Making a splash with swimming nature

August 21, 2018


*You may want to grab a cuppa for this one. It’s a bit long, but I wanted to give Swimming Nature the full and fair review that they deserve. If you are already looking to book, there’s a 10% off code at the bottom of this post.


I’ve been on the lookout for beginners children’s swimming lessons for sometime now. Little Button has always loved the water. Whether at the beach, the pool or even the bath, it’s one of her happy places. She’s been quite content with just splashing about and building up her confidence. But after a lovely trip to Center Parcs in half term, getting her water safe and swimming unaided felt top priority. But how do you know if a local pools swimming classes will be any good, and most importantly safe? I’ll be honest. After hearing a few horror stories of local swimming instructors turning their backs on their class, as well as a parent having to jump in mid-class to rescue their little one, I’ve been pretty put off. A lot. But just when I felt like giving up on my search, Swimming Nature found us!



swimming nature




Who is Swimming Nature?

Swimming Nature is a brilliant swim school that operates out of private pools (such as fitness centres and spas) across the UK. Swimming lessons are offered on a 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 basis, meaning that lessons are fully tailored to the swimmer, rather than a huge class. Their ethos is first and foremost ‘water is our friend’. With a clear passion for encouraging swimmers to feel really comfortable in the water, before introducing them to stroke techniques.



Our experience of Swimming Nature

Little Button was invited to try out an intensive week of 1-to-1 private swimming lessons with Swimming Nature. As a complete beginner, this sounded like the perfect way to get her in the water and see what would happen. There are quite a few pools around us in London that Swimming Nature run from, so I picked the Fitness First Highbury branch and we excitedly waited for Little Buttons first day of class.


A few days before her first class, we had a call from Swimming Nature who asked questions about Little Button, checking her level and how she felt in the water. This was to be fed back to the swimming instructor so he had an idea of where she was at, before meeting her poolside. I was very impressed by the care taken with this, and it was also very reassuring from a parents point of view.



Swimming Nature at Fitness First Highbury

On the day, we found that Fitness First Highbury was very easy to get to and just round the corner from Arsenal tube station on the Piccadilly Line. When we got there, the reception staff were very welcoming and it was just a case of signing in and heading to the changing rooms. For anyone who hasn’t been to a Fitness First venue, it’s seriously plush!


swimming nature



There was a little moment where Little Button stalled in the changing rooms from nerves. So we headed poolside as soon as she was ready, so she could have a little peek at the lessons before hers.


swimming nature


The pool was spotless. Lovely and warm, not busy, and had plenty of seating to accommodate lesson spectators. Swimming Nature appeared to have one reserved lane for the private lessons taking place (2 lessons running simultaneously with 2 seperate instructors). Which gave a huge space for the learners, and no worries about crashing into anyone.


Little Buttons face lit-up as she watched the instructors encouraging their swimmers in such a positive way. All nerves gone. She couldn’t wait to get in the water for her 1st dip.



A super 1st swimming lesson

We were already told that Little Buttons instructor was called Brandon, but he made a point of introducing himself and spent a bit of time chatting to her before her lesson. I could see her shoulders relaxing, her smile beaming, and off she went into the water with him without a care in the world.


We love that the Swimming Nature instructors get into the water with their swimmers.


As in seriously get in. I had to hold back a giggle watching Brandon and Little Button disappearing under the water, blowing bubbles together across the pool.

In all the time we have spend at different pools checking out (from a distance) other swimming lessons, not once have I seen an instructor doing this. They are either standing poolside shouting orders, or in t-shirts and shorts, waist deep at the most, showing the swimming stroke through thin air.


In that moment, I knew right away that Swimming Nature was head and shoulders (at least) above the level of all the other swimming schools we had seen in the way they teach, and their understanding of how children learn.


Brandon’s interaction with Little Button was so relaxed and calm. There was jumping in, lots of swimming underwater and floating. I don’t think I’ve seen her move so fast!


