Dress Up As A Snail with Pretend To Bee

May 4, 2017


Like many little ones, my daughter loves to dress up as her favourite film, TV and book characters. Many toy shops and supermarkets stock a range of generic fancy dress costumes, but what if you want something a bit special, or at least different from everyone else? Here’s a little secret for you… have a look at Pretend To Bee.


I know! I can’t believe we have only just heard about them either. Not only do they stock a huge range of exciting children’s costumes, but their prices are very reasonable too, which of course is a huge bonus, especially if you have more than one child to buy for.



Dressing Up with Pretend To Bee

Little Button is an avid fan of Julia Donaldson and holds a special place in her heart for ‘The Snail and the Whale’. I’m pretty sure it has everything to do with her love of the seaside! The lovely people over at Pretend To Bee have just had some new fancy dress costumes designed, and guess what? One of them is a snail costume!  We were really excited to try this out.





Let’s Pretend To Be A Snail!

We love the detailing in this stunning tabard snail costume by Pretend To Bee. As a parent, I always dread the fiddly bits some fancy dress costumes have, and there is nothing worse than finding your little one stuck inside a costume with cheap plastic zips and tiny head and arm holes. I’m very pleased to say that Pretend To Bee have thought of everything with this costume.


Dress Up As A Snail with Pretend To Bee


Available in size 3-7 years old, the tabard snail costume is spacious and its velcro fastenings help to extend its life span as your little one grows.


Dress Up As A Snail with Pretend To Bee


Despite having a snail shell on its back, the costume is actually quite light and squashy, so easy to store.


Dress Up As A Snail with Pretend To Bee


The material is strong, and after lots of testing there has been no sign of wear and tear as of yet.


Dress Up As A Snail with Pretend To Bee



Overall Thoughts

We were all really impressed with this snail costume, and even more impressed that Pretend To Bee think outside the box when it comes to their fancy dress costumes in general.


Dress Up As A Snail with Pretend To Bee


We would absolutely recommend this snail costume to anyone with a little girl or boy with a love for imaginative play.



Pretend To Bee

You can find out more about Pretend To Bee by visiting their website and following them on Facebook and Twitter.



Disclosure: Little Button was sent the tabard snail costume to try out by the lovely people at Pretend To Bee. All views are my own.


44 responses to “Dress Up As A Snail with Pretend To Bee”

  1. Heather Keet says:

    That costume is so cute! #DreamTeam

  2. Mrs Lighty says:

    Ha! I saw this pop up on my feed the other day and thought, “I must go back and read that!”. I was intrigued to know, why a snail?!! But now I do know. I’ve known about Pretend to Bee for a while but hadn’t used them, so it’s good to get a recommendation for when Baby Lighty is into dressing up. #DreamTeam xxx

    • It’s such a cute costume! I’m planning to pick up a few more from them. It’s so hard to find stuff which everyone else isn’t wearing. Ahhhh Mrs Lightly – you should have told me about them sooner 🙂 xx

  3. Oh this looks adorable and really gorgeous quality! Mine used to adore dressing up too #DreamTeam

  4. Mama Grace says:

    This is so cute and a great site I’d never heard of too. #DreamTeam

  5. That looks awesome. I’d never have thought to make the shell soft. Great idea.

  6. Aww what a cute little snail! Always handy to have a reasonable supplier for the endless amount of school dress-up days! #DreamTeam

  7. Oh wow, I know exactly what you mean. In the shops the dress up costumes are usually the generic princess costumes! Never heard of Pretend to Bee but the quality looks really good, will have to keep them in mind x

  8. I dont think I have ever seen a snail costume. Would be fitting for my kids this morning though,


  9. Great will take a look. #dreamteam

  10. How adorable!!! I wish I knew about this back when my two daughters were playing dress up!!! Because you are so right…generic princesses costumes are NOT inspiring! And not as cute as this snail get up!!! #dreamteam

