A Beach Day In Sunnysands – Millie’s Beach Huts, Walton On The Naze

May 1, 2017


“Beach hair, sun kissed faces, sand in our toes and beaming smiles from ear to ear. Cosy and warm, full fish & chip tummies and love in our hearts. A typical day out with Millie’s Beach Huts. A trip to the beach will never, ever be the same again.” 3 Little Buttons


Millie's Beach Huts


Late last summer we fell head over heels in love with Millie’s Beach Huts in Walton on the Naze, Essex. The cutest, quirkiest, quintessentially British beach huts that we have ever seen! After a day in one of Millie’s Beach Huts, a trip to the beach will never, ever be the same. Trust me. Once you have experienced something like this, there is no going back.


I’m still thanking my lucky stars that our favourite beach huts are just a hop, skip and a jump away from North London (well, just over an hour and a half’s drive away). Which has meant that Walton on the Naze in Essex has very quickly become our number 1 spot for getting away from city life.




Say Hello To Sunnysands!

Sunnysands is one of four brand new beach huts joining the Millie’s Beach Huts collection this year. So exciting!!! Not only because it’s buckets of fun discovering new beach huts, but also, have you ever tried booking one of these beauties? You have to get in there super quick, because of course, they fly like hot cakes, especially on sunny weekends.


Millie's Beach Huts

Millie's Beach Huts


We were so thrilled to be invited to spend a day in Sunnysands by Vicky, owner of Millie’s Beach Huts. Thank you Vicky! Here’s how we got on.




The Perfect Location

Sunnysands beach hut is located on the front row of the promenade, just like Harley and Isla. We particularly love the low step up which make Sunnysands especially great for families of all shapes and sizes. With my parent hat on, it’s worth mentioning that it’s close to the toilets and the beachside café. A little further on is the pier, and in the opposite direction a bit further on still and round the corner is the gorgeous Frinton on Sea stretch of beach (that I mentioned in our VLOG).


Millie's Beach Huts


We think Sunnysands is a brilliant all-rounder in terms of location, as it’s right in the middle of everything. Which, of course is perfect for little adventurers.




The Best Beach Snug

All of Millie’s Beach Huts have the most gorgeous of interiors. Without question, this is why we love them so much. Pretty as a picture, these beach snugs are the most perfect places to dip in and out of during a beach day out.


Millie's Beach Huts

Millie's Beach Huts

Millie's Beach Huts


A home-from-home, and like all of the collection, Sunnysands was equipped with things you tend to forgot to bring, as well as most welcome features such as facilities to make your own cup of tea, or frying up your own bacon baps.


Millie's Beach Huts


For us, something that really stands out about Sunnysands is the way the seating has been cleverly designed. It felt so spacious, and we will definitely be back with more of the family next time round.




Grab Yourself A Millie’s Beach Hut Booking

Are you still here? I wasn’t sure. If I were you, I would probably already be over on Millie’s Beach Huts looking to nab a booking! You can visit Millie’s Beach huts here to have a peek at all the different huts, locations and current availability.


Don’t forget to follow Millie’s Beach Huts too for all the latest news, offers and last minute dates: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.


Millie's Beach Huts


See you at the beach!




Disclosure: We were invited for a day out in Sunnysands by Vicky from Millie’s Beach Huts. All views are my own (as I’m sure you can tell). We cannot recommend Millie’s Beach Huts enough!



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Cuddle Fairy


My Petit Canard


49 responses to “A Beach Day In Sunnysands – Millie’s Beach Huts, Walton On The Naze”

  1. Aleena says:

    Oh my goodness, these huts looks amazing!!! We’ve never been here, but I’m definitely adding it to the evr-growing summer day trip list!!! #DreamTeam

  2. Heather Keet says:

    These look so awesome! #DreamTeam

  3. Stephanie says:

    As if I weren’t already wishing for a beach vacation! Looks lovely. #dreamteam

  4. I want to go this looks absolutely lovely!! Thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  5. Mrs Lighty says:

    I soooooooo need to go! Although I do fear, that like you, once we’ve been nothing else will compare!! Thank you so much for hosting #DreamTeam 🙂 xxx

  6. What a fabulous idea! I’d love to try these out #DreamTeam

  7. Jeannette says:

    The beach is my happy place! I just love it. How bright are those cushions. They will remind me of the beach every day. #dreamteam

  8. stacey oakes says:

    I would love a beach hut and I think I may look into renting one near to us this Summer. We live near Southwold in Suffolk where to purchase a beach hut will set you back around £70k so hiring one is definitely the vest option!

  9. Rawmum says:

    There is something so magical about being by the sea. I love to throw rocks in and send my worries out with the waves. #dreamteam

  10. These look amazing! So beautiful x

  11. Oh I wish we lived closer, I love the idea of a beach hut and the kids would love it too.

  12. Tubbs says:

    Those huts look wonderful! What an amazing thing to have along with a beach – somewhere inside just in case.

