Simple No-Bake Christmas Log

November 22, 2016


When it comes to cooking, Mr Button largely congratulates me whilst patting his daddy tummy and licking his chops. However, as soon as the word baking gets heard, he has a habit of scarpering off into the sunset whilst mumbling things like, ‘oh no, don’t do it, really, do you have to’. You see… that’s what I have to put up with. Anyway, we all know that practice makes perfect, but sometimes you just want something super easy, that will look good (no matter what) and is cheap as chips to make. So… behold my very simple no-bake Christmas Log. It is impossible to get this wrong.




What You Will Need To Make This Excellent Christmas Log


I am one of those people who look at the title first… ‘ooohhhh simple no-bake Christmas log’, and then think great. It’s simple. Ok.  Next, I will scour the page to find the ‘what you need’ bit. The shorter the better I say. So in keeping with the theme, simple, here is the list of goodies you need to gather.


  1. A large chocolate Swiss roll. I used a Tescos jumbo chocolate and vanilla one.
  2. A big slab of yummy chocolate. Galaxy, as this has such a lovely texture.
  3. Mini pink and white marshmallows. The ones that you top hot choccy with.
  4. Sprinkles. We had left over ‘Frozen’ ones from Halloween, so used these.


See, told you it was simple.


Simple No-Bake Christmas Log



How To Make This Simple No-Bake Christmas Log


There is really nothing to it. Apart from the bit where the chocolate needs to be melted, most little ones should be able to lead the way on this no-bake make.



1 Get your roll out


Find a plate that will fit your Swiss roll… I mean, Christmas log. Now that was the hardest part. Could I find a plate big enough? No. If you happen to be in the same boat, just cut it in half. That way you can make 2 for the price of 1.


Simple No-Bake Christmas Log



2 Melt that chocolate


Your helpful tot should have fun breaking up the chocolate into little pieces. The quickest way to melt chocolate is in the microwave, so place the broken pieces into a microwaveable bowl and zap. I did this in bursts of 10 seconds.


Simple No-Bake Christmas Log



3 Gloopy chocolate


For some reason, when melted, Galaxy chocolate is not particularly hot and stays in a good melted state for quite a long time. So, I handed the cooled bowl over to Little Button for a bit of mixing to make sure it was all melted and gloopy.


Simple No-Bake Christmas Log



4 Get drizzling


Hand over that spoon and let your little one drizzle, plop and splurge the Swiss roll with chocolate. Try and get them to cover the whole thing where possible.


Simple No-Bake Christmas Log



5 Get Your Sparkle On


My little ones favourite bit, bedazzling the Chocolate logs! You can use whatever you have to hand, but as marshmallows are a firm favourite, we first generously dotted those on. She then chose a selection of sprinkles from her ‘Frozen’ sprinkle pot, and those got dotted on to.


Simple No-Bake Christmas Log

Simple No-Bake Christmas Log



And there you have it, a super simple no-bake Christmas log. It turned out so well, that we are going to do it again. This time going the whole hog to recreate a more traditional Christmas log, dusted with snow (icing) and topped with little marzipan holly and a robin.


Simple No-Bake Christmas Log

Simple No-Bake Christmas Log

Simple No-Bake Christmas Log



Pin me to make later 🙂


Simple No-Bake Christmas Log




What are your favourite simple no-bake makes?    



20 responses to “Simple No-Bake Christmas Log”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    This is such a fab idea….I think I will have to try this over Christmas.
    I think it would go down well here x

  2. Lux G. says:

    Yes! Me and my sister are looking for something new to try this Christmas. This is perfect, especially because our oven is broken. 🙂

  3. Looks yummy. Think even I could manage this one!

  4. This looks YUM! And so easy to make which is a huge bonus. I totally agree with the quote – chocolate makes everything nicer doesn’t it?! Thank you for sharing your quote with #candidcuddles xx

  5. A no-bake roll is perfect for me! Yours looks so pretty and Christmassy!


  6. Amy says:

    I used to love doing this as a child every Christmas without fail. I will be trying this with my toddler ox #MarvMondays

  7. Helena says:

    Excuse me while I salivate all over your post. #MarvMondays

  8. Claire says:

    This looks delicious and also simple to make (just what we need at this time of year). #marvmondays

  9. Gwen says:

    Seriously yummy looking. And so very easy too.

  10. Lydia C. Lee says:

    That is clever. We might do that after our Gingerbread shanty collapses….#Dreamteam

  11. Sarah-Marie says:

    Such a brilliant idea! I have just one addition – a little robin decoration to sit on the log. The Grandad was born on Boxing Day and his birthday cake was always a yule log and Granny always put a little robin on the top! 😉

  12. I love the sound of something simple with no backing involved. Interesting about Galaxy chocolate because I’ve tried Cadbury before and it was a disaster. #DreamTeam

  13. You just inspired me to make a new Pinterest board called “sh*t I could actually make” #dreamteam

  14. My daughter Daisy woud absolutely love to do this by herself, what a great idea #livingarrows

  15. Heather Keet says:

    This looks absolutely awesome and so easy to make in a hurry when people are on their way! #DreamTeam

  16. Crummy Mummy says:

    This is a genius idea! We have some holly & berry sprinkles that would be perfect for this! #DreamTeam

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