#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London

July 20, 2016


This week has been an exciting whirlwind of Disney magic, sparkles and sequins and I honestly don’t want it to end. It all started when I was invited to attend the #PrintingDory crafting event with leading print company, Epson at the Disney Store in London.


Yes… THE Disney Store on Oxford Street. Need I say more?


You know Dory right?

She’s the little blue fish from Finding Nemo who can’t remember a thing (a bit like me at times!). Get excited… because Dory is about to feature in Disney Pixar’s latest offering Finding Dory. It’s out in cinemas from Friday 29th July 2016 and I know this will make a perfect treat for the whole family. Tickets booked… check! We just can’t wait, so if you are anything like us, you would have already made a beeline for this trailer.



But did you know that the fab team at Epson have teamed up with Disney to produce a brilliant selection of Finding Dory themed printable activities. Little fingers will love these (as well as big ones) and it’s a great way to keep the fun going long after the film has ended.


Here’s how I got on with #PrintingDory.



#PrintingDory Event

Secret agent style, when I got to the Disney Store the lovely event people were waiting to whisk us parenting bloggers through a secret side door inside the store. How cool is that.


#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London

#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London

#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London


It led up to a gorgeous event space that had been completely transformed into a Finding Dory under the sea theme. Wow! Even though this was my first event, there was no doubt that it was something extra special. So much care and detail had gone into creating a magical environment. A perfect backdrop to set the stage for #PrintingDory themed crafting and finding out about the special Epson EcoTank printer which will inevitably change the way us parents view printing.



Summer Holiday Fun

Did you know that an average family in the UK spends about £1500 during the 6 week Summer Holiday period entertaining the little ones! That’s quite a hefty sum considering that some of our most magical and memorable activities are based around using a big dollop of imagination.


I don’t know about you, but I often find that printable activities are great to get the imagination cogs turning, and are especially helpful when testing out new craft ideas. The only problem is that I tend to get as far as finding the printable, popping it into an email folder, and never getting round to printing it off.


We don’t have a general use type of printer at home. It’s a special photographic quality printer. It’s absolutely brilliant BUT it’s not really for everyday stuff. *Mr Button is yelling in the background to mention that it’s an Epson… naturally. He has a thing for Epson printers you see, but is very precious about the ink. *Think Gollum from Lord of the Rings…. my precious… ink.


It’s always been a big problem for us. Wanting to print stuff… for fun. But at the same time not wanting to waste that ink.



Help is at hand though, as Epson have released an EcoTank home printer which will have you printing and playing in no time.


#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London



Print and Play with Epson EcoTank home printers

During the event we were treated to talks by Disney and Epson and we were able to find out just how easy and cheap to run the EcoTank home printers are.


#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London

#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London


It turns out that most of us have the same problem with our existing printers. They are inconvenient to use and the cost of printer ink cartridges are a bit steep. Epson have taken these points on board and come up with the EcoTank home printer as the ultimate solution.



Here are my favourite bits about it that I want to share with you.


-The upfront cost of the Epson EcoTank printer is about £199, and this includes about 2 years’ worth of included ink. Based on an average user’s monthly print volume. This means no surprises (of the expensive kind) when setting up and getting ready to print.


-The printer has a refillable ink tank, so no more expensive cartridges.


-It has an ultra-low-cost per printed page, yet prints beautiful vibrant and crisp colours. Perfect for recreating Disney favourites like Dory.


-It is so easy to use that you won’t think twice about clicking print from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.


 #PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London

 Image sourced from Epson



Getting crafty

Of course, being parent bloggers we couldn’t wait to get the sparkles, scissors and glue out to test run the Finding Dory printables and check the Epson EcoTank print quality. We had great fun making all sorts of crafts lead by the lovely Alice from More Than Toast.


#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London

#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London

#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London


It was glue sticks at the ready, and whether sticking carefully to the instructions or thinking outside the box, we all came up with something fab and cheer worthy to take home. Which just goes to show, why spend buckets of money on day trips, when you could easily fill a good morning or afternoon with some fun printable crafts with the help of Disney and Epson.


#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London


Here is my final effort, which wasn’t quite as the instructions indicated… I think I was having a bit too much fun.


#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London

#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London


We have just received our own Epson Ecotank home printer to test out, and are looking forward to sharing how we get on with it over the Summer. Can’t wait? Then why not follow the hashtag #PrintingDory to see other parenting bloggers creations and what they thought of the day.



Disclosure: I was invited to attend the #PrintingDory event featuring Epson and Disney. I have received an EcoTank printer to test out in return for an honest review. All views are my own.

If you enjoy reading the Button blog, we would love your nomination for the best writer category

in the Mumsnet Blogging Awards 2016. Thank you xx


45 responses to “#PrintingDory Event with Epson at the Disney Store in London”

  1. Manny says:

    This looked so fun! I’m very jealous haha… the event looked really interesting and so good of Epson to round up bloggers to let us know that our views and opinions are being taken seriously. 🙂

  2. Wow the holiday budget is quite important! So happy that Baba is just content to play with plastic bottles at the moment LOL. Seriously it looks like you had a lot of fun. I am so jealous. I want to be invited to DisneyStore too #DreamTeam

  3. Geraldine says:

    I’m big into crafts but I don’t have a printer as handy as this either. I tend to print anything I need in work *shush* 2 years worth of ink is great. It always puts me off needing to buy ink #dreamteam

  4. That sounds great. I am reluctant to buy printer ink as it just dries up when I don’t use the printer so I have to make Mr J print everything I need at work!! #dreamteam

