Are you a Superblogger?

May 21, 2016


It’s blogging award season. The nominations are in, the top bloggers have been shortlisted and guess what!!! Nope… you are nowhere to be seen.


Did you:

  1. Recheck the lists several times, you must be on there somewhere right?
  2. Throw a threenager strop. This is SO not fair I tell you!
  3. Blow a big fat raspberry at no one in particular and then decide to shake it off in your own sweet time.


Perhaps a bit of them all?

It can feel a bit disappointing not making the ultimate list, but you know what… you don’t need an award to be a Superblogger. Heck, you don’t even need a nomination either.


Here are 5 top tips that will have you wearing your pants on the outside of your trousers in no time at all.


A Superblogger always blogs from the heart

Sounds simple, but it’s harder than you think. Blogging from the heart takes some consideration. It means digging deep and putting yourself into what you are writing. Giving your readers a good flash of who you are will help them to connect to what you are saying and let them not just ‘read’ but feel a post. Ever skim-read something for the sake of it? Yep? Well, you don’t want that post to be yours do you. So take your time and give it some proper welly.



A Superblogger never writes for the sake of it

Oh bum… you think. You have been busy all week and have yet to write anything for *Monday *the next linky *double bum… your OWN linky! Cue a few paragraphs on nothing particular and a sprinkle of photos for good measure. Phew… at least you have something to post right? Wrong. No one wants to reads scraps when they can have the full roast with all the trimmings elsewhere. If you find that you are struggling with what to write when it comes down to the crunch, try carrying a small notebook around with you. It can really help to jot down ideas as and when they pop into your head, that way, you should always have a few juicy lines or two to hand when you need them the most.



You can hear a Superblogger from a mile away

Think about your absolute favourite bloggers. Would you recognise their posts if they were jumbled up amongst other bloggers posts? My guess is that you would. Why? Because they have a distinctive writing voice or style that is so ‘them’. The good news is that all you need to do is be yourself for the magic to happen. If you stick to being you, then you will hopefully fall into a natural rhythm with your posts, and before you know it, you will have found your writing voice.

A great example of a blogger with a strong voice is Dawn from Rhyming with Wine. No matter whether I am sobbing tears or shrieking with laughter through her posts, I would recognise her writing anywhere.



A Superblogger asks for help

Whether you are a complete newbie or seasoned blogger, there will be times when you may need to ask for a bit of help or advice. Who better to ask than another blogger who has been there, done that and got the picture to boot. Superbloggers are somewhat social media and linky butterflies, you will often find them in the conversation or getting it started. Give it a go and widen your blogger pal circle by getting involved. Ask questions and in return, if you know the answer, give it freely.

One of my favourite bloggers for blogging tips is Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, she runs a very popular blog club that you won’t want to miss.



A Superblogger always believes they are super





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42 responses to “Are you a Superblogger?”

  1. Ah thanks for the mention! We are ALL Superbloggers 🙂 x

  2. I love this, great advice for all bloggers! Pinned for later reminder!

  3. Thank you so much for the shout lovely! Great tips and advice, I think you’re so right about writing from the heart and being mindful of not writing for the sake of it or to hit a deadline. I’ve done this and thought “Why did I publish that??” I carry my phone and use my memo app all the time now to try and capture the odd flurry of inspiration before I blink and forget it! 😉
    Thanks again xx

  4. Love these tips! Writing from the heart, in your own voice is the best advice anyone can give a blogger. I love Aby’s blogging tips, they helped me so much in the beginning and they still do now 🙂
    Thanks for hosting #candidcuddles

  5. Kerry-Ann says:

    Good for you! Blog for yourself and the rest should fall into place. You have given some great tips, Superblogger! x #candidcuddles

  6. Great advice! I think we are all superbloggers in our own special way whether we’re nominated or not. Every blogger has a different purpose of why we blog and our style of blogging and that made us unique and superblogger. Lovely post! #candidcuddles

  7. I totally agree. I feel much prouder of the posts that have flowed out of me and tell a story I am passionate about. I hope one day to make it as a super blogger but until I do I will continue having fun and telling my story in my way… Thank you for co-hosting

  8. Madeline says:

    Great, positive post! I’ve been tempted in the past to throw together a post just because I ‘should’, but then tell myself basically what you’ve written, no one wants to read a thrown-together post! Much better to wait till I actually have something to say! x #CandidCuddles

  9. OMG I love this! I especially love what you’ve said about writing from the heart and not for the sake of it – I make sure I always write from the heart which is why some of my posts are so frank and honest! It’s so important and I am really glad you highlighted this. Thanks for co hosting and sharing lovely xxx #candidcuddles

  10. Petite Words says:

    So true! Your blog is wonderful, but you didn’t need me to tell you that, you carry on, doing your thing! #candidcuddles

  11. Katie Taylor says:

    GREAT post Annette I love it! Wonderful advice here for newbie bloggers xx #candidcuddles

