GEOBAR Chewy Cereal Bars Tastier Than Ever

August 17, 2016


There is nothing worse than being on a day out with little rumbly tummies that just can’t wait for lunch. You know what I mean right? Is it lunch yet… nope you just had breakfast. Is it time to eat yet… no, we are not even there yet. And so it goes on.


Now, like you, I am pretty much a whizz when it comes to the art of snack stuffing. And by stuffing I mean into every bag and pocket going. *We won’t tell anyone about the other stuffing that involves eating said snacks when the little ones are not looking.


It’s all covered, except who wants to be the snack carthorse whilst out and about? It certainly ruins my day out when I am left with crunchy crisp hips, an apple bottom, and packets of half eaten crackers that have a habit of crumbling everywhere. It’s not a good look.



Fear not, the wonderful people at Traidcraft have a snack up their sleeve that won’t weigh you down!



GEOBAR Chewy Cereal Bars

You have probably heard of Traidcraft GEOBAR already. Well, you are in for a treat as they have just relaunched with a fab new range of chewy cereal bars.


GEOBAR Chewy Cereal Bars Tastier Than Ever


They come in 3 wonderful flavours of wild apricot, mixed berries and chocolate. These nifty little bars are perfectly sized to carry in a coat pocket or handbag, leaving you hands-free and ready to enjoy your day out with your family.


As a parent, I love how Traidcraft has listened to feedback about making their products less sugary and a better source of fibre. At £2 a box, you really can’t go wrong.




The Taste Test

As with any snack, ultimately it’s all about the taste. Here is how we got on.




The Tasty Snack That Makes You Feel Great

In terms of taste, the GEOBAR Chewy Cereal Bars all got the thumbs up. For me, what makes them even tastier is knowing that behind the scenes, these products are really helping to change and improve communities around the world for the better. You can find out more by visiting the Traidcraft GEOBAR website and following them on Twitter and Facebook.



GEOBAR Chewy Cereal Bars Tastier Than Ever



Disclosure: We were sent a Traidcraft goody bag which contained these yummy chewy cereal bars for us to enjoy. All views are my own.


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28 responses to “GEOBAR Chewy Cereal Bars Tastier Than Ever”

  1. Edward says:

    Awww that was I very good vlog taste test buttons. Yummmmmm! I knew you’d like the chocolate one Ann. I’ll have a look out for these when I go to the supermarket over the weekend. Well done on another lovely vlog, keep it up.

  2. Kaye says:

    I’m always looking for healthy snacks and completely agree about less sugar, that’s the one thing that always worries me. Shall have to try these! #dreamteam

  3. They had me at “chewy chocolate cereal bar”. I am a huge fan of these for snacks when out and about.

  4. Chewy chocolate bar, mmmm count me in. Certainly beats my bland breakfast on a morning. Would be perfect for when I’m in a rush to get yo work #dreamteam

  5. Sounds great, especially like the sound of the chocolate one! #dreamteam

  6. Ohhh good tip!! I often snack on cereal bars as they are such handy little snacks but I also know they are so bad for you and often full of sugar. These look lush I’ll be giving them a try xx thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  7. these sound great – and it’s fab they get the taste approval! Thanks for sharing – I know my girls will love these too x #DreamTeam

  8. Great vlog Hun. Always handy to have a little something pushed into your bag too invade the little ones get hungry #DreamTeam

  9. It’s good that they’re in sealed packages – the bottom of all my coat pockets and bags are coated with a nice layer of crumbs and stickiness! Yuk! #DreamTeam

  10. kate says:

    These bars look delicious. I love the taste test video, so cute. And thanks for the reminder I need to put the oven on now, so lunch is ready in time! #DreamTeam

  11. Love a good chewy bar,these look fab. So convenient for travelling! #DreamTeam

  12. Nicola says:

    I love trying new healthy bars! I’ll definitly be trying these especially the chocolate one! #DreamTeam

  13. teacuptoria says:

    Yummy love cereal bars! I’ve not heard of these ones before though, will have to give them a try. xx #DreamTeam

  14. Aww love the taste test 🙂 Great idea for a snack! #DreamTeam

  15. Yum! I don’t usually like cereal bars but I’d be tempted to give this one a go! xx

  16. I never leave the house without several bars in my bag – I am NOT pleasant when I’m hungry, and neither is the Popple. #DreamTeam

  17. Thank you! Will get my hands on them. My little fellow is always up for a snack; the healthier the better!

  18. ooh they look yummy. Definitely going to try them out! Nom nom… thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  19. Ooo these look yummy! I struggle to find snacks for Alfie that are quick and easy to chuck in a bag, but also healthy and are not going to send him off on a sugar high (he’s got too much energy as it is!) Off to go and add them to my online shopping order for this week! #DreamTeam

  20. These look great, so handy to take out with you!


  21. Charlotte says:

    I’m always looking for snacks with a little less sugar in them, I will keep an eye out tor them #dream team

  22. Tammymum says:

    Oh I love a cereal bar, especially ones with chocolate y look like a great snack though and one the littles one would enjoy too. #dreamteam xx

  23. Oh love the look of these. Would love to try the mixed berries one!

  24. Hmm I do love a chewy cereal bar and so do my kids. Being a healthier version i will have to try these out myself! #DreamTeam

  25. Helena says:

    I imagine these are great for trips out and camping adventures. #DreamTeam

  26. And now I need a snack! 😉 #DreamTeam

  27. I love a nice cereal bar for both myself and the tots, and these ones look really squishy and chewy (as opposed to the sweepings up from the bottom of a budgie cage texture which so many of them seem to have). Pleased to see that Little Button wasn’t beaten by the two and managed to go on and complete all three taste tests. That’s dedication to her work hehehe. They look delicious. Thanks for sharing with #fartglitter x

  28. These sound delicious in particular the chocolate one. Really enjoyed the vlog as well! My kids will love these as treats I’m sure #DreamTeam

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