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Hello! I’m Annette, the writer behind 3 Little Buttons, our longstanding UK family lifestyle & book blog.


3 Little Buttons was first established in April 2015. I know… it’s that OLD! I can barely believe it myself. It all started with a bit of a rant about those London Underground ‘Baby on Board’ badges that never seem to work. I didn’t expect anyone to read it, but they did! And… they even came back to read more! THANK YOU!!


3 Little Buttons has evolved over the years, but always has family at it’s heart. These days it’s a bit more ‘bookish’, with a sprinkle of makes & bakes, days out in and around London and Essex, and yes… the odd rant or two still slips in.



Come and meet the Buttons!



This is me. Annette – Hi! *waves.



I’m the mum, writer and (new) children’s author. Here’s my debut children’s picture book ‘Wild’ that’s recently had it’s book birthday on the 22nd April 2021. Yay!!!


Wild picture book

Wild - debut children's picture book


I love ALL THINGS BEACH (especially beach huts), discovering new reads, long walks in pretty country gardens and writing – BUCKET LOADS!


RHS Hyde Hall Gardens





This is Little Button (our little) *she’s waving.



She also LOVES all things beach, books, DISNEY, discovering new places to visit and the latest toy trends.




She used to want to be a mermaid, but now wants to be a vet when she grows up!






This is Mr Button. 



He prefers being behind the camera, so doesn’t often appear on our blog himself as he’s busy taking the photos! He loves the beach too, getting out and about to explore, photography, film and family time.


Living Arrows – 35/52 (2020)




This is Alfie. 



He’s a bit of an old boy now. He loves lounging, playing in the sun and unfortunately for us… throwing his toys all over the house and watching us run around picking them up!


Dream Team Linky Sun




Let’s go on an adventure….








Halloween edition linky

Halloween #mischiefandmemories linky

Summer Edition Linky


Wild - debut children's picture book

WILD – Our debut children’s picture book

Dad blogger Ross Good from The Stented Papa is the official storyteller for WILD!

Wild publication day

Happy book birthday WILD!




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