An Open Letter To The Teenage Girls Blocking The Pavement This Afternoon

February 7, 2018



Dear Teenage girls,


It’s hard to imagine, but a very (very) long time ago I was a teenage girl myself. I know very well that you love sashaying along the pavement. Walking slowly. Very slowly. Because you can.


I get it.


Who wants to race home and do their homework when there’s shimmying down the sidewalk to be had, right? Gossiping non-stop with your friends. Because you won’t get to see them until…. oh…. tomorrow morning (at least). And walking side by side, closed ranks. Girl bosses in the making. Stuck together and perhaps not noticing that you were all entirely blocking the pavement for everyone else.


I mean why should you even care, right?


Everyone else can wait. Because, wrapped up in your teen bubbles, would it ever occur to you that not everyone has the luxury of strolling along? Like you can.


You see. When you’ve grown, and you have actual responsibilities then you will realise that for some people every second counts.


Today. Whilst you all blocked the pavement strutting along, not caring. I was trying to get past. Me. The mum. The one who was ducking and diving to get round you, but just couldn’t.


I could see that you noticed. I could see that you didn’t care. You thought… she can wait. But wait I couldn’t.


There’s an old saying, when it comes to men, hell has no fury like a women scorned. I think they got it wrong. It should be hell has no fury like a working mum on the school run.


And there, I spotted it. My chance to get round you all. A bus pulled up and opened its doors. As the entire line of you spun round to get on the bus, I leapt in front like a que jumper! But then kept going!


What the bl**dy hell! She didn’t even want the bus you all screamed. You didn’t like it. I didn’t like doing it. Sorry, I yelled back.


I don’t like pretending to be a bus que jumper just to be able to get past a teenage girl pack who were blocking the pavement. Stopping everyone from walking past.


But I’m a working mum. On the school run.


Just saying.


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8 responses to “An Open Letter To The Teenage Girls Blocking The Pavement This Afternoon”

  1. I think every parent can relate. My pet peeve on the school run is the mom on the phone who won’t get out of the car to collect their child. I get it. You are important. I give my child a hug every day and put her bag in the van and strap her in. Not that she can’t do it. But in a blink of an eye she will be that teenager and I will have missed out on all those hugs.

  2. Jemma says:

    I very often get caught behind the sea of school children. Except I’m in the car and they’re on foot. Around here they seem to think they can walk to roads, regardless of cars. Really gets on my nerves. My children are being taught to have good road safety and awareness from my constant yelling and moaning at least

    Jemma x

  3. Michelle says:

    I actually see more parents doing this sort of thing than I do the teenagers. Which is so weird right? When I pick my oldest up from his high school, it’s usually the parents who are parked halfway in the middle of the road while you are trying to get by them but instead they are stopped so they can talk to someone. I mean really, just pull over and stop blocking everyone else. That’s my pet peeve anyway. #GlobalBlogging

  4. Heather Keet says:

    I have issues with people who block up a walkway… sadly I fear I am one of them! I know, it’s awful to admit – but I rarely seem to notice if someone needs to pass me. I need to work on that. #GlobalBlogging

  5. I was once walking along the pavement and a group of tweens were sat across the whole thing. I asked them to move and they got snotty with me. I hate the sense of ownership that young people seem to have but then I think I may have been the same 🙁 My bugbear is the 2 childminders who walk sooooo slowly with their double buggies and it is impossible to get past EVERY DAY!!! Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  6. Jacqui says:

    Gosh, how annoying Yes, hell hath no fury than a working mom on the school run. We can literally hear those seconds ticking past! #globalblogging

  7. Very annoying! This has always annoyed me, even when I was a teenager as I’m usually a fast walker and hate getting stuck behind people walking really slowly. It’s a lack of consideration for other people. #globalblogging

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