  12. A great quote and I love the picture of your sassy superhero. Thank you for co-hosting xx

  13. Great photo!!! I picked a C.S Lewis quote this week too. Some great points here. To be honest I know nothing about blogging awards etc. I think being here in Australia I am oblivious to it. Think I live in my own bubble half the time too lol, but I agree with your points here, I much rather read a great post than one that was just written because it needed to be. Thanks for co-hosting #candidcuddles

  14. Stopping by again for #DreamTeam xxx

  15. Sadie says:

    This was great to read! I am nowhere near superblogger status yet but could definitely relate. It’s easy to understand why some people may be tempted to just write for the sake of it, about nothing in particular just to keep up but quality over quantity is most definitely key. Also, asking for help…well that’s me to a tee! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve asked a fellow blogger for help. Even these linkys were a challenge but you all helped me get the hang eventually! Thanks for sharing #dreamteam

  16. Blabbermama says:

    I’ve just got into blogging and this is a really good post to see how a ‘superblogger’ thinks. I have to admit, I have read some amazing posts and it can be really intimidating but in a good way- it gets you to step up your game. I didn’t even know what a linky was when I started blogging a few weeks ago, it seems crazy now! And I was a complete Twitter novice (still am) thanks for the insight and look forward to reading more 🙂 #DreamTeam (also thanks for hosting!)

  17. Great tips for a newbie blogger

  18. Kerry-Ann says:

    I found myself in a bit of a writing rut recently and lost inspiration. Now I drink coffee, eat chocolate and then blog from the heart. Keep doing your thing, Superblogger, it will all come together. x #dreamteam

  19. emma says:

    from the heart -definitely 🙂 as long as we keep it real then we cant go wrong really #DreamTeam

  20. Edward says:

    Every well said. Your writing is very distinctive and I can spot it is you a mile off. Great tips keep it up superblogger!

  21. laughing mum says:

    Really good advice! I’m still really new, but I have found a ton of blogs I love to read! It can get a bit all consuming because I really do like to read them, and before I know it hours have flown by -whoops! it’s such a huge community that your right, you do have to find your own voice.. I’m hoping to get there one day lol #bloggerclubUK

  22. Ooh some great advice in here – I can see which of my posts are well written by how many views they get and comments, I just wish they all came out that well. You are certainly right that you can spot some bloggers writing a mile off because they are so distinctive. Thanks for the tips – some tings to go away and ponder #fartglitter

  23. ShoeboxofM says:

    Thanks for the pep talk! I was a little disappointed to not get anywhere but it was important for me to try and I know people did nominate me and that means a lot.


  24. I found this really motivational. Feeling super now!! thank you! #dreamteam

  25. Helena says:

    You’ve written a lovely post here with some great tips. #BloggerClubUK

  26. Love this Annette! I agree with all of your points – especially the one about writing for the sake of it. I think quality over quantity really makes a big difference. There are so many fabulous blogs, there should be more awards to honour them! Thank you for co-hosting #candidcuddles with me x

  27. kate says:

    Yay! Great post. I’m quite new to the more social world of blogging, and the idea of awards is very new to me. I imagine it must be quite subjective. We are all faves. I love the idea of writing from the art and being true to ourselves. We can all be superbloggers. Thanks for reminding us that we don’t need an award to tell us that! #DreamTeam

  28. I hear you. I got shortlisted for a BiBs and didn’t make the cut to the finals, hey our worth is not based on things like this or even charts. It’s based on do we enjoy it? Have you made an impression on at least one person since starting your blog? Yes and yes, you are a superblogger! Yvadney x #dreamteam

  29. swapna says:

    What stands out is the “voice”! It’s the only thing that stands out amongst the sea of photos giveaways and “brilliant” epiphanies !


  30. Annette, I love that quote: We are what we believe we are (AND the photo that accompanies it!). Though I still wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m a Superblogger! 😀 What you say about “voice” is so important. When I first started blogging, more than 6 years ago now, was when I really started reading blogs. It was interesting to see that there was a flood of new food bloggers who were all imitating one extremely popular food blogger. I wonder if those bloggers are still blogging; I don’t know because I didn’t return to their blogs. Why waste time on the imitations when the real thing is there? How much better for them to be who they really were.

  31. I think there are too many trying to be superbloggers. They care too much about numbers and getting those awards. Their posts going viral. They want to be the next “lady with the Chewbacca mask”. I too had been sucked into that. Now I blog because I want to or I feel like it. I link to linkys when I can and try not to feel overwhelmed because once I get too overwhelmed with blogging I will start to hate it. And I don’t want that to happen. Thanks so much for linking up with #momsterslink. Great blogging advice!

  32. This is such a lovely post. Really good advice without over-wording it (I’m not sure that’s a phrase, but it fits what I mean!) Thank you 🙂 Alison x

  33. Emma T says:

    Super is all in the mind anyway. Lovely fun (and serious tips), post.

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