Syon Park Enchanted Woodland Review – London Days Out

November 26, 2017


As dusk falls on a chilly November evening, a little corner of West London is a-glow with twinkling lights and winking glitter balls. The atmosphere is giddy with beaming little faces, chilled out families, friends and loved up couples. Where are we? A gorgeous little pop-up event that runs for just 3 weekends every year in November. It’s the Syon Park Enchanted Woodland.


Syon Park Enchanted Woodland



Getting Tickets

For the last 4 years my mum has wanted to take Little Button to the Syon Park Enchanted Woodland event. Something has always come up in the past, but this year, with bells and whistles on we decided to book tickets for the family to go. It was a good job we booked in advance, as the event tickets go like hot cakes. We picked a Saturday (the second weekend of opening) for 6.30pm, the later viewing time. Tickets were £10 for the grown ups and £5 for Little Button. Which we would say was pretty reasonable for an event like this.



Let’s go!

On the website it says parking is very limited, but knowing the area, we took a chance and drove. I sneakily got everyone in the car with a full hour and a half spare, just in case we did run into parking issues. There weren’t any. Syon Park had opened up a few fields for parking to ensure everyone got a space. Which we think was super nice of them. Commuting on public transport to Syon Park (in the evening) isn’t particularly great, so double thumbs up to Syon Park for this initiative.


Little Button was thrilled to go squelching through the car park fields when we got there. Good job everyone was in boots!



The Entrance

The entrance to the Enchanted Woodland is just a little bit of a walk from the fields, past the garden centre and walking away from Syon House. An unassuming ticketed entrance lets you through to a little courtyard where you can buy drinks, burgers and hot dogs and some glow stick type merchandise. There are also toilets at this point (none during the walk so make sure the little ones have been). We decided to head straight into the Enchanted Woodland after buying a glow necklace for Little Button which she used as a torch for the walk (not that one was needed, but it was fun).



Enchanted Woodland

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I have to say it was stunning. The grounds were lit up tastefully, and along the route magical installations took over pockets of space. It was beautiful and very whimsical. Almost like ‘fairies meet Alice in Wonderland meet Wind in the Willows’.


Syon Park Enchanted Woodland


Little Button keenly took in the sights and sounds, yes there was even music, and it was so lovely to see how excited she was.


Syon Park Enchanted Woodland


Her face lit up when she spotted a fairy tree house, and she spent ages trying to peer inside the little windows. 


I do believe in fairies, J.M. Barrie – Peter Pan. Syon Park Enchanted Woodland, London. #enchantedwoodland #syonparkenchantedwoodland #syonpark #happylittlebuttons

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We were all taken by the glitter balls that cast winks of dancing light around the woodland and Little Button was sure she might have caught a glimpse of the fairies.


#Magical times over at the Syon Park Enchanted Woodland walk in West London tonight. #syonparkenchantedwoodland #enchantedwalk #lights #woodlandwalk #syonpark

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Overall, we loved how you could take everything in at your own pace, and it only felt a touch busy towards the end section of the mile long walk.


Syon Park Enchanted Woodland

Syon Park Enchanted Woodland

Syon Park Enchanted Woodland

Syon Park Enchanted Woodland


There were a couple of really interesting, submersive style installations towards the end of the walk and of course the finale in the Great Conservatory. But by then Little Button, Nanny and Grandad Button were ready for a pit stop and somewhere to put their feet up so we whizzed through those bits and ended up back where we started. The walk (with stops) took us about 45 mins.



Anyone hungry?

Once you come out of the Enchanted Woodland, you’ll find yourself by the garden centre cafe (seating is very limited) and the outdoor pit stop for burgers, hotdogs and hot drinks (expect London prices). Unfortunately it had been raining, so there was nowhere dry and warm for us to sit at the time. It was a shame that the large outdoor seating area hadn’t been covered with a gazebo of some kind. But we hadn’t come for the food particularly, so this didn’t put us off the event.



A Few Tips

1. If you’re planning to go, don’t wait to book. The event is very popular so bookmark it for next year and as soon as tickets are available, go for it! In the past I have seen some ticket deals through Little Bird (none this year though). It’s still worth keeping an eye out for these, but there’s no guarantee any will come up.


2. On a practical note, part of the walk was pretty soggy and mucky during our visit. The ground is typically quite soft in November so I would definitely recommend welly’s and warm layers with a waterproof and umbrella tucked in your bag, just in case.


3. Bring wipes and antibacterial gel to clean up mucky pups hands after the walk. There are toilets at the end of the trail where hands can be washed, but the ques tend to be pretty long!


4. Once booked, you can’t move your tickets to another date even if it’s pouring with rain. But don’t let that put you off! Just make sure your suitably dressed for the weather.


5. Buggy’s will bump along quite nicely through the trail, so don’t be afraid to bring one for younger viewers if needed. Just be prepared for operation mud clean afterwards. Oh… and please be kind to non-bugging walkers! No one likes a leg full of muddy buggy wheel or a squashed toe (she says grimly).


