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Hello and welcome to the 3 Little Buttons blog. My name is Annette, I am mum to Little Button and wife to Daddy Button. Join us on our adventures, mishaps and everything in-between. Stick your feet up and enjoy x

Every rubbish morning has a silver lining

February 2, 2016
3 Little Buttons Blog

  It’s been one of THOSE mornings…   Too early Beating the alarm clock to its job, Little Button leapt up at 4 something am. ‘Is it time to get up?’ she asked. ‘Cooossss I am awake!!!!!’. Hmmmm yes…. I can see that. – but I enjoy the extra hour of snuggles with her.       Oh bum! I am running late… but how…

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Things to do at Alexandra Palace, North London

January 27, 2016
3 little buttons blog

Have you ever been to Alexandra Palace in the damp and dreary weather and NOT gone ice skating? No…? Then you’re missing out. There are so many lovely things to do no matter what the weather is like… honest. I couldn’t believe it either, but if you like adventures and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then this is a great trip for you. Alexandra…

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Top 10 things that get on London commuters nerves

January 18, 2016
3 Little Buttons Blog, London Underground

1. Do not pass go, move back 3 places! Whether you have loads of time or 5 measly minutes to get into work, is there anything more irritating that someone who blocks the exit barriers by repeatedly touching out with their NOT WORKING oyster card. True… there are times when it’s just a blip of the system and on second touch your through. But I…

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Outdoor adventures

January 15, 2016
3 Little Buttons blog, Scooter

2016 is going to be our best adventure year ever! I am sure if it. Inspired by Little Buttons daily question of ‘are we going on an adventure today?’, I am planning to write a list of some brilliant things to do over the year from treetop walks to crabbing, it’s got to be done. As the proud mum of a newbie threenager (who just…

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A rhyme about buttons

January 12, 2016
3 Little Buttons Blog

My very talented blogger pal Dawn over at Rhyming with Wine surprised tweeted me with this brilliant little rhyme about 3 Little Buttons. Not wanting it to disappear into tweet-blivion I thought I would share it with you all here.   My tweep friend Annette is so lovely to me. She’s also a button, in fact one of three…. We all know that buttons are truly…

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Hatching dinosaur egg toy is a big success

January 11, 2016
3 Little Buttons Blog

A few days after Christmas my mum handed me a large white speckled egg. Little button gaped at her in awe… ‘be careful, if you drop it the dinosaur egg might not hatch’! ‘Hatch?’… gulp!!! Obviously…that was me.   Carefully we stowed the egg away until we got home and as instructed sat it in a large bowl of water, the ideal environment for catching…

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