  11. What a cute and unique costume, love it! X #dreamteam

  12. Chloe Wood says:

    That is seriously adorable! #DreamTeam

  13. Aleena says:

    Yes to this! I’m so over the usual boring range of fancy dress costumes. Amelia also loves The Snail and the Whale (more for the rhythm, I think) so I’ll be sure to show her this! #DreamTeam

  14. Chloe says:

    Hi, I’ve not seen a snail costume before, how cute #dreamteam

  15. Who would have thought that a snail could be so cute??? This looks like a great company.

  16. Stephanie says:

    We love “The Snail and the Whale” too! #dreamteam

  17. This is such a lovely thing and so unusual. My little girl would absolutely love dressing up as a snail. 🙂 #dreamteam

  18. Ooo… I’ll have to look into these. Alexander was never really interested in dressing up, but they have a dress up box at nursery and he seems to be getting more interested in it. #DreamTeam

  19. Suz says:

    Lovely costume. Dressing-up was something I was going to try with grandkids, so this post was well timed.
    Loved the video too 🙂

  20. Lisa says:

    Wow! Just had a little peek at their website, they have a great selection and the prices are pretty good too! Love the video and photos of your gorgeous little girl, she looks so happy with her snail costume #DreamTeam x

  21. Tubbs says:

    That’s fantastic! Such a lovely costume 🙂 Bet there are loads of games you can play with it

  22. Sonia Cave says:

    My trio love fancy dress and this is a really different costume, it’s fantastic #dreamteam

  23. Omg how cool!! I was literally wondering earlier how I’m going to dress my little one up when she’s older haha! #dreamteam

  24. Lovely idea for capturing the imagination and expanding play opportunities #dreamteam

  25. Oh my! This is so cute!!

  26. Mum & Stuff says:

    I’ve never heard of them before this, sounds fantastic – can’t wait to have a look! Thank you x

  27. Mainy says:

    How cute! Not something that I’ve seen before but I love it!:)

  28. Cute little costume. #dreamteam

  29. They look great. So many costumes look really acrylic, uncomfortable and unsafe. These actually look quite soft and comfy. Will have to bear them in mind! #DreamTeam

  30. What a lovely costume and so different from all the standard ones you see! She looks so cute! #dreamteam

  31. This is SO cute!! My kids love playing dress up and I love the fact that this is so different to their usual Disney dresses! #dreamteam

  32. Petite Words says:

    O so very cool! Wow (: #DreamTeam

  33. How funny. I’ve got to review something actually which is literally one of the most ingenuous ridiculously simple “how hasn’t this existed before?” concepts I’ve ever come across. This brand’s product is so clever (and no I’ve never heard of them but frankly it appears I live in a hole on my own as I didn’t even know France was having elections till this week!!!) Glad to see your little princess is one happy camper #dreamteam

  34. This is such a cute idea! she looks super chuffed with it also! #dreamteam

  35. Helena says:

    I’ve seen so many costumes lately but not a snail before. #DreamTeam

  36. Jaki says:

    Such a lovely costume. Very cute. #dreamteam

  37. Oh Annette, Little Button looks adorable. So cute and I love that they are thinking out of the box and not just sticking with the usual ladybird / bumble bee options! Thanks for having me along to co-host #DreamTeam with you xx

  38. Lovely costume! Dress-up is so much fun for kids. We have a huge dressing up box in our house! #dreamteam

  39. yvonne says:

    Oh I love this! My kids love dressing up too and I love that they have a range of different costumes at reasonable prices. Snail on the Whale is one of my favourite JD books 🙂 #DreamTeam

  40. Oh this is so cute – what a fab outfit! I have been reading about this company and it sounds great, I know Emma is going to love dressing up when she’s a bit older. Thanks so much for hosting #dreamteam with me lovely x

  41. Louise says:

    What a fab costume! She looks like she’s having a great time #dreamteam

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