Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium

April 23, 2017


Are you #ReadyForThisJelly? Because the Ocean Invaders have arrived at SEALIFE London Aquarium and you don’t want to miss them.


Visit The New Ocean Invaders Attraction at SEALIFE London Aquarium

First of all, wow. Just wow! After visiting the new attraction I can see exactly what the hype has all been about. Jellyfish. Zillions of them, and all in a submersive, interactive experience that will leave you quite literally stunned, in a good way.


Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium


We were so lucky to be invited for an exclusive tour to see Ocean Invaders, the largest jellyfish exhibit in the UK, before the aquarium opened to the public at the weekend. Exciting stuff! If you want to replicate our visit you can do so by arriving super early to be one of the first in line at opening time. It’s really worth it.




The brand new attraction, Ocean Invaders, is located in the very last area of the aquarium. As we headed towards the impressive entrance, it’s without a doubt that SEALIFE have saved the best till last. What a contrast to the other zones. The clever detailing gives the impression of being submerged in the deep blue sea making this experience all the more special.



Learn Something New

We were really impressed by the way the space has been grouped into 3 zones. By far the most interesting for me was zone 1, learning about the life cycle of jellyfish. Did you know that jellyfish don’t always look like ‘jellyfish’ as they go through several form transformations over their lifetime, it’s incredible isn’t it?


Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium

Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium

Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium


It’s not every day that you get to see little tiddler jellyfish up close and personal, and there was just enough written information and tidbits to keep everyone engaged. It felt like there was so much to discover, and Little Button was in awe of the beautifully lit jellyfish tanks. I think she would have stood there all day if she could.


Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium

Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium


An Interactive Experience

Little hands love to be kept busy, and zone 2 certainly provided this. We had a giggle and a jump testing out what a jellyfish sting might feel like. This was through sound and no actual stinging was involved I must add. Further tanks of jellyfish were there to be discovered, including the upside down jellyfish which were quite a lovely surprise.


Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium

Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium

Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium


Little Button couldn’t wait to get her hands on the huge interactive gaming station, where players can try out the best ways to help their jellyfish thrive. It was really interesting to test out temperature, food and even pollution variations to see what happened, and see how big you could grow your jellyfish swarm!


Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium

Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium



Jellyfish Swarm

The big finale of Ocean Invaders is zone 3. We felt like we had stepped right into a jellyfish swarm! Clever tanks and video effects like no other in the aquarium left us completely ‘wowed’ and with a whole new appreciation for these beautiful creatures.


Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium

Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium

Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium

Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium

Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium



Final Thoughts

We came away from our experience feeling like we had discovered something new and exciting about the hidden depths of the seas. And actually, curious to find out more about jellyfish and perhaps not so scared of them either. I get the impression that SEALIFE London Aquarium are very passionate about their exhibits, and all the staff we came in contact with were knowledgeable and keen to chat about #SEALIFE at the aquarium. We would most definitely recommend a visit.


Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium


Our Top Tips For Visiting SEALIFE London Aquarium

  1. Arrive before opening time or in the last couple of hours before closing time for a less crowded visit.
  2. If you pre book, you will typically get in faster.
  3. Buggies are allowed through the aquarium.
  4. Towards the shark tank is a lovely little pit stop where you can stroke the starfish! Awwww.
  5. In the same pit stop is also face painting (London prices) and a place where you can have a penny squashed and stamped with a choice of sea creature as a souvenir, this costs £1 to do and you need your own penny. The littles seem to love this.
  6. There is no on-site restaurant, however, it is right next door to MacDonalds and lots of child friendly places to eat are just a few minutes’ walk away.
  7. For discounted tickets and fab attraction combination options check out 365 tickets.



Disclosure: We were invited to an exclusive tour of the new Ocean Invaders experience at SEALIFE London Aquarium. All views are my own and I can say that we all LOVED IT!



3 Little Buttons


Cuddle Fairy


44 responses to “Ocean Invaders at SEALIFE London Aquarium”

  1. Marie Fernandes says:

    Makes me want to visit! Thank you for such an informative exciting and interesting overview.

  2. I love jellyfish and this exhibit looks super! Thanks for the review.

  3. Devon Mum says:

    Wow it looks amazing! I haven’t been to an aquarium in soo long 🙁 #DreamTeam

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun! #DreamTeam

  5. Lucy At Home says:

    Oooh this looks fab! Jellyfish always seem like such relaxing creatures, bobbing around the ocean! Haha. The exhibition looks great. #dreamteam

  6. So cool! Looks like a fun day for you all.


  7. Mama Grace says:

    Wow! This looks awesome. I swam through jelly fish when I was pregnant. They were ones that didn’t sting. It was amazing. #dreamteam

  8. I love the look of it as it seems sensory with the lights and colours, perfect to keep little ones fascinated #DreamTeam

  9. Wow! It looks awesome. Sad to admit that when I lived in London all my money went on survival, transport and drinking. I hardly did any of the attractions that cost money. I actually travelled right past the aquarium every day for nearly two years and still never went in.
    Great post with fab photos!

