DIY festive blog header

December 16, 2015

Wow, have you seen some of the amazing Ellie Illustrates parenting blog headers that have been given a magical Christmasy make-over?

They all look rather gorgeous and I have to admit that I really wish I had one too.

*Sings at husband whilst batting eyelids and throwing in the occasional wink for extra measure* Santa Baaaabbbyyyy… slip a designer blog headerrrr under our treeeee…. for meeee!

Honestly, I think the blog has come on a bit since my DIY blog header post at the end of November. ‘That was only 3 weeks ago’ ever-so-practical husband smiles.

This is true.

So rather than worry about not having a designer header to give a Christmasy make-over to, I found a different way to beautify my own DIY header.


If you want to give it a go yourself you will need:

  1. Your blog header saved as an image (jpeg).
  2. (free to use and does not leave a watermark or logo).


To begin with I opened my DIY blog header image in Pic Monkey. At the time I had no idea what festive elements they had, so I played around with all the different overlays, frames and elements until I ended up with the 3 of us in Christmas hats and Alfie our dog customised in a reindeer outfit.


3 Little Buttons Blog


The hardest part was working out how to hide the blooming flowers. In the end I decided on adding a heap of snowflakes to tone them down and this seemed to work a treat.


3 Little Buttons Blog, Christmas


Don’t forget to save your Christmas blog header and then upload it to your blog. This is definitely a quick fix that is free and easy to do yourself.

If you are feeling ambitious you could always use the free app ‘Paper 53’ to create your own elements or draw a cute Christmas inspired theme rather than sprinkling festive fun on your existing header.


What do you think? If you give it a go, share a link to your blog so we can see your DIY efforts.



13 responses to “DIY festive blog header”

  1. Daddy Button says:

    Love the new updated blog header…It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas!!!

  2. Edward says:

    Love the Christmas touches to your header. You’ve incorporated the festive elements really well into your existing header.

  3. Great idea, I love Alfie’s antlers ha! Ellie is so talented xx

  4. Jerry says:

    Your header just looks awesome! Ellie’s are great too of course, but nothing beats the personal touch.

  5. Marie says:

    I love the Christmas hats, you have managed to make it look so festive.

  6. Also kicking myself for not asking for a Ellie Illustrates header for Christmas ha ha! Maybe she’ll have a January sale 😉 Love this – if only I hadn’t run out of time may give it a go…I opted for a quick & easy plug in to add lights & snow… Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub x x

  7. Very festive! I like it very much, and I too am a big fan of picmonkey. That’s where I designed my logo. I’m sure Santa must have a designer blog header on his list for you though after you’ve asked so nicely… 🙂 Not that you need one lovely. I think yours is perfect as it is. (Especially with the antlers haha) Dawn x

  8. agentspitback says:

    Your header is so cute and Christmassy! I have been wondering how people do it, so thanks for sharing. I am going to try. #coolmumclub

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