LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop Dolls Review

March 28, 2018


LOL Surprise! Dolls were the hottest toys in town last year. So, it’s absolutely no surprise that they are set to take centre stage again for 2018. The dazzling fashion-easters are back with something new, bold and daring. The series 3 LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop Dolls.



Introducing LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop Dolls

The LOL Surprise! craze has seen these little beauties flying off every shelf and webpage across the land. You have to be very lucky to get your hands on any of the series unless you are pre-ordering. So, you can imagine Little Buttons surprise when one of these arrived!


LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop


In fact, some of her favourite LOL Surprise! characters came out for the occasion to have a nosey at their new pal.


LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop




Let’s Get Popping

Little Button (aged 5) is giddy waiting to find out what you think of her LOL Surprise! unboxing video. Don’t forget to give her a thumbs up over on YouTube and let her know what you think! #MiniVlogger




What’s inside that ball?

Hopefully you’ve had the chance to check out the ‘big surprise POP!’ in Little Buttons vlog (no? hit play up there for the reveal). Here’s a clue.


LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop


We love that there are now a whopping 9 surprises to be found within these balls of fun. They give you a hint on what to expect on the outer packaging here. Exciting stuff!


LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop


Inside each ball you will find:

The LOL Surprise Doll (with a hidden surprise that can be revealed when dunked in water)

A secret message sticker

Collectible stickers (which you can stick on the included minim poster)

A bottle charm

The outfit (Little Buttons favourite bit)


A fashion accessory

2 mystery surprises!


LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop


That’s a whole lot of surprises to find!


LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop




Cute, sassy and a whole lot of fun

Ok, so tell me you have watched Little Buttons vlog? Yes! Great… so it’s ok that I tell you now that when you find the hidden ribbon and give it a pull, you’ve got yourself a confetti POP! And that is exactly what makes this series a stand out for this year.


LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop


The LOL Surprise! dolls are cuter, sassier, and on the verge of taking over the fashion runways! Little Button simply adores them, and as a very fashion-forward 5 year old (no idea where she gets this from!?!), these are the ONLY dolls in her sight at the moment.

This is Angel, who she unboxed in her vlog. We love how much attention to detail has gone into creating her and the accessories, which can all be mixed and matched with her pals.


LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop



Our overall thoughts

We LOVE LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop dolls. If Little Button could (and I dare say she is trying to) fill her bedroom with them, she would. Retailing at around £10.99 I think these are a snap, and perfect for gifting, giving as surprise treats and also pocket money friendly buys. They are aimed at ages 6 years and upwards, which I think is very reasonable, given the small pieces.


LOL Surprise! dolls have really captured Little Buttons imagination, now, she just can’t wait to see what’s coming next! 


Fancy finding out more? Head over to the official LOL Surprise! website. You can also catch our LOL Surprise! Pets review.



LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop



If you were an LOL Surprise doll, what would your name and special talent be?




Disclosure: We were sent this LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop for Little Button to try out. All views are my own, and Little Buttons!


15 responses to “LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop Dolls Review”

  1. Mrs Lighty says:

    Love the look on Little Button’s face when she pulls the ribbon! Baby Lighty watched it with me and gasped in surprise when he saw it! xxx

  2. Buheri says:

    I love the ball, Last Easter my niece got it from her dad and it was so fun watching her unwrap every step.It was thrilling especially to her.You should have seen how anxious she looked moving from one step to the other.Am glad you brought the memories and I will definitely get some for my daughters

  3. We had one of these to try last year. Neither of us were impressed, especially for how much they cost! Glad your daughter liked her’s though! Sim x

  4. Aww these are adorable ! It’s amazing the things they come up with these days! Our boys have had kinder surprise eggs this year and there is something very special about seeing what toy they get . It is magical ! Love these x

  5. Frankie says:

    With 3 grandsons i’m not likely to see any of these in our house but I do have a couple of young nieces who i’m sure would love them.

  6. My daughters love the latest series from L.O.L Surprise. They are great little presents aren’t they.

  7. Mandi says:

    They are pretty cute I must admit. I know many a child who love and collect these LOL dolls.

  8. Laura Dove says:

    Oh my kids had this a while ago and they LOVED it! I wasn’t quite as keen on picking all that confetti up, but what a great idea!

  9. These are so cute, and I’m sure I would have loved them when I was little x

  10. Lisa Jackson says:

    My daughter is desperate for one of these, as well as so many other things. I’ve promised her one once she reaches the next reading level at school

  11. those are so fancy! I would love one too because they are so cool and colourful! Your little girl looks well happy 🙂

  12. Wendy says:

    These things seem to be everywhere right now. My boys don’t really play with little things like that but they are the sort of things I’d have loved when I was little xx

  13. Laura Haley says:

    I thought these were really expensive. That’s not bad at all, though.

  14. I haven’t come across these before. I like the fact that there are nine different surprises in one – it feels like the toy that keeps giving. They are very cute too!

  15. I haven’t really heard of these before but my children are 2 and 3 months, and we don’t have adverts They definately look like the sort of toy 5 year old me would have loved

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