Getting organised with the family diary 2019 from Busy B

January 14, 2019


When I find a diary that works for us I tend to stick to it like glue. And for us, this has been the Stick to Stigu planner for some time now. Unfortunately it’s not making a come back for 2019 *cries. So I’ve been on the look out for something to take its place. It’s a tall order, because I like to have everything organised in one space. Work, the weekend, school, the Buttons blog… literally everything must fit. But I think I’ve finally found something. The new family diary 2019 from Busy B.


Family diary 2019 from Busy B

Busy B is a lovely company that creates so many wonderful stationery goodies. But it was the family diary that really caught my eye. Apart from being super pretty, it’s so practical. And, also has just the right layout that I like to work with.


Hello 2019

Here it is! Told you it was pretty. It’s A5, so a bit smaller than what I would usually use. But I’m pretty impressed. It feels sturdy and the paper quality is just right.


family diary 2019 from Busy B


family diary 2019 from Busy B


As like most diaries, this one has a good few pages at the beginning which are dedicated to housing personal details, partners details, children’s details, birthdays and useful information.


It also has a good chunk of pages for contacts and useful websites (yay!).


family diary 2019 from Busy B


I really like the overview of 2019 and 2020. I always find these pages to be fab as a reference point, and I’m so glad that Busy B made this a bold feature at the beginning, rather than a miniature version right at the very end.



The 2019 year planner section (look at this bloggers!)

This is brilliant! Because how many times do you end up having to flick through pages and pages of weekly spreads to see if you can fit in that appointment, event or holiday?! It’s a pain in the neck right? Well if you update this section of the diary, you are pretty much laughing. And, would you look at that. It’s the perfect spread for bloggers to lay out their posts each month. Result!


family diary 2019 from Busy B

family diary 2019 from Busy B



One week – one spread

When I spoke about this diary having just the right layout that I like to work with… this is it. One week – one spread. It’s pretty simple, but you would be surprised at how many diaries get it wrong.


This one is perfect.


family diary 2019 from Busy B


There’s a little reminder column to scribble down key things to do or remember. And the weekly spread which gives you one main box per day, plus an additional 4 spaces to the right.


It’s split as ‘my week’ ‘their week’, which is brilliant if you need to keep a track of things for the whole family.


family diary 2019 from Busy B

family diary 2019 from Busy B


But if you are a blogger, you might use the reminder column to note post ideas, the main box for the day for general and family use and the rest of the boxes for blog stuff – just saying #bloglife.



The extras

In addition to the 2019 and 2020 overview pages and the 2019 year planner at the front of the diary, there is also a 2020 year planner spread at the back. It’s not as big as the 2019 year planner section, but certainly big enough to mark important dates. Love it!


family diary 2019 from Busy B


As if they weren’t spoiling us enough, there are also 2 storage pockets and tear-off ‘don’t forget’ lists towards the back.


family diary 2019 from Busy B

family diary 2019 from Busy B



My overall thoughts

I didn’t think I would find anything that could match my old Stick to Stigu planner. And whilst it is different, the family diary 2019 from Busy B ticks all the boxes and a few more too. Everything is kept very simple and clear giving optimum writing space, but at the same time you can see the Busy B personality twinkling through. I would definitely recommend this gorgeous diary for families, and of course bloggers too!


family diary 2019 from Busy B


*I purchased this diary from Busy B after a long search of looking for something brilliant to replace my Stick to Stigu planner as they are no longer making them.




18 responses to “Getting organised with the family diary 2019 from Busy B”

  1. Sally says:

    I live Busy B diaries. I’ve bought one this year. I’m such a kid and like the stickers. Ha ha.


  2. Laurie says:

    Nice! I love the idea of keeping a paper diary. Most of my thoughts and activities are now recorded online.

  3. I’d be lost without a real diary to write in, though I must say I use a wall planner one or I’d loose it! #DreamTeam

  4. Sophie says:

    I think most people still love a ‘real’ diary don’t they? My Hubbie always suggests that I use the one on my phone but I like to look at my diary and see an overview of what is happening! Who is doing what, when. Men just don’t get it I think! I have to have a wall diary but this looks like a lovely diary too.

  5. Isabel says:

    mhm looks pretty but I guess I would keep most of my stuff in Outlook – might be a good idea though to also have a paper diary & this one does look pretty and practical 🙂 #globalblogging

  6. Kate says:

    Impressed with this and thanks for showing us it in such detail so we could take a proper look. I am still looking for a planner this year so may invest in one like this. I love the bits for my week and their week so mum knows she exists in her own right but can also factor in family things too. Good way to keep up with so many things like eye tests, hair appointments and so on too. I saw one recently that had 2 columns for income and expenditure and I thought that was cool too. #DreamTeam

  7. Janice Wald says:

    Planners keep everyone organized, whether you’re going on an adventure or not.
    Great productivity tips.

  8. Emma says:

    This looks great and so good for blogging! Ive never used a diary for my blog and tend to keep it all in my head. But looking at this I can see how useful a diary would be!! I need to invest #dreamteam

  9. This looks brilliant. Keeping in mind for next year as I already have my diary/blog planner this year. But it’s not anything like as good as this! #DreamTeam

  10. I love my diary but also love discovering new ones, I shall have to remember this one for next year as it looks brilliant! I especially like the yearly planner section x #dreamteam

  11. I’ve just ordered a planner to give one a try. Not this brand but I’ll bookmark for next year for my blogging.

  12. Carmela says:

    The Busy B Planner looks beautiful and useful. This year, I got myself a simple Moleskine planner. I wish Busy B were available in Italy. #DreamTeamLinky

  13. Rosie Doal says:

    I’m still looking for a good diary for this year and I don’t want several books for all my family stuff and blog work – notebooks, diaries, planners, journals.

    This seems like the best option all round. Thank you! #DreamTeam

  14. Heather Keet says:

    I love this planner, the month overview is an awesome tool for long-term planning. My only change would be that I like a spiral bound book, they lay flat on the table and won’t flip closed while I bump it around. I’m going to check out there website and see if they have a spiral option. #DreamTeam

  15. Kirsty says:

    Oh I love it! Any type of planner works for me! I have to have a paper diary each year but struggle to find something big enough to include the whole family #DreamTeam

  16. I still haven’t found one yet, so this is a really helpful review, thank you!#dreamteam

  17. Love your planner – you can organise so many things in it #dreamteam

  18. Crummy Mummy says:

    We have a great big spreadsheet on our kitchen door – that way nothing is missed! #DreamTeam

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