  5. Emma says:

    Oooh I am very jealous that you get to such lovely events. This new printer sounds amazing though! #dreamteam

  6. It looks like you’ve had a great time! This has my creative juices flowing. I cannot believe how much it costs to entertain kids over the summer! That’s terrifying! #DremTeam

  7. Wow that looks fun – I’m a big Disney fan, so feeling a bit jealous now! haha. Our printer is an Epson, but yeah the ink is expensive (plus our printer is probably about 10 years old now!) so the Epson Ecotank sounds like a great idea! #DreamTeam

  8. Looks like fun! Did you know that printer ink is more expensive than gold, ounce to ounce! It’s crazy! #dreamteam

  9. My hubby will be so interested in this, I know what you mean by that precious ink! #Dreamteam

  10. Ky says:

    Oh wow this looked like an awesome event. I love Disney. That printer sounds great and despite the inital cost of the printer it’s actually really good. Ink cartridges for older printers are so expensive that sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a whole new printer which is ridiculous! Looks great for crafting and keeping little ones busy as well.x #dreamteam

  11. This looks totally epic! Love Dory. She needed her own film. #dreamteam

  12. Wow. Just wow! Anything and everything Disney sets my heart fluttering and this event looks amazing! I’m very impressed by that fabulous looking piece of kit too! Happy printing lovely x
    Thanks for hosting #DreamTeam

  13. David Mellor says:

    This looks a lovely and informative event for parents. Yes, home printing can be rather expensive – so expensive I often use the work printers haha – so this looks like a good solution. The amount of included ink is also reassuring.
    Potty Adventures

  14. I love the idea of printable crafts, but my daughter is still too young for craft activities – at 13 months, she’s only just grasped the idea of writing implements – and that she can use them to draw on the couch. #dreamteam

  15. £1500! OMG! That’s a lot of ice creams! It looks like you had fun though. A great idea for keeping the kids entertained. The girls loved Finding Nemo – I wonder whether they are too old for this one…Alison x #DreamTeam

  16. Kat says:

    A decent printer is something I need so looking forward to seeing what you think! What an amazing event to be a part of too, looks like so much fun! #DreamTeam

  17. teacuptoria says:

    Aw Annette this event looked so much fun! How wonderful that you were invited…well done you. I love Epson printers, they make life so easy, we’ve always had Epson. I can’t wait to see this film over the summer, I hope Seb will come with me! Tor xx #DreamTeam

  18. amy says:

    Ooh. We love Nemo in this house, so looking forward to thd film and looking at the Dory printable.

  19. Ooh this looks right up my street. What a great idea, looking forward to hearing about how your printing goes!
    Thanks for hosting

  20. What a fab event to get invited to, sounds like you had a great time. The printer sounds really good too. #DreamTeam

  21. OK, I’m not crafty at all but bloody hell I am jealous!!!! This looks so fun and I’m glad you had a great day xx #dreamteam

    • Annette, 3 Little Buttons says:

      Thank you. It was such a lovely event and as a first that I have been to, I think the bar has been set really high. xx

  22. The Tale of Mummyhood says:

    Wow this looks and sounds like such a great event! I for one absolutely cannot wait to see this film, so events based around it I think would be amazing!

  23. Charlotte says:

    Tue event looked like great fun. My kids can’t wait to see the movie. I have been looking for a new printer I will be checking this one out thanks #dreamteam

  24. Lisa says:

    This looks amazing and so much fun. I haven’t ever tried anything like this with Holly yet!!
    I bet she would love it!

  25. Edward says:

    This looks so cool Ann. I’m happy that you were chosen to take part in this. You look so cute with your frame. Sounds like you had fun and really embraced it. The printer sounds like a great idea for quick use for creatives hands and minds such as yours. Hope all the buttons enjoy Finding Dory.

    • Annette, 3 Little Buttons says:

      Thanks Ed, I was thrilled to be invited. The printer is really great, we have done a few prints, but it’s going to get a super work out after we watch Finding Dory this week. x

  26. Mrs Lighty says:

    Ooh I would have loved to have attended this (and met you!), can I ask how you got involved? It looks like you had a fab day…I’m not in the slightest bit jealous, haha!! 😉 #dreamteam

  27. They’re some pretty industrial sized sequins! This sounds like great fun – I’m not very good at crafts but wouldn’t mind having a stab at this. #DreamTeam

  28. Just keep swimming! I love Finding Dory…and printables. It would be interesting to work out how long it would take to make up for the higher price of the printer by using refillable inks and whether they are goof for photoprinting too #DreamTeam

    • Annette, 3 Little Buttons says:

      Haha! I forgot about that little tune and now I can’t get it out of my head 🙂 The refillable ink isn’t very expensive, so I think it’s going to be a winner. x

  29. Lux G. says:

    Looks like a fun event and a must see movie.
    I’m yet to see this film and I’m excited.

  30. Blabbermama says:

    I am a little bit obsessed with the franchise! I have a dog called Nemo- yes, a dog! haha no Dory though but there is still time! Epsom printers are great- I used them when I used to make invitations. Looks like a fun event! #dreamteam

  31. Ahh excellent, looks like so much fun!!! 🙂 #dreamTeam

  32. What an amazing event and the ambience looks perfect. X #dreamteam

  33. This sounds like such a cool event! I’ve always loved finding nemo and am hoping to see the new movie soon. It all looks like so much fun with the crafts and the printable activities look great as well. #DreamTeam

  34. It was great to meet you at such a brilliant event! I’ve not been to one like it before either!! Completely agree with you OH re Epson printers. It will be interesting to see how the Eco tank deals with photos too. Thanks so much for hosting #DreamTeam xx

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