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Hello and welcome to the 3 Little Buttons blog. My name is Annette, I am mum to Little Button and wife to Daddy Button. Join us on our adventures, mishaps and everything in-between. Stick your feet up and enjoy x

Lunchtime survival for the conscientious working mum

June 23, 2015

Mums out there who have recently returned to work after maternity leave will join me in remembering the good ol’ days of maternity lunch. Yes, it might not have been exactly AT lunch time, and yes, it may have consisted of yesterday’s icky left overs and staggered over a few hours in between feeds, nappy changes and general entertaining.  But there is something great about…

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Our toddler puddle suit epic fail

June 2, 2015

    Yesterday afternoon it rained huge big fat raindrops. The type that gets you drenched in places you never realised possible. The necessity of walking home in the shortish raincoat my flower was wearing required a rethink. Aha… the emergency puddle suit! Before she could protest I had whipped it out and shimmied her into it. Omg, I hope it’s not too big still…

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Homemade seaside in a box

May 30, 2015

  It was a bit drizzley outside and far too late for an adventure to the park so I thought I would give Chloe’s ‘homemade sand in a box’ a go. My husband thought the idea was hilarious! Catching me with an old bag of plain flour and vegetable oil in hand, I could see him trying to keep in giant snorts of laughter at the…

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Where did this cold come from?!

May 19, 2015

We are currently knee deep in toddler-cold-tissues. Each time one springs up it miraculously takes us by surprise. At the beginning of the week I am fairly sure I gasped (at my husband) exclaiming how I have absolutely no idea WHERE this cold could have come from, as if it were something that our toddler could have ‘picked up’ such as a flea from a…

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The Magic Button

April 21, 2015
3 Little Buttons Blog

It’s my ‘do-something-day’ and as I have been pottering away doing my ‘something’s’ I stumbled across this. My magic button from the not-so-distant past, and sure enough, still tucked away in my iPad notes I found a little something I wrote on my first day of receiving it.     Woohoo! I whooped, as I brandished my new shiny London Underground ‘Baby On Board’ badge…

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