Chasing My Writing Dreams

January 15, 2017



It’s a book.


I have said it, and out loud too!

My dream is to write a book.


The trouble with dreams are that they are often BIG. Don’t get me wrong, big is good, but it’s not always easy to explain yourself when it comes to BIG creative dreams. Whilst it makes perfect sense to me, Mr Button will look at me like I have just grown 2 heads and a tail when I mention it. Because writing a book to those that don’t really ‘write, write’, is like asking them to go fetch the fairies in from the garden.  It’s all a bit too elusive for them.


Chasing My Writing Dreams


I have always wanted to be a professional writer of some kind. This isn’t something new. It’s just that I didn’t go down the right route with my studies to give my dreams a helping hand, and after being steered in a particular direction, I thought it would be too late to double back. Then the 3 Little Buttons blog broke free and I realised that there was only one direction that I needed to go… forwards.



It’s Never Too Late To Chase Your Writing Dreams

Really. It is never too late. For me, writing falls out of my fingers and when I don’t’ have paper it’s written down in my head. I just can’t help myself. The best thing about writing, or more specifically ‘story telling’ is that if it’s like water of a ducks back for you, then with a bit of studying, you can easily brush up on the technical side of things.



A Little Help From NCC Home Learning Courses

I just want to say a quick thank you to NCC Home Learning courses. They got in touch at the beginning of the year about trying out one of their online courses, and this couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I have chosen to take their Creative Writing Diploma course to help me to snatch up those technical basics and hopefully untangle a few plots that I have.



A First Look At The NCC Home Learning Creative Writing Diploma

As I work full time, as well as running the 3 Little Buttons blog and having my family, anything remotely tricky to grasp is always going to be a no-no. Luckily, when I landed on the NCC Home Learning course dashboard I was met by a super clean interface which was very easy to navigate.


Chasing My Writing Dreams



I like how all the modules are laid out in a collapsible side menu, so, if you are nosy like me, you can have a bit of a flick through things before getting started properly.


Chasing My Writing Dreams



Each of the modules are available in a downloadable PDF file, which is perfect as I am planning to download these to my phone and iPad so I can work through the sections during my daily commute and also on the fly in my spare time.


Chasing My Writing Dreams


There are quite a few exercises involved in this course, but I think that anything that challenges your writing skills is going to be a winner.


Chasing My Writing Dreams



I will let you know how I get on with the course over the coming months so stay posted. In the meantime, get out there and grab your dreams because you can make them happen!


What do you think of online courses?


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63 responses to “Chasing My Writing Dreams”

  1. Heather Keet says:

    I’ve been trying to write a book for the past year. Sadly, I now how the makings of 3 books but they are all semi-completed. Maybe I should take a course to help me focus. Congratulations on your dream, you’re going to do great! #DreamTeam

  2. Stephanie says:

    I find that with big projects like books, one of the hardest things is making sure you do something, anything, at least a bit every single day to keep the momentum going. Good luck! #dreamteam

  3. Oh I’ve seen this course around before and I’m really tempted! I’ve got 75,000 words through a novel but I haven’t touched it since blogging as the task felt too enormous to turn it into something publishable enough – maybe this course is something I need to give me the confidence to carry on with it. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with this course and good luck lovely – go write that book! #DreamTeam

  4. Rach says:

    How exciting! Go for it. You’ve done your research and I truly believe everyone has got a book in them, it’s just having the confidence (and time) to put the dream into action.
    My ultimate dream is to write a sitcom – I’ve got the idea, it’s just getting into it (and not putting it off all the time!)
    Good luck!

  5. Lucy says:

    Good on you for chasing your dreams!! Best of luck with the course too #DreamTeam

  6. You’re so right that it’s never too late for grabing your dreams and making them come true.. I even think that with age you start to develop and grow and finally see what you want to do and how you want to do it. We become wiser, tougher, more persistent, more true to ourselves. That’s why it is the perfect time to chase our dreams. So, all the best with this course and hope I will get to read your book soon;). #DreamTeam

  7. Samsam says:

    I wish you all the best in following your dream of writing a book, do you know what you want to be about yet?
    Good luck on your course,keep us updated #DreamTeam

  8. Sonia says:

    Definitely a good idea for anyone with a specific requirement and the motivation to get on with it! I think I might need someone to give me a kick every now and then! Hope it works well for you! x #DreamTeam

  9. Lisa says:

    I love online learning because it fits so well around family life. Not that I have done any for quite some time, but I would definitely recommend it to any parent. I can’t wait to see how you get on and really looking forward to your future book! #DreamTeam x

  10. I’ve decided 2017 is about finishing my book I’ve started writing. Best of luck with yours xx #TwinklyTuesday

  11. Become Mum says:

    Man how do find the time and energy! Amazing passion 🙂 I find that by the time I blog, Facebook, Twitter and read other blogs it is the end of the week! I really liked your review of the learning site, it looks like a good resource to have (I have bookmarked it). #DreamTeam

