Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon

February 9, 2020


Valentine’s day is just around the corner! It’s the perfect celebration to show loved ones just how much they mean to you. Obviously you should do this every day… but a little extra treat every now and again goes a long way, doesn’t it. We always do something as a family, and in all honesty, the best gifts that have been exchanged over the years were all super heartfelt and personal. We’ve done theatre, hot air balloon rides and expensive trinkets… but give me a keying with mummy on it any day and I’ll be more than thrilled!


Funky Pigeon have got some fantastic personalised treats for the whole family. Here are some of our favourite top picks for Valentine’s Day that will bring all the smiles.



Funky Pigeon personalised cushions 


At some point during Valentine’s Day we always have a snuggle on the sofa as a family and watch a movie together. You can’t have snuggles without comfy cushions. But what about a gorgeous personalised photo cushion?


Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon



This would make an adorable gift for any mum, no matter what the celebration. We love how full and plump the cushion feels and the design is absolutely adorable. This specific cushion allows you to add your own photo in a pretty heart shaped frame.


The photo came out really well, and it’s definitely a keepsake that both myself and Little Button are going to treasure.


Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon



There are lots of different designs to choose from, including ones with playful graphics like our one, single photo designs or even ones with 10 photos! Funky Pigeon personalised cushions start from £19.99.




Funky Pigeon personalised photo mugs


Everyone loves a good mug. But just think how special they’d feel if it had a message on it just for them. Little Button loves unicorns so we thought this pink mug would suit her perfectly.


Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon


It’s cute, girly and I just love the quote ‘life with you is magical’, which is exactly how we feel about her.


Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon


This specific mug can be personalised with a photo and name. The quality of the mug is brilliant and feels very sturdy and rounded when you hold it. The only niggle we found was that the photo came out very dark in this instance because we didn’t pick a bright enough image. So if you’re considering getting a photo mug, be sure to choose light bright and clear photos for the best finish.


Funky Pigeon personalised photo mugs start from £7.99.




Funky Pigeon personalised chocolates


Now, I didn’t know this was a thing, but Funky Pigeon actually do personalised boxes of chocolates. How fun is that!


Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon


The chocolates tasted great and we love how the mix of favours would suit most tastes.


Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon

Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon

Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon


But best of all (and unexpectedly), we found that you could easily take the photo print out of the box of chocolates and prop it up on the photo stand provided (in the box). So you have 2 gifts in 1! #Winning


Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon

Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon


I think this gift has got to be my favourite.


Top tip. Carefully choose photos that work well with each other if you decide to go for a 4 photo personalised box of chocolates. The end result looks stunning!


Funky Pigeon personalised chocolates start from £12.99.



Our overall thoughts


Funky Pigeon do some seriously brilliant personalised gifts. I just hadn’t realised how huge their range was until now. We love the quality of their products and of course their personalisation is everything!


We think that Funky Pigeon proves that you don’t have to spend a huge amount to find the most perfect, personalised gifts for your loved ones.




Pin me for later 😉


Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon




Disclosure: #AD| We received the above personalised Valentine’s Days gifts from Funky Pigeon. All views are our own.



5 responses to “Personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon”

  1. I think the personalised box of chocolates is my fave too – a yummy gift, and also really special! ❤️


  2. Gorgeous gift ideas – I think my fave is the personalized mug. Happy V. Day x #DreamTeam

  3. Jennie says:

    Lovely gift ideas – who doesn’t love personalised choccies!

  4. Sarah-Marie says:

    We love the Funky Pigeon cushions. My boys have them with a photo of their uncle when he moved away so they didn’t miss him so much! #DreamTeam

  5. Kate Holmes says:

    I think I would go for cushions. Me and my daughter love them and have done without in the lounge for years as OH disapproves. Recently we got some pastel ones just because we decided to rebel for once. Bring on the cushions! #DreamTeam

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