help putting it together and some hand guiding with the icing. Daddy Button kept a close eye on the sweets her.


3 Little Buttons Blog

3 Little Buttons Blog

3 Little Buttons Blog


Great, isn’t it.

Remember it’s all about the doing and not about what it looks like in the end.


What tricks do you have up your sleeve to keep your little one entertained over the festive period?


One response to “Keep them busy with a gingerbread house”

  1. Daddy Button says:

    Lovely gingerbread!!!

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