  12. Sorry I meant to post… #DreamTeam

  13. Ooooh now that’s exciting. It sounds like you were born to write, and like you say, it’s NEVER too late. I’m a huge fan of online courses – they just make so much sense and can fit around your life in a way that suits you. Wishing you the very best of luck! #DreamTeam

  14. It sounds awesome! Well done for continuing to follow your dreams and better your education. It’s never too late!

  15. keep chasing it girl! Awesome work 🙂

  16. Good for you! The very best of luck with the course! #DreamTeam

  17. Good luck with your writing dreams! I’ve always wanted to be a writer too, but I have no idea what I could write a book about. The hardest thing about writing is actually doing it – carving out that time every day to work on it. I’m getting bettter at actually doing it and fighting the urge to just lay on the couch and watch telly! #DreamTeam

  18. Annette, I’m so excited for you! Glad you’re getting started, as it is *never* going to be a better time than now! “I’ll write the book after …” never happens because there is always something going on, always a “good reason” to postpone a while longer. Just do it! 🙂

  19. I have heard of these course quite a bit lately and they do sound so good! I have never done and online course but with the kids around it would be the only way I could realistically learn these days.

  20. Agree with everything you said about ‘writing’… if you have the urge and flair to ‘storytell’, writing in some form or the other will always happen.
    I have loved writing ever since I was in school. Luckily, I made it into my profession (lifestyle journalist) and now, after quitting my job to be a SAHM, I’m going back to it through blogging. So there.
    All the best with your course, book and dreams! Go make them happen:)
    PS: I want to write a book someday too… fingers crossed!

  21. Well done you for following your dream. This is the year I do something for me too. Online courses are so great these days and perfect got people like me at home with young children. Look luck with it all X #marvmondays

  22. Jaki says:

    Wow this sounds amazing. Wishing you lots of luck with it. Looking forward to seeing how you get on. #DreamTeam

  23. This is brilliant, good for you. You’re actively trying to make your dream of writing a book come true. I wish I could be as motivated and proactive. The course looks brill too. Good luck with the course, no doubt you’ll be fab! #DreamTeam

  24. Kate Holmes says:

    I share your dream so am very interested to hear about this course.

  25. Live the dream! You can do it if you work for it! I believe, and so do you! #DreamTeam

  26. moneycorgi says:

    Interesting idea

    have you had a look at how many words all your blog posts add up to? you might have written enough for a novel already,

  27. The course looks fab, I would love to take on something like that! Good luck with you book!


  28. I have big creative dreams and strongly believe it keeping the goals high so the success is high too. Write you shall and I wish you all the very best, you are a fab writer, I enjoy your posts by much. Thanks for hosting. Yvadney x #DreamTeam

  29. Lucy At Home says:

    Yes Annette! Reach for your dream! I did an online course at the end of last year and, whilst it was hard work fitting it in around an already hectic schedule, I really loved it. I hope you enjoy yours just as much and that it encourages you to keep pushing forward #DreamTeam

  30. Emma says:

    Good on you for chasing your dreams – we find ourselves telling our little ones to dream big, we should take the time to remind ourselves of that mantra. All the very best with the course – I look forward to hearing how it goes! #DreamTeam x

  31. ohmummymia says:

    sounds like awesome course! hope it will help you to make your dream comes true

  32. Good for you! I started writing my first book last year, and although it’s a slow process it’s something that I really want to make a reality! You can do this! #dreamteam

  33. Mother of 3 says:

    I’m like that with writing too and I’ve always dreamed of writing a book but I am finding that my blog is satisfying my need to write in ways I never thought possible. Good luck reaching your dreams!

  34. catherine says:

    I think its a wonderful dream. If theres a book inside you trying to get out it will emerge at some point. I’ll be watching this space. #dreamteam

  35. Michelle says:

    I’m really excited to see how this goes for you. Good luck #dreamteam

  36. Becky says:

    A couple of my very close friends have done online courses. It’s something I’ve always thought about but never got round to looking. I’m also not really sure what I’d like to study.
    Good luck with your course and I hope it held you achieve your dream x

  37. Sally says:

    You should never give up on your dreams. You can definitely write a book. Hope the course goes well

    Sally @ Life Loving

  38. Mrs Lighty says:

    I would definitely buy any book you’d written Annette! And I’ll let you into a little secret: we share the same dream. The problem I have is that I don’t have any ideas. Yet. They will come one day. Thanks so much for sharing this with #DreamTeam xxx

  39. How amazing that you are going to write a book! Good luck with it all. #DreamTeam

  40. It’s like you were writing about me! To be honest, I think a lot of bloggers probably have a writing dream in them somewhere, it’s that urge to write that brought them to blogging in the first place (or maybe it’s just me). I have two and a half first drafts of novels but I’ve never gone any further with them and haven’t written any new fiction since before my youngest was born but the desire is still there, itching away. This course sounds great. Best of luck, can’t wait to hear how you get on x

  41. I think you are absolutely right to follow your dreams and I am sure that they will come to fruition for you. This course looks like a great idea and it’s fab that you can download sections to pick up when you are out and about. Looking forward to hearing more about it as you go along. Good luck lovely. Reach for those stars! x #DreamTeam

  42. Definitely always dream big!! I know it’s much easier said than done-I’m the first to shy away from my dreams, labelling them impossible, and making excuses not to pursue them. But I’m working on chasing mine this year too! I hope you get on well with the course, I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with it! And well done for putting your dreams out there! I can’t wait to hear about a book being published!!

