Rainbow heart suncatchers

February 14, 2020


There’s something so lovely about a suncatcher isn’t there. Come rain or shine they can brighten up any window and filter in that extra little bit of colour into our day.


These cute little rainbow heart suncatchers are so easy to make. And, as no sticky backed plastic is involved, they make for a quick project using very few arts and crafts materials. Which is perfect, if you’re like me, and prefer crafts that use up supplies rather than give the need to buy a whole heap more.



How to make rainbow heart suncatchers


I don’t know why, but I always feel like I need to put a disclaimer here about not being particularly crafty! Haha! I think what I’m trying to say is that our craft projects are made for little fingers in mind. Wonky delights and over glueing guaranteed.


What you will need (makes 2)


Step 1

Fold your A4 paper in half. In 1 half of that half, draw a big heart shape. Cut it out. Then using it as a template, draw out 3 more identical hearts and cut out. You should be able to fit 4 hearts into an A4. *I am not the paper police – don’t worry if yours come out bigger!


Step 2

Next, you’ll want to create the window for the sun catchers. Fold each heart in half. On 1 heart, draw half a heart shape and cut out, leaving you with a heart shaped cut out (hole) in the middle of your heart. Using this one as a template, do the same to each of the remaining hearts. You’ll end up with 4 hearts with heart shaped windows. Watch little fingers closely for this bit! 


Tip: Pre cut a number of these in advance. Making the windows is quite tricky especially if you are using thick paper. In case it all goes wrong when your little one gives it a go, you can always whip out your pre made ones.


Rainbow heart suncatchers

Rainbow heart suncatchers



Step 3

Tear the tissue paper into strips for the rainbow. A little goes a long way! 


Rainbow heart suncatchers



Step 4

Get gluey! Spread glue around the frame of one heart. Then, stick your rainbow tissue paper strips across from one side to the other. Don’t worry about any overhang! 


Rainbow heart suncatchers

Rainbow heart suncatchers



Step 5

Glue another heart and then stick it on top of the rainbow (glue splattered) one. 


Rainbow heart suncatchers



Step 6

Repeat as above until you have 2 (or more?!) rainbow heart suncatchers.


Rainbow heart suncatchers



Step 7

Leave them to dry. 


Rainbow heart suncatchers



Step 8

Once dry, trim the edges and then using blue tack or sticky tape, stick them on a window and enjoy!  


Rainbow heart suncatchers

Rainbow heart suncatchers

Rainbow heart suncatchers




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Rainbow heart suncatchers




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