  10. Wow this look amazing – such great photos! Thanks for all the info – we will be going. #DreamTeam

  11. Chloe says:

    Hi, I’m not Adan of jelly fish but this exhibit look amazing. I think I may just have to visit #dreamteam

  12. Wendy says:

    This looks amazing!!I definitely wish I lived in London so we could go. It looks kind of magical xx #dreamteam

  13. Those jellyfish pics are stunning! They’re really kind of beautiful creatures, despite their squidginess and stingyness. #DreamTeam

  14. Wow! I think I love visiting places like this more than the kids! #dreamteam

  15. Sounds like a great experience. Some amazing photos! If my daughter were a little older I think she would love this. I might take her later in the year! Thanks for sharing x #DreamTeam

  16. Nige says:

    This looks fab we also had invite but couldn’t make it looking at pictures I’m gutted great review thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  17. We’re massive fans of the jellies here! I used to take the tots to The Deep all the time as babies and the jellies were out sensory play haha. (Not with the jellies obvs. Bit stingy and all that.) This place looks incredible and so interactive! Just wish we lived closer. Thanks for being such a fab host! #DreamTeam x

  18. yvonne says:

    This looks fantastic, some amazing photos ! The boys would love this x #DreamTeam

  19. Aleena says:

    This looks like such an amazing sensory feature at the Sealife centre! Totally added to our list of Summer trips, thanks for such a great review. #MarvMondays

  20. melissa abel says:

    Wow that really looks fascinating. Defiantly on the to do list!

  21. Aleena says:

    This looks like such an amazing sensory feature at the Sealife centre! Totally added to our list of Summer trips, thanks for such a great review. #DreamTeam

  22. Chloe Wood says:

    Amazing photos! I can’t wait to take my two there #dreamteam

  23. Surreymama says:

    This looks amazing! I love all of your photographs, really stunning. Thanks for the tips, I’m always nervous about big days out so good to see what others thought! #dreamteam

  24. Great pics, sounds like you had a fun day out. I love watching jellyfish, something a bit hypnotic about them! #DreamTeam

  25. Wow, looks stunning. I’ll have to add this to the list when we finally get to do a London trip x

  26. Wow that looks so cool and the photos are AMAZING!! glad you had fun – can’t wait to do stuff like this when my toddler comes to London with us some time. We visited an aquarium on holiday last year and she loved it x #DreamTeam

  27. Ooh great, we are definitely keen to visit the new jellyfish exhibits at SeaLife London. Thanks for all the tips. They’ll help me out a lot! #DreamTeam

  28. This looks amazing! Last time we went to the aquarium Rory loved it. He enjoys looking at animals but the bright lights made it even more attractive! #DreamTeam

  29. Stephanie says:

    Love the aquarium! It can be so hard to take good pictures, but these turned out beautifully!. #dreamteam

  30. Wow! This looks like such a fun family adventure. Deff want to go. The pictures you took dont even look real! xx #dreamteam

  31. This looks like a great exhibition – I do love watching the jellyfish when visiting an aquarium. It looks like you had a lovely day out #dreamteam

  32. That looks incredible. What a wonderful day out! We have a great one in Bristol too #DreamTeam xx

  33. What an incredible sensory experience, looks so relaxing #dreamteam

  34. ohmummymia says:

    looks awesome! I don;t know if is good place for 1 year old baby but definitely we will go there when he will be a little bit older

  35. This looks AMAZING! We love the Sealife centres but I’ve never seen jellyfish like this! Your photos are absolutely stunning, I LOVE Jellyfish! #dreamteam

  36. mainy says:

    Wow! that looks amazing, such fun and so much to learn too. Oooh I want to go!:)

  37. Helena says:

    This looks like it would be a great experience for our littlies. I can imagine eldest pointing out ‘fish’. #DreamTeam

  38. I haven’t been there for years. I love the Jelly fish, I must take Jasmine in soon #dreamteam

  39. This sounds like an amazing experience, I cant wait to take Ben to a sealife!! #dreamteam

  40. Wow! This looks really cool! Love it! We have a very small aquarium in our city and the kids love it but this is obviously in a different league! #DreamTeam

  41. Jaki says:

    This looks amazing and those pictures are fantastic! #dreamteam

  42. Wow that looks brilliant and so cool! What a fab day out with Little Button, she looks mesmerised. I wonder if they’re going to bring something similar to the Brighton one, that’d be lovely. Thank you for hosting #dreamteam with me xxx

  43. Amie says:

    Sounds lovely! Beautiful pictures 🙂 #DreamTeam

  44. What brilliant photos, it looks great! I had no idea that jellyfish don’t always look like jellyfish! #dreamteam

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