BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid Review

November 17, 2018


Little Button LOVES mermaids! In fact, it was only 2 years ago when she wanted to BE a mermaid when she grew up. There’s something so magical and mysterious about them, there’s no denying that (come on… admit it… you wanted to be a mermaid too right?).


Fast forward to now and Little Button is working hard on her swimming as she’s determined to pass her badges so she can join mermaid school at one of our local pools. Water is most definitely her thing and if she could live in the bath, I’m sure she would!


As you can imagine, bath toys are an absolute must in the Button house. Except, I’ve always found it hard to find good quality dolls that can be played with in the water without their hair going crazy, the bodies filling with water and never fully draining out, and then of course them finally going mouldy. Ugg.


But then we came across this little beauty. The BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid!



BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid





What’s inside the box

As a parent, I love how BABY Born keep things nice and simple.


Inside the box is:

The BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid.

A pretty sparkly turquoise comb.

A pink crown.


Limited small accessories mean that she really is suitable for children aged 3 years and upwards which I think is great. BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid does need 3 x AAA batteries to work. These are not included in the box. So if buying as a gift, it’s worth adding these in to avoid disappointment.    




BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid

As here she is! The BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid. Isn’t she cute.



BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid



Little Button was right in saying that she’s just like her BABY Born dolls. The quality is just the same that we have come to love from the BABY Born brand and the detailing on the little sister mermaid is so pretty.


She has long shiny brushable hair with a purple streak which can be styled or left loose to flow down her back. Little Button saw this straight away and spent quite a lot of time playing hairdressers with her new mermaid. Impressive! As I thought she would have dived straight towards the bath with her.



BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid

BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid



BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid comes dressed in a sweet halter neck top with a shell and starfish design. The beaded detail really adds to the overall finish. But the best bit is her flexible and soft to touch mermaid tail which is all glittery and has a lovely textured pattern running through it.  



BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid


BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid




She is certainly a doll which can be played in and out of water with.




The swim test

Mermaids love the water right? So the swim test was always going to be THE element that would determine whether or not this was a sink or swim mermaid doll. #Exciting.


We ran the bath and got her water ready by turning her over and pressing the button on the back of her neck.


And in she went!



BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid



The best thing about BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid is that she’s fully submersible, which some of the other mermaid dolls on the market are not. This meant she got a huge thumbs up from us as who wants to be worried about not getting their hair wet in the bath!



BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid




She floats if you let go of her. Which is actually a lovely feature. But what about the swimming? Her mermaid tail does move gently in the water, which in turn will allow her to do a very slow but steady backstroke, floating and shimmying over the top of the water.



BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid



I had a go myself and whilst it’s clear that she’s not going to win any swimming races, her soft and slow pace is actually part of her charm. This seemed to encourage more of a role play type of game with her, which was really great to see.




Our overall thoughts

Little Button LOVES her BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid. She is never without her at bath time but also plays with her on dry land too, giving this doll extra play value points. Hoora!  Her hair is still shiny, her mermaid make-up firmly in place, and her tail is still glittery with plenty of dips in the bath under her tail.



BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid



Overall we are all really impressed! Including Mr Button who isn’t normally a fan of bath toys at all because of their lack of lastiblity. *I should also mention that BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid has the best water drainage that I have ever seen in a toy for the water. I just leave her propped up in the bath or sink overnight, and she’s back to normal by the morning.


BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid would make a wonderful gift for any mermaid loving little one!


BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid can be found retailing for £34.99 at Smyths, The Entertainer and Argos.



Disclosure: We were sent this BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid for Little Button to put through its paces. All views are my own, and Little Buttons!



21 responses to “BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid Review”

  1. It looks cool and fun to have in the barn X #dreamteam

  2. Kate says:

    Miss toys like this now mine are teenagers. Love how it goes in water like very mermaid should #DreamTeam

  3. Sophie says:

    I love your reviews Annette and Baby Button! It gives me great ideas for presents for nieces! #dreamteam

  4. Looks like this could be a great Christmas gift for other little mermaids – although I’m not fond of the artificial hair, the plastic but probably the trade off for happy bath times

  5. How cute is this? Lovely detail in this doll. Every little girl’s dream! #DreamTeam

  6. What an awesome doll! #dreamteam

  7. Great that she can go under water! I have bought similar for my nieces in the past and it always turned out they were rubbish in water!

  8. Annette, I don’t know much about kid’s battery-operated toys, but I was surprised to read about putting this one in the water! Is that safe? How does that work? Looks like a great gift idea. Thank you for hosting #DreamTeam.

  9. my daughter might be a bit old for this already, but passing along to a friend who’s kid is crazy about mermaids #dreamteam

  10. Tracey Carr says:

    Oh I can’t tell you how tempted I am by this but my only concern is that I have two girls and they could potentially start World War III in my house over this! I don’t believe in the whole buying them one each malarkey but I don’t know if I could convince them to share this one. I’ll have to have a think about it! But great to be aware of it now, thank you Annette! #dreamteam

  11. Alan Herbert says:

    Oh I need one of these! I’ve lost track of the dolls that have been taken in the bath and now have wire wool for hair.


  12. Emma says:

    She’s absolutely lovely, my little niece would love her. It’s perfectly acceptable to have one here at mine for when my niece visits, right? Asking for a friend! #boymum #DreamTeam

  13. Chloe says:

    This looks like a great gift hours of fun to be had in the bath #dreamteam

  14. I think my kinder may be past this one in ages, be we have family that would eat this mermaid up! Great review! Thank you, Annette #dreamteam xoxo

  15. Love a good bath toy as it’s always handy to keep my littles entertained and they love washing dolls whilst they’re getting washed!

  16. What an adorable doll and perfect for a Christmas gift #dreamteam

  17. Ahhhh small girl (when she was a bit smaller) would have absolutely loved this . She was mermaid obsessed for a while and even now when we go swimming we have to play mermaids!! As you say too now to see a bath toy thats not going to end up grotty!! #dreamteam

  18. Crummy Mummy says:

    Love your swim test! My oldest would love this! #DreamTeam

  19. Kirsty says:

    I love this. It may have to get added to the twins christmas present lists as they are obsessed with mermaids. #DreamTeam

  20. Heather Keet says:

    That is seriously adorable and I love it so much! Present idea for my nieces. #DreamTeam

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