The time went past so quickly for me watching her, so filled with joy at being in the water. But the half hour lesson was really plenty for a 5 year old. She was completely shattered after. And, slept like a log all through the night! LOL. Bring on lesson 2!!



Loving the water

Little Buttons 2nd lesson started off quickly as introductions had already been made the day before. Super keen, off she went, and Brandon got to work encouraging her growing confidence in the water. By the end of her 2nd lesson she was swimming on her back for a length! *I must have looked like a fish with my mouth dropped open in surprise. Because yes, anything on her back had previously had her screeching ‘no way’. What can I say? Brandon had all the magic!



And then something went wrong

Little Button raced to her 3rd lesson on the Wednesday. We headed out a bit earlier than usual because she just couldn’t wait to get to the pool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so passionate about an activity. There’s been a few. Football, ballet, gymnastics…none have given her the amount of ooomph that was radiating out of her now.


We literally turned the corner towards the pool and there, I had a missed call. Chasing behind her, I gave it a quick check and it was Swimming Nature cancelling her lesson, just as we had arrived.


To say she was upset was an understatement! Ekk!


After a quick chat with the reception, due to an issue with the water, the pool had been closed. Nothing to do with Swimming Nature at all I must add. These things do happen, and they had called us as soon as they were made aware of the problem.



Swimming Nature pulled things back with excellent customer service

It could have all gone horribly wrong. But not to let a closed pool stop them, the customer service team at Swimming Nature pulled out all the stops. Ensuring that everyone was either placed at a different pool, given alternative dates, or given credit back into their accounts for the missed lessons that week (the pool ended up having to close for 3 days).


Swimming Nature worked closely with us, placing Little Button at a different location for her 3rd and 4th lessons for the rest of that week. And then a different date for her 5th make-up lesson back at Fitness First Highbury the following week. Again, I was impressed with Swimming Nature’s customer service.



Swimming Nature at Fitness First Baker Street

Which brings me on nicely to how amazing Kris was at Fitness First Baker Street during Little Button’s 3rd and 4th lessons. This actually gave me the perfect opportunity to see if Brandon (Highbury) was just a one-off star instructor, or whether actually, excellence ran in the Swimming Nature family as a standard. It did!


swimming nature


Again, the venue was plush. The pool was incredible, with mood lightning too! And when we got poolside, we could see a similar set up of a private lane for the 2 lessons, simultaneously running, with the 2 instructors.


As Brandon had previously, Kris came to introduce himself, and within minutes, Little Button was off! Comfortable, happy and giving it her all. It was fun, and because of her progression with Brandon, Kris was able to inject a bit of technique into her swimming too. The difference from lesson 1 to 4 was a huge surprise!


swimming nature

swimming nature

swimming nature

swimming nature

swimming nature


Both lessons were easy going, full of swimming, and left Little Button on a huge swimming high. *Plus I had days of ‘Kris said….’ from her, which is always a good sign.



Back to Fitness First Highbury with Swimming Nature

Not phased at all by the change of instructors, Little Button was looking forward to meeting Jhonn, her swimming instructor for her last lesson of the intensive course. As with Brandon and Kris, Jhonn made her feel comfortable right away. There were moments when all that could be heard were buckets of giggles, but there was also some serious swimming going on. With buckets of encouragement from Jhonn and Little Button so willing to try her best, further progression was made from her still! What a week and a half!



Our overall thoughts

Little Button thoroughly enjoyed her lessons with Swimming Nature, and following her last lesson wanted to know when she would be going back.


She adored Jhonn, saying he was very funny and made her laugh. She loved the daredevil tricks (in her eyes) that she did with Kris. Excited by being a mermaid diving under the water. And jumping into the pool over a noodle float. And she was in awe of Brandon at how he taught her to float and swim in her back, even though she had previously hated going onto her back in the water at all.


So all in all it was a huge thumbs up from Little Button.


swimming nature



And what did I think?

