Construction play with Foame

June 6, 2019


We love construction toys! Apart from being fantastic at developing little ones fine motor skills, they can often inspire all sorts of wacky creations. Stretching their imaginations in ways you didn’t think possible, especially if you are able to sit back (I know it’s hard!) and give them that much needed time and space for free-play. A lot of construction toys on the market tend to be made of hard pieces to join together which can be tricky for little fingers. It goes with the territory, as well as bruised toes from stepping on them as most parents know #ouch. Luckily, Foame have come up with a solution. It’s pretty special and will have parents cheering! Super soft construction pieces made of foame. Yass!    


Construction play with Foame



Construction play with Foame


Much to Little Buttons delight, we were sent 2 sets of Foame to try out (thank you!). The Foame Creature set and the larger Foame Adventurers set. Each arrived in a fantastic little zipped tidy away fabric bag, making them easy to grab and go. It was such a beautiful day, so we decided to take them outside and play in the garden.  



Creative Foame Creatures


As I expected, Little Button made a dive straight in for the Foame creature set. This was the smaller set of the two, with 78 pieces and a guide build of 15 creatures to create. The set is aimed at little ones aged 3 years + which I think is just about right.


Construction play with Foame


She tipped the pieces out all over the table and found 2 instruction booklets with easy to follow diagrams on how to build each of the creatures. The pieces themselves are a lovely size for little fingers. They feel chunky, soft to touch and there are no sharp edges or hard locking joins, which can sometimes interfere with play.


Construction play with Foame



Little Button is 6 years old and was able to follow the guides with ease, leaving me to sit back, relax and enjoy watching her have fun.


Construction play with Foame



We love how each creature was a quick build, making this set very rewarding to put together and play with.


Construction play with Foame


Construction play with Foame



Little Button managed to build a Starfish, Crab, Mata Ray, Turtle, Shark, Octopus, Penguin, Crocodile, Snake, Polar Bear, Dolphin, 2 ducks and 3 fish. What a treat!


Construction play with Foame



She was very impressed! If your little one doesn’t fancy building the set creatures, they can absolutely use Foame to come up with their own creations or adapt the set ones in all sorts of ways.



Foame Adventurers


Next up was the big set. At a whopping 200 pieces the Foame Adventure set looks epic! It’s aimed at little ones aged 5 years+ all the way to grown ups. The pieces are still lovely and soft, but a bit smaller and definitely look like they are geared up for free play.


Construction play with Foame

Construction play with Foame


As like the creatures set, it comes with 2 booklets. These give suggestions on what you can create, and a step by step guide on how to put them together. I think we were both blown away by how complex some of the suggested builds were. Ekk! So, we picked out what looked like the easiest to try and gave it a go together. This set also comes with a Foame base which was very handy.


Here’s what we built on our first go!


Construction play with Foame


Construction play with Foame



A quick splash?


The clever design folk at Foame really know how to extend play and have made their sets water friendly. This is a huge plus for us as Little Button loves to play in water. She took hers in the bath and the paddling pool for a splash.


Construction play with Foame



Our overall thoughts


We are so impressed with both of these Foame sets! They offer hours of free play fun both in and out of the water. The tidy bags make them simple to store and they are super easy to travel with too. Ours have been turned into so many things over the last few weeks including an ocean, a mountainous train and railway track, even a theme park!


The more she plays with Foame, the more creative she’s getting with what she builds. We would absolutely recommend Foame to other parents!


To find out more and see what the other sets look like, hop over to the official Foame website. You can also follow Foame on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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Construction play with Foame




Disclosure: We were sent these Foame sets for Little Button to try out. All views are my own, and Little Buttons! #ADGifted




33 responses to “Construction play with Foame”

  1. Mel says:

    I’d never heard of Foame before reading your post. These sets are pretty good, and I guess they’d help with fine motor skills. I think they’d be perfect for my 4yo. Thanks for sharing

  2. Janet Cooper says:

    I’d never heard of Foame before but this looks cool. So many interesting things to make – my son would love the shark! As a mum of three and a teacher, I can see this being really beneficial to a child’s development. 🙂

  3. Toys like this will never get old! Mine will sit happily for hours and build and play with similar toys, I think they are great.

  4. Jenni says:

    I’d never heard of Foame before, but these look like so much fun! I especially like the big set – we’ve got some small blocks with a similar interlocking technique from Plus Plus, but they are made of hard plastic so hurt a lot more when your brother throws them at your head (hypothetically speaking, of course…)

  5. I’ve not heard of these before, but they are just the toys my two would have loved when younger

  6. Rachael says:

    These look so great, sort of like building your very own Minecraft world. I love the creatures one too, my 5 year old would absolutely love this.

  7. Rachel says:

    Love all the colours and animals – hours of fun I am sure. Great they are made of foam as it doesnt matter if they get wet.

  8. Lydia C. Lee says:

    We had puzzle things like this that you built into shapes- the kids LOVED them! #Dreamteam

  9. Those pieces look so cool — and so much fun to make, I’ll bet. And easy to pack away afterwards — perfect! #DreamTeam

  10. Ann says:

    Oh, looks fun, a bit like sponge duplo. #dreamteam

  11. Sarah-Marie says:

    These look like so much fun! They’d be great to play with in the bath. #DreamTeam

  12. sam says:

    This looks perfect to practice building and using imagination X #dreamteam

  13. Kate Holmes says:

    Not heard of the brand before reading this review. Looks like lots of fun and anything that is easy enough to tidy away and store has my vote #DreamTeam

  14. Looks like great fun, in a way similar to the lego of our day, love the colours too. If only they weren’t made out of plastic but out of wood – a little more expensive but for something that is to be used again and again maybe worth it? #dreamteam

    • I actually had a very basic wooden shape set for building when I was little – and oh – how I loved that set. Wood does last, but I do like how these are so portable. You wouldn’t believe how much play time mine has got out of them already. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. They look amazing! I know my boys would love to have these. I particularly love the bags to keep them in. #DreamTeam

  16. Wow, that looks brilliant. Definitely something that I can see most kids enjoying and spending hours on. Great kit.

  17. These look excellent – I have never heard of them. My daughter loves Duplo so I am sure she would love these too! #DreamTeam

  18. This stuff sounds super and much less painful on the old feet! Great that kids can play with it in water too, that would be a big hit with my 4 year old who just loves water play right now! #dreamteam

  19. I can imagine my 4 year old playing with these for ages, especially the animal set. They look like great fun! #dreamteam

  20. I haven’t seen these before. What a very good thorough review and endless hours of play to be had! #dreamteam

  21. Heather Keet says:

    This is such a neat set, I love that it’s foam – perfect for the bath also! #DreamTeam

  22. Crummy Mummy says:

    Never heard of this brand before but it looks brill – all my 3 would love these! #DreamTeam

  23. Kirsty says:

    oh my gosh!! These look amazing! My kids would get hours of fun with these. I need to get some to take on holiday as they can double as bath toys. #DreamTeam

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