  13. These are stunning! Precisely what you’ve on a beach trip! I think maybe I’d actually like one in my garden for my craft shed! #dreamteam

  14. Such a cool little space! I would probably need like three huts with my giant family.

  15. mums army says:

    Looks so amazing, I live near the sea and pass huts all the time and never stop to think about what they look like on the inside. Those are immaculate! Such lovely pictures looks like a day well spent. Nicky x #DreamTeam

  16. Wow these look lovley. I will definitely be looking into doing this!! #dreamteam

  17. mainy says:

    I love beach huts and this one looks fab, really quirky interior to it. So lucky to have it so close to you. I love the sandy hair and ruddy looks on my kids faces after a day at the beach.



  18. looks fantastic. Nothing beats being able to step outside and already have your toes be in the sand #dreamteam

  19. Nige says:

    These huts look amazing will definitely be checking them out thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  20. It looks pretty awesome. 🙂 x


  21. Lisa says:

    Oh I am so heading over to their website, NOW. Looks like you had an amazing day and what a fabulously cute beach hut #DreamTeam x

  22. Chloe says:

    Hi, the beach hut looks amazing what a great way to spend the day at the beach. Have seen the huts at Southwold? They are also pretty special #dresmteam

  23. Catherine says:

    Oh wow! This looks amazing!! I love the idea of spending the day here!! Looking them up now!! #dreamteam

  24. These look so awesome. I am really intrigued by them! Many friends have recommended Walton-on-the-Naze to us but we’ve yet to make it. The pictures look fab though! #DreamTeam

  25. Chloe Wood says:

    Beautiful photos! #DreamTeam

  26. Surrey Mama says:

    Wow this looks gorgeous and looks like you had a wonderful time. I’ve never been to Walon on the Naze – might have to look into it #dreamteam

  27. Kate says:

    It looks like you had a lovely day at the beach! The beach hut is gorgeous.

  28. Lucy At Home says:

    Ah I remember reading about Millie’s Beach Huts last year (and being mega jealous that they’re so far away from where we live!). This one looks gorgeous – I love the decor! #dreamteam

  29. Wow, your pictures make it look amazing! You can’t beat the beach. #DreamTeam.

  30. Oh wow! These look AMAZING!!!

  31. That beach hut looks fab, very cute! #DreamTeam

  32. Mama Grace says:

    I did not know these existed. Can you get there by train?#dreamteam

  33. I’d have never thought to arrange a beach hut when at the seaside, but it looks to be a great idea. The hut itself is lovely, and it sounds like you had a lovely day out! #DreamTeam

  34. What beautiful beach huts, i’m going to have to see if they have anything like this near me! Beautiful photos #dreamteam

  35. Oh my goodness this is SO beautiful. Cute and practical, such a lovely addition to a day at the beach! ‘#DreamTeam

  36. I love the kitch design, such a cool way to spend time at the beach X #dreamteam

  37. Ooooh I would love to have a beach hut like this one…..so sweet and pretty. My Grandma had a beach hut in West Wittering when we were young. What lovely memories I have. Great post. #dreamteam

  38. Louise says:

    They look lovely! #dreamteam

  39. I keep seeing these beach huts pop up and they look fantastic! So beautiful and homely. I think I could happily live in one! #dreamteam

  40. How cool?! These look amazing – I’d love to visit one day! #dreamteam

  41. I love the look of these huts, they’re such a great idea. I wish there was something like that near us, I’d practically live there

  42. That looks so cute. I love how they have it set up. #DreamTeam

  43. Jaki says:

    These look fab – my little man would love a trip to one of them! #dreamteam

  44. I could literally sell our house and go and live in one of those! They look so cosy and pretty. Like the ultimate beach den for grown ups. (Although I suppose we ought to let the children in too. Only if they wipe their hands first though haha.) I only wish we lived closer! Thanks for having me along to host #DreamTeam with you x

  45. We often visit Mudeford and they have lovely looking beach huts there but I assumed they were all privately owned. I love the idea of using one for a trip. Not heard of this place so will look it up and see if we can plan a visit. #dreamteam

  46. Vicky Gunn says:

    Hey Annette – just wanted to pop by and say thank you so much for sharing your day wth us. Your photos have made me smile ever since and the owner of Sunnysands is so pleased you enjoyed her too!
    Loving your style of writing as always too – thank you so much again!!! (Vicky xx)

  47. Helena says:

    What a beautiful beach hut. I love the colours that ave gone into it. #DreamTeam

  48. Michelle says:

    It looks so beautiful. We are pretty close to Essex so I think we will have to try it out one day #dreamteam

  49. oh wow, this hut looks so cute! the decor is lovely! #Dreamteam

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