While she is little, I don’t think I would trust anyone other than Swimming Nature with her swimming lessons. I know that’s a huge sweeping statement to make. But it’s true. Every instructor we met put her safety at the forefront. I spend each half hour watching them, watching her closely. Not once did anyone turn their back to her. Not once were they distracted by something or someone else. If anything, this was my major worry about swimming lessons, but Swimming Nature’s instructors proved that they were different, and in a completely different league to other swim schools.


Little Buttons progression was just an unexpected plus. When she started her lessons, I had hoped that it would give her confidence to start termly swimming lessons in September. But with the help of Swimming Nature, she’s actually swimming and is so passionate about it too.



10% off code

Fancy giving Swimming Nature swimming lessons at try? Use this code to gain 10% off your first booking: 3LB10.



A huge thank to Alex, Brandon, Kris and Jhonn.




23 responses to “Making a splash with swimming nature”

  1. Ah I’ve not heard of Swimming Nature before, but I’m just about to look into swimming lessons for my eldest daughter. It’s such an important skill to learn 🙂

  2. Swimming Nature sounds like a great company. I’ve taken my daughters to private lessons a few times near us. They are great as they build up the children’s confidence when it comes to swimming.

  3. Anosa says:

    I wish I could go back into the water and learn how to swing again but the fear is too great. But glad your little lady enjoyed are lessons and hope the passion continues

  4. Mrs Lighty says:

    This looks absolutely fab! I love that they got to know Little Button a little bit before diving in, if you’ll pardon the pun!! xxx

  5. These sound like fab lessons. My girls have lessons at the local pool but i’m not that impressed with them. Saying that my youngest is coming along well.

  6. John Milnes says:

    Brings back memories when my daughter started her lessons, fast forward 4 years and getting her back in the water has been a struggle.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M

  7. Stephanie says:

    It’s so hard to find good swimming instructors so when you do you need to snap them up! So lovely to see them enjoying swimming

  8. Nazrin says:

    This has made me want to go back into swimming myself! I pay for it every single month I still don’t understand why I don’t go more often!

  9. Learning to swim and be confident in the water is so important to a child. These 121 lessons look fab and glad it went well 🙂

  10. Laurie says:

    I have never heard of Swimming Nature before. I wonder if they are also in the US?

  11. Sounds like Swimming Nature certainly know their stuff! I would feel very comfortable leaving one of my kids in their capapble hands after reading this review!

  12. These lessons look great – we’ve always struggled with lessons for our kids and have chipping and changed often. I’ve not heard of Swimming Nature before but will see if they’re in the north west. #dreamteam

  13. As a lifeguard and swim instructor for many years this warms my heart! #dreamteam

  14. Fi Anderson says:

    Such an informative post on swimming. My eldest little did swimming lessons in Pre-school class when she was in nursery. This post has definitely nudged me in the direction of continuing her lessons #DreamTeam

  15. Rosie says:

    My kids have been having swimming lessons for a few years and they both love it. I think all kids should learn this absolutely imperative skill. #DreamTeam

  16. Sally says:

    Sounds like a great experience. I think it’s really important for kids to know how to swim. You never know when they might fall into water!


  17. Kate says:

    Not heard of them before but your enthusiasm shines out of this positive review and swimming is such a vital life skill #DreamTeam

  18. Pen says:

    These lessons look fantastic. Pen x #DreamTeam

  19. Amy - The Rolling Baby says:

    This looks and sounds fab. I think enrolling little ones in swimming lessons is a great idea and I’m sure my 1 year old would love to do them when she’s a little older #dreamteam

  20. It looks like a fab way to inspire confidence and get swimming quickly. #dreamteam

  21. Crummy Mummy says:

    We did Puddle Ducks swimming lessons with the middle one, and the oldest has lessons at our local council pool. This sounds fab! #DreamTeam

  22. Kirsty says:

    As a baby swimming teacher I am beyond passionate about teaching little ones to swim so I was really interested to read about a new company on the block. #DreamTeam

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