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Hello and welcome to the 3 Little Buttons blog. My name is Annette, I am mum to Little Button and wife to Daddy Button. Join us on our adventures, mishaps and everything in-between. Stick your feet up and enjoy x

Top 5 heart-melting ‘she said…’ moments – December 2015 roundup

January 7, 2016
3 Little Buttons Blog

After declaring that I would keep a journal of Little Buttons funny’s for her to look back over in years to come, December seemed to be the month of her keeping unusually shtum. Was it all Father Christmas’ fault or perhaps the excitement of the holidays in general that brought out such well-polished articulation, I will never know… In the end I did manage to…

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How to keep warm when your heatings on the blink

January 3, 2016
3 Little Buttons blog

‘I hate to say it…’ said husband sheepishly. ‘The boilers stopped working!’.   Pause…   No speaking…   From anyone!   Our Christmas cheer turned into Christmas drear as realisation sunk in that we would be freezing our botts off for the rest of our holidays. Great, just great! ‘At least we have hot water’ he added hoping to win me over. Husband has a…

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Get crafty with this easy to make table centre piece

December 28, 2015
3 Little Buttons Blog

Are you hosting New Years at yours? Then why not consider making one of these pretty table centre pieces with your little one. It will keep them busy and also give them something special to show off to all your guests. My mum and dad brought over everything we needed to make ours, but all the bits and bobs you will need can be sourced…

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Keep them busy with a gingerbread house

December 22, 2015
3 Little Buttons Blog

It can get really busy in the run up before Christmas for grown ups and we can’t always be on hand to bake another set of cookies or orchestrate more epic Christmasy craft activities with a couple of days left before the big show Christmas dinner. So here is an idea to keep little hands busy in the kitchen whilst you are whipping up your…

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DIY festive blog header

December 16, 2015
3 Little Buttons Blog

Wow, have you seen some of the amazing Ellie Illustrates parenting blog headers that have been given a magical Christmasy make-over? They all look rather gorgeous and I have to admit that I really wish I had one too. *Sings at husband whilst batting eyelids and throwing in the occasional wink for extra measure* Santa Baaaabbbyyyy… slip a designer blog headerrrr under our treeeee…. for meeee!…

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Lovely quotes – DIY efforts

December 15, 2015
3 Little Buttons Blog

  When I first set up my blog I was desperate to have an ultra cool blog header designed and illustrated for me. To tell the truth I still am… but now when I look at my own DIY blog header efforts, I think…. I did that and I am proud of what I achieved. When you are so close to a project it’s easy…

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