6. But above all, just relax and enjoy the experience. It’s pretty amazing.


Syon Park Enchanted Woodland




60 responses to “Syon Park Enchanted Woodland Review – London Days Out”

  1. Heather Keet says:

    This looks positively amazing! I want to fly there just to attend this event! The fairy house was so cool, I would have been peeking into every window also. #DreamTeam

  2. This looks amazing. I’ve not heard of it before but now I really want to go! #dreamteam

  3. This reminds me of The Enchanted Forest in Perthshire – I visited a number of years ago and it was amazing. Given my daughter’s strict 7:30 bedtime, I think we need to wait a few years before taking her, though. #dremteam

  4. Kayleigh says:

    Oh wow how beautiful! What a place to visit! So many beautiful pictures #dreamteam

  5. Lucy At Home says:

    Wow this looks so magical! I love all the colours and the twinkling lights on the bridge. What a great way to kickstart Christmas! #dreamteam

  6. This looks really magical! I’ve never heard of this event before so thank you for sharing. I think it’ll be one to visit in the future 🙂 Your photos are stunning – I particularly love the first one #DreamTeam

  7. This looks like an amazing experience and with all the cool things – it is obvious that it is very popular. Thanks for sharing.#dreamteam.

  8. It looks really magical 🙂 x #DreamTeam

  9. I saw this advertised on Facebook and it looks stunning – so magical. Su #DreamTeam

  10. Sonia Cave says:

    Wow this looks so enchanting! I would love to take my three here to visit #dreamteam

  11. Erin says:

    It looks beautiful! Definitely somewhere to bear in mind as my little gets bigger!

    Erin x

  12. My parents-in-law live near to Syon Park and we’re visiting over Christmas so I think I may add this to our list of festive trips! Thanks for the heads up, it looks so magical – can’t wait to see it in person. #DreamTeam

  13. That looks like so much fun! They have a similar enchanted forest at Westonbirt near us. #dreamteam

  14. Oh wow! It looks magical!! Those photographs are just gorgeous. Great top tips for planning a visit too #dreamteam

  15. Wow. LIke a fairy land! I bet it was amazing! #DreamTeam

  16. Chloe says:

    What a delightful way to spend an evening, I love the different colour trees, glad to see that used the nearby fields for the parking.

  17. Chloe says:

    Oops, forgot #dreamteam, sorry.

  18. Mrs Lighty says:

    This looks so amazing, I do want to go!! xxx

  19. This looks very special and a great way to get into the festive spirit. Sounds simple yet effective. Ticket prices seem reasonable too.


  20. This looks fabulous, they do a similar thing in Sussex at Wakehurst Place and it really gets us in the Christmas spirit. Looks like it was worth the wait #Dreamteam

  21. Wow, I love this kind of thing, it looks an incredible experience X #dreamteam

  22. hayley says:

    Oh my goodness my boys would love this! I miss the UK at Xmas #DreamTeam

  23. Claire says:

    This looks magical! We have a lovely light show close to us and I can’t wait to take my son. It just absolutely captures the imagination of little ones doesn’t it.

  24. I like festivals with light effects. It looks like a great well organized and executed event to get you into the festive spirit. #Dreamteam

  25. This sounds like an amazing place to go! Gonna remember this for next year! #dreamteam

  26. I’ve never heard of this event, it looks amazing. #dreamteam

  27. MMT says:

    Wow! This looks right up my street! Shame it’s not, right up my street!

  28. Kate says:

    Never heard of it but looks totally magical and great tips too. #DreamTeamLinky

  29. Jenny says:

    This looks magical! So reasonably priced too. We have a similar event near to us but it’s quite expensive so can be quite costly for the 5 of us!

  30. It sounds like a very popular event and we can see why! We’d love to visit Syon Park Enchanted Woodland next year but as it’s only on for a handful of weekends we need to be quick! Sorry we didn’t get chatting much at #ytbritmums hope the channel is going well and tou’re brimming with ideas x hopefully see you at the next event x #DreamTeam

  31. The Mummy Bubble says:

    This looks so beautiful! Lovely place to take the family #dreamteam

  32. I love pop up events like this, this one looks so magical and perfect for families. Shame it’s not closer x

  33. Sarah says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely time! I’d Elaine it’s the perfect event to kick off the festivities. I always wanted to go to this event before we moved home but I think the kids are only just old enough now. Maybe we will go back some year. #DreamTeam

  34. This looks so magical Annette. I love that it only runs for 3 weeks of the year too. Makes it all the more special. Thank you for being such a brill host. #DreamTeam xx

  35. Helena says:

    This sounds like a lovely experience similar to one we went to recently.No wonder it sells out quickly. #DreamTeam

  36. How magical. I’d never heard of this, but it looks amazing. I can see why the tickets sell out fast! #dreamteam

  37. It looks like a beautiful place to visit, so magical at night for children to see all the lights #dreamteam

  38. Wendy says:

    This looks amazing, all those lights are beautiful. Glad you all had a lovely time xx #dreamteam

  39. This just looks magical!!! What a lovely evening out. Definitely one that’ll make lovely memories!!! #DreamTeam

  40. This looks very magical and fun! We have something nearby, Longwood Gardens, that does a similar nighttime affair. I may have to indulge! Lovely photos too! So glad everyone had fun! #dreamteam xoxo

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