  43. Hoot & Luna says:

    I’m not a fan of creative writing courses, to be honest. Then again, I’m a genre girl, and writing courses tend to be skewed towards literary work, so maybe I’m a little biased on that front.

    I recommend you join the Absolute Write Forums. The information on there is invaluable, whether you plan on pursuing the traditional publishing route (ie getting an agent) or self-publishing. There’s also a lot of personal support, including feedback on writing, queries, etc.

    Best of luck with it!

    Misa x

  44. Sounds brilliant and I’m sure you have everything you need to write that book.I’ve always wanted to but it always felt such a huge undertaking,taking that first step with your course sounds like you’re on your way!Good Luck #DreamTeam

  45. Wow, good luck. I’ve never done an online course but they sound like a good way to learn #DreamTeam

  46. Good luck with the book! I have a friend in her 40’s who took a major career turn from being a police officer to a writer. I have a copy of her first published book and she’s busy writing half a dozen more. So it really is never too late and you should definitely follow your dream!

  47. Kimberly says:

    Good for you Annette! I can’t believe you work full-time, write the blog, host a linky and are somehow fitting in a course. Superhuman! Hope it goes well x #DreamTeam

  48. Jaclyn Bree says:

    This is my first visit to your blog but I knew right away it would be awesome when I read “writing a book to those that don’t really ‘write, write’, is like asking them to go fetch the fairies in from the garden. It’s all a bit too elusive for them.”
    That’s Hubby. No doubt.

  49. I’ve heard of these before and once Im a bit settled i think ill try it out. right now im trying to deal with returning to work and getting my head around the blog trying to get it out of the newbie stage!
    maybe 2018??? #dreamteam

  50. Helena says:

    We have one life so live it I say. Go for your dreams bit by bit and you’ll get there. #DreamTeam

  51. Cathryn says:

    Do it! I would love to write a recipe book and it’s on my list to write an ebook this year.
    I would buy your book!!


  52. This is brilliant! I often day dream about doing graphic design and think about taking a course but I’m not that good! This course seems really fab and if it helps give you the confidence you need then it’s well worth the time and effort 🙂 I can’t wait to read your book one day! #DreamTeam

  53. So excited for you! That moment when you stop thinking of writing as a dream and start actually living it is something that is beyond description. Reading this post was like re-reading my own story – I always wanted to write, then life got in the way and it was too late. Then I started blogging and now I’m onto my fourth book and I write full time for a living. It’s never too late 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  54. Kelly says:

    The course sounds like a great idea. I’d love to write a book too… maybe one day!

  55. Brandi Puga says:

    by the time i graduated college I had three kids under 5, so online learning was the only way i could do it! I love this idea, if i had the disposable income for it I would sign up right now!

  56. The idea of online courses appeals to my mummy, however she wonders if she’d ever have the time! Days slip through her fingers enough these days. Good luck with the course and of course, writing the book xx #DreamTeam x

  57. I love this – always dream big! I think this is so exciting and especially about your course too, I can’t wait to hear more about it as the year progresses. My other half writes crime novels and I didn’t realise how much work goes into it, even before he starts writing! I think authors are so inspirational 🙂 Thank you for hosting #dreamteam with me xx

  58. Edward says:

    I’m pleased to hear that you are finally on the path to writing a book. I know it has been a big goal of yours for as long as I have known you. It is a struggle, as you know from my experience. It will be rewarding when you do write your first draft because you’ll then be so much closer to achieving your dream. The online course you are doing will be of great help. When I did the writing fiction course with Future Learn last year it opened my eyes to different techniques and ways for writing. One tip from me is to carry a small notebook with you. Use this to write little things you observe around you, with people and places. This can spark ideas for your characters and narrative. I look forward to hearing your progress. #dreamteam

  59. Annette I think it is so great that you are chasing your dreams. I agree, its never too late. Especially if its something you are passionate about, which you clearly are. I love reading your posts, you write so well already so it’ll be exciting to see how your writing evolves over the next few months 🙂 Please keep us posted on how its going on #MarvMondays as I’d love to follow your journey. Emily x

  60. Congratulations! Making this admission is a huge step! We all know you can write, so I bet writing a book will be right up your alley. Best of luck!!!

  61. Good for you for chasing your dreams. i’ve just signed up for an online photography course but not started it yet. I think there’s so much you can do online now. i’d also love to write a book but i don’t have any ideas!! #DreamTeam

  62. Please forgive the americanism but you go girl! #